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Personal Blog Articles:

This Video Made My Day: Amazing Dancing Dog!

Cool Video of the Day: The Bungal Boys

Individual Freedom is My Religion, Too!

My Reading List for August

A Letter from Gail Wynand

A Letter To Gail Wynand

The Case of Some Top State U College-Bred

Let the Whole Woodstock of Hippies Disagree With Me!

A Challenge to My Critics!

Dealing with Mediocrity

A Coffee Break at Caffe Poli… Not Starbucks!

Sun Cellular Broadband Service: Very, Very Unreliable During Bad Times

Why We Ought to BOYCOTT PayPal?

World’s Most Amazing Animals!

Filipino Free-Farters’ EPIC FAIL!

On Ethics and Politics

My Ayn Rand Video

On Pathological Lying and Free-Farters’ Intellectual Exorcism

To Filipino Freethinkers: Your Plagiarism is INCURABLE!

A BIG INSULT To Bloggers!

Expose the Filipino Freethinkers as Enemies of Reason, Science, and Freedom!

Why the Filipino Free-FARTERS Would Love Universal Health Care?

No, They Can’t!

Why Oscar Made The Right Choice?

Filipino Freethinkers Versus Reason

My Most Favorite Quotations

Ayn Rand: The Greatest Philosopher On Earth

How Would You Deal With a Hardcore Relativist Mystic?

Freethinkers or Free-FARTERS?

A Cool Video On Socialism

Libertarian Mysticism Versus Liberty

Of Utter Dishonesty and Misrepresentation

Why I love Starbucks and Ayn Rand

What defines success? You!

Warning to Facebook Bullies

Beware of Facebook Impostors by Alleged Rational Human Beings

Why I wrote my “Academic Bigotry” Blog?

There’s No Such Entity as Society

Language as Tool of Destruction

Self-Interest versus Altruism

A Long Journey From Faith To Reason

Online Writing Career

Money, Selfishness are GOOD!

Selfish Beings

My Obama Worries



Life in Law School

The Devil In Us

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  1. November 22, 2010 3:38

    I am a frequent reader of your articles and just wanted to inform you that I really love your blog.

  2. December 3, 2010 3:38

    Hello! I really love to read your articles. I am reading your blog whenever I have some time left

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