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A Letter from Gail Wynand

August 2, 2010

NOTE: I received Gail Wynand’s reply to my online letter to him. Let me reproduce it here.


You have a message from Mrs. Wynand. She said, “You’re casting pearls without
even getting a pork chop in return.”

Well, congratulations, you’re a now-famous author of an infamous blog.

But drop it, blogger. It’s futile. Your world doesn’t exist. Or more precisely, man, the kind that we have today, cannot exist in your world. We don’t want to, because we’ve been comfortable living as brothers under the skin.

I know you’re engaging us in an intellectual discussion but don’t let’s start a debate if you don’t know what you’re saying, let alone if you’re not from our school. You want absolutes? We know one: we’re from UP and you’re not so drop the crap. We’re superior to you by comparison; heck, we don’t even need to compare; we bear the stamp of the intellectual elite. Can you match that? Stop dealing with kids. Stop the polemical style; use a subtler version and write around the idea you want to push and beat the shit out of us. You are twice as intelligent as other commenters here, if you want to hear the word, and you write like a maniac. Make money out of the traffic you’re getting. As your motto says: “be selfish while others are afraid…”

Selfish. That’s the word. We don’t want it. The root word, self, is what we have
shunned for good. We’re selfless and we love it. That’s what our parish priest and teachers and parents taught us. It doesn’t matter; we’d never think what our selves, our ego, really desire even at the last hours of our days. We’ll never question it, we’re happy and content with life as it is. Screw life as it should be and ought to be. We’ve existed like this for hundreds of years now. Why disturb the peace of leeches and vampire bats? We like taking
from Pedro to pay for the needs of Juan. It’s perfectly alright because we benefit from each other. In one way or another, in the present and hopefully in the future. That’s the quintessential brotherhood, blogger. “From each according to his capacity, to each according to his need.” Is that what you want to say?

You see, I studied in UP. Your parents shared of their taxes to pay for my education and you didn’t even study in UP. I can see why you’re bitter. We have the right to demand from you, as what the Philippine Constitution –an almost sacred covenant-says. Robin Hood is alive, blogger. So alive. He’s dressed in articles of civilization, in articles of our constitution. He’s legally sanctioned. He is the moral standard of this century. Black or white is outdated. Robin Hood is cloaked in gray. But I’m not scared; I’ve learned to live with him. I realized, perhaps, this is the only way man functions. Look around you, do you see people clamoring for their paychecks from you because you can produce and they can’t? You should give. Give education as a right! Education, the great equalizer! All men are born equal, blogger. Ever asked why we have a crab mentality? Because we don’t want anybody to rise above us for we are supposed to be equal. Oh I hate crabs but I love to eat them, crack their shells open and split their pincers just like breaking a toothpick.

Someday, somebody’s gonna break you and may God bless you in your endeavor.


My reply: “Good premises, GW.”

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  1. Ayn Rand permalink
    August 3, 2010 3:38

    So there!

    Natameme ka noh?!

    • August 3, 2010 3:38


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