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A Coffee Break at Caffe Poli… Not Starbucks!

July 20, 2010
Will Caffe Poli give Starbucks a run for its money?

Will Caffe Poli give Starbucks a run for its money?

We went to this “crossing” coffee shop at the Cyberzone of SM Manila after paying my internet bill with Sun Cellular. I decided to give Sun Cellular another month or two after having been so disappointed by their poor quality of service after typhoon “Basyang” hit the country. No more Starbucks this time after realizing that I didn’t have to shell out P150 bucks (or approx. $3.00) for a cup of brewed coffee.

I’m a heavy coffee drinker and it’s a must for me to have at least two or so cups of coffee a day. Coffee is actually my best substitute for cigarette. By the way I don’t smoke.

The new coffee store is called “Caffe Poli” and I just love its friendly, so visible location, as it is located at the heart of SM-Manila Cyberzone area and very accessible to shoppers.

I and Rendell, a seemingly studious and grade-conscious friend of mine, ordered cappuccino instead of coffee-laced frap drinks. I loved the foamy look and the cinnamon aroma of my cappuccino. I just realized that a cup of tall freshly brewed cappuccino is not enough for my afternoon coffee break. I knew it… I had to order another one.

I googled “Caffe Poli” and found their website, which states:

At Poli Coffee Roaster, we always take special care of the selection and purchase of the raw material: the green coffee bean. Indeed, it is exactly from this point that a long way begins, which, through skilled mixing and roasting processes, ends up into the daily ritual of the espresso cup of coffee.

Besides the six coffee blends in beans that include the strong Robusta, the valuable 100% Arabica, and also the single-shot wafers, which nowadays represent our strength in the quality production, we recently focused on the household use, with the launch of a new vacuum-sealed, 250g-packaging of ground coffee.

Here are the good things I like about this coffee store:

  • Its very visible ambiance.
  • Its determination to improve the taste of its coffee products.
  • Affordable price.
  • More coffee beverage choices.
  • Affordable and delicious pastries.
  • Friendly staff.
  • Friendly environment.

However, its downsides are as follows:

  • Noisy coffee drinkers.
  • Noisy surrounding.
  • Its visibility, which means it’s not a good place for dating or whatever.
  • It’s only good as an alternative.

Well, I think that still nothing beats Starbucks. It’s still the leader in the coffee by the cup global industry because of its strong brand. Will I stick with Caffee Poli? Well, it depends…

This is for my enemies and passionate critics...

This is for my enemies and passionate critics...

Allen Rendell Samonte.

Allen Rendell Samonte.

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