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Blog Articles on Education:

Video: Why Good, Rational Ideas Matter

How the Left and Liberals Destroy the West With Political Correctness

Beslan Massacre: Why Do They Hate Us?

“I Want Your Money” Documentary: Most Prescribed for RP’s Statists and Stupid Education Rightists

Ayn Rand on the Source of Material Wealth

Rolando Mendoza’s Last Media Interview

SWAT’s New Meaning: Sorry We Aren’t Trained

The Height of Incompetence: Can Our Police Protect US?

The Evil of Pres. Aquino’s Politics of Sacrifice

Scarcity and Intellectual Property: Empirical Evidence of Adoption/Distribution of Technology

Further Comments on Public Education

Video: How a Great Nation was Made

The Parasitical Illusion of Our Young Scholars

Planet Earth Says: READ AYN RAND!

A Valedictory Address Against Public Schooling

Individual Freedom is My Religion, Too!

What “Iskolar ng Bayan” Means

How to Quit Your Job?

What Real Folks Say About Atlas Shrugged

Privatize PAGCOR!

Privatize MRT, LRT; NO to State Subsidy!

What if They Went on Strike?

The Sources of Cognitive Corruption in RP are the Public Universities

My Reading List for August

“Right to Education” Advocates: Evil Enemies of Individual Freedom!

Ideas Can Be Judged as Either Good or Evil

No to Kuya Noy’s Anti-Trust Law

The Case of Some Top State U College-Bred

Let the Whole Woodstock of Hippies Disagree With Me!

Atlas Shrugged Movie: 53 Years in the Making

Abolish the University of the Philippines!

The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality

A Challenge to My Critics!

“Salus Populi Est Suprema Lex” is an Evil Concept

Separate State from Education!

Dealing with Mediocrity

Freedom in Education Versus Right to Education

The Evils of Public Education; Why UP and All Public SUCs Must be Privatized?

The “Right to Education” is an Invalid Concept

What About the Poor Who Can’t Pay for their Education?

To All UP Students: Education is NOT a Right!

How Gloria Arroyo’s Keynesian Madness Bankrupted the Philippines?

Video: Delivery Driver Inspires 7/11 Boss

The Battle of “Cheapness” Begins!

Ayn Rand on Intellectual Property

A Comment on Population Control and Abortion

The “Broken Window” Fallacy

What You Should Know About Inflation

“2081″: The Ultimate Dream of the Statists

A brief comment on the Filipino Free-FARTERS

Pres. Aquino and His Society of Lemmings

‘Only Israel’ Music Video

A Transcript of Pres. Noynoy Aquino’s Inaugural Speech

How Do Leftists and Liberals Parrot Foucault’s Lunatic Post-Modern Dream

Objectivist David Harriman Demolishes Skepticism and Mysticism

Philippines Must Support Israel!

Why We Ought to BOYCOTT PayPal?

A Question on Pres. Arroyo’s Midnight Appointment

Questions on Education, Privatization, Call Center Industry, and the Economy

A Question on Land Reform and Economic Freedom

The Seeds of Evil: How Communism Infiltrates Public Universities?

A Question on Public Intellectuals and Academic Elitism


Party-list Babel


Anarcho-Capitalism Vs. Liberty: Why Objective Law is Necessary

Anarchism Vs. Objectivism

Anarcho-Capitalism: A Whim-Worship Political Ideology

On Anarcho-Capitalism

Richard Dawkins’ Gibberish on ‘Absolute Morality’

Filipino Free-Farters’ EPIC FAIL!

Ayn Rand on Justice

On Ethics and Politics

The Sick Mind of the Leftists

The Insane Logic of Stupid Socialists

Communism and Fascism: The Twin Evils of Collectivism

Facebook Big Brother is Watching You!

Ayn Rand and America’s Tea Party Protests

Video of the Day: Lin Yu Chun and Capitalism

Virtual Operation Barbarossa Versus Low-Life JEJEMONS!

The Duel Between Good and Evil: Aristotle Versus Plato; Ayn Rand Versus Kant

Objectivism Teaches Honesty in Business

My Ayn Rand Video

Ayn Rand Versus Immanuel Kant

On Pathological Lying and Free-Farters’ Intellectual Exorcism

In Defense of Truth: PART II

In Defense of Truth

To Filipino Freethinkers: Your Plagiarism is INCURABLE!

A BIG INSULT To Bloggers!

The Highly Appalling Plagiarism of the Filipino Free-farters

Absolutism Versus Relativism

On Laissez Faire Capitalism and Protectionism

Are You A Statist?

Expose the Filipino Freethinkers as Enemies of Reason, Science, and Freedom!

Defy Earth Hour!

Anne Coulter’s Thought Crime

Why the Filipino Free-FARTERS Would Love Universal Health Care?

Mencken, Islam, and Political Correctness

It’s Democratic, Stupid!

America’s Second Revolution

The Menace of Political Correctness

Global Warming Alarmism

Why Most Palestinian Arabs Love Israel?

The “God” Revival

The Dictators of “Common Good”

Why They Missed It?

The Greek Tragedy: You Asked For It, Brothers!

Vote Out the Useful Idiots And Their Comrades!

How to Brainwash A Nation: A Politically Incorrect Guide To Dictatorship

Ayn Rand Knew It All Along

Global Warming Lie Leads to Depression, Suicide

How to Survive a Mega-Tsunami?

COFFEETALISM: How Starbucks Conquered the World?

Filipino Freethinkers Versus Reason

Why the Philippines Doesn’t Need Edsa?

Note of the History on American Free Enterprise

Edu Manzano’s Anti-Capitalist, Statist Rants Versus Call Center Industry

Ayn Rand: The Greatest Philosopher On Earth

How Does One Lead A Rational Life In An Irrational Society?

The Twentieth Century Motor Company in the Making

“We Are The World” Remake for Haiti: A Temporary Panacea for Poverty

Are Rights Absolute?

Why Celebrities Have the Right to Campaign for their political bets?

(Un)Fair Election Act Versus Free Speech

Freethinkers or Free-FARTERS?

A Cool Video On Socialism

The Tyranny of the Anti-Population Bill

What Makes a Nation Great?

Libertarian Mysticism Versus Liberty

Does Capitalism Produce Slavery, Monopoly, and Unearned Wealth?

Francisco d’Anconia’s Answer to Conrado de Quiros’ “The Root of All Evil”

What is BOT Scheme and What Did We Learn from the NBN Deal and the C-5 Project Scandal?

The High Cost of Ignoring FREEDOM!

Who Should We Vote For?

Of Utter Dishonesty and Misrepresentations

The Psychology of the Anti-Population Cult

When the Global Warming Lie is Sold to Incompetent World Leaders

On Intellectual Dishonesty, Relativism, and Subjectivism

Why Are the Communists Advancing to Take Away Our Freedom?

Why Support the Visiting Forces Agreement?

SPECIAL REPORT: How IT Revolutionizes the Workplace?

Next Stop— Teleworking. What is it?

What defines success? You!

SPECIAL REPORT: Cybersex Trade Thrives in Time of Crisis

Reproductive Health Care is NOT a Right!

Reproductive Health Bill Revives Old War Between Two Mystics

Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2008

Reproductive Health Bill: It’s Evil, Not Just Wrong

Why I wrote my “Academic Bigotry” Blog?

There’s No Such Entity as Society

Language as Tool of Destruction

Self-Interest versus Altruism

UPDATE: The Philosophy of Academic Bigotry

UPDATE to Academic Bigotry

Racism: The Most Crudely Primitive Form of Collectivism

When UAAP is Reduced to Mere Academic Bigotry; When a School Preaches Anti-Reason and Bigotry

Why is Text Tax the Philippines’ Gateway to Hell?

The Moral Base of the Filipino Nation and Philippine’s Intellectual Bankruptcy

The ‘Tesla’ Invasion

Nikola Tesla: The Man who ought to live on Earth

Life in Law School

Living in a Box

Florida Student Jailed For Asking Sen. Kerry Questions

The Rise of Citizen Journalism

Philippine Education: Left Behind

Private SCUs “Tug of War” a good thing for the cash-strapped government

The Devil In Us

Silencing small voices

Campus press freedom- a symbol of academic wisdom

Saving the Philippine Education, Inc.

Decoding Arroyo’s medium-term plan

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