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Dealing with Mediocrity

July 27, 2010

If you want more, there’s only one proper remedy. Ask your leftist alumni and representatives in Congress, leftist politicians, and their sympathizers to donate a portion of their “loot”, er earnings, to UP.

There is one blog that forced me to deal with mediocrity, and it’s the one entitled To all UP Students: Education is NOT a

Education must be free from government control not because it's important, but because it is so important.

Education must be free from government control not because it's important, but because it is so important.

Right. It is true that losing one’s cool is not cool at all, but sometimes, somehow we have to name things by their proper name. When a group of people collectively asks for more government favor, protection, or subsidy, the proper name to call this mediocre collective is “parasite.” If they don’t know that what they’re doing would turn the government into a legalized looter or extortionist and that the logical consequence of their collective decisions or actions would be national destruction, the proper name to call them is either “stupid,” “ignorant,” or both. This is why we have this term “useful idiots,” which refers to stupid liberals and apologists of evil whose mediocre ideas effectively aid the rise of any gang of evil ideologues or criminals.

Yes, I agree that the University of the Philippines houses many of our brightest young students in the country. This is why it is important to expose the kind of evil that is penetrating this top public institution of learning. If there’s one institution that must be the main target of leftist indoctrination, it should be the University of the Philippines due to the following reasons:

  • Prestige
  • Population
  • The level of intelligence of its students
  • The potentials of its graduates
  • The size of government funding
  • Position in the country’s intellectual hub
  • Many possibilities for socialist/liberal strategies
  • Influence

This is why it is very important to audit UP, intellectually and ideologically. However, it should be the responsibility of those who believe in free-market capitalism to wrestle with the propagators of liberalism and socialism at UP and other state universities in the country. It should be their responsibility to give proper education to their students, meaning by teaching a student how to live his life—by developing his mind and equipping him to deal with reality. Indeed, the UP seems to be the main subject of this public education attack because of its importance and because of its ability to change the course of the country’s history in the future.

I was bombarded with a lot of questions by some of my critics, telling me how wrong I was in my view on the “right to education” and “public education.” I only dealt with those who presented their issues in a courteous manner.

On student loan:

A commenter said: “If you want froi, ito na lang, gusto mo ba yun student loan system ng U.S? e kasi pang U.S yun mga theories mo. Please try to be more in touch with reality, also to the Leftists, mag-aral muna kayo ng mabuti, para di naman masayang yun pera ng magulang nyo at ng mga taxpayer. Ok?”

Student loan never worked in the US and it will never work here. This study-now-pay-later scheme is dangerous to both the student debtors and the government, most especially the taxpayers. A lot of commenters have been saying “manhid ako” or I don’t know what some or most UP students are going through since I’m not from UP. What they fail to understand is that the current system is what is making us more and more impoverished. It is the policies of the do-gooders, the liberals, and the altruists that are sending us to collective destruction.
Student loan is a liberal policy in the US and it never worked. I’m an absolutist. What works in one economic setting will work in another economic setting. I believe in absolute truth (epistemological absolutism) and in absolute morality (ethical absolutism). So I disagree with that so ridiculous idea that we cannot absorb or adopt some good things that work in another country because we have different set of traditions, culture, religion, etc.
I have addressed what will happen to poor people in this blog. There are a lot of private scholarship grants. Like one commenter said, if you want to study for free, you must work for it by maintaining a good academic standing. That’s just one of the ways for a student who can’t afford to pay for his tuition to finish college. I know a lot of people who work hard only to finish their studies. They never relied on public subsidies or grants.
Look at what happened to Gloria’s Safe4SR, a student loan program. Did any student who benefited from the loan pay? No one, I believe. So I don’t think student loan is practical. It won’t work.
As to poverty, you and most commenters here missed the point. There are a lot of sources of poverty, and some of them are graft and corruption, government mismanagement, etc. But there’s ONE GREAT SOURCE OF POVERTY: the failure of the people to think and their credulity. We have people who ask too many demands from the government. What did their public demands lead this country to? More foreign debts! More taxes! Evat! Inflation! More government regulation of the market.
Why is it that we have worsening level of poverty in the Philippines? Others say it’s because of corruption, mishandling of government affairs, Filipino professionals leaving the country, etc.
But in reality, there’s only ONE REASON why we’re poor: BIG GOVERNMENT that disregards free-market capitalism.
If our government refrained from being too intrusive into the market- if the government maintained a limited role, that is, the protection of individual rights- if the government only guaranteed economic freedom- if the government lowered taxes, cut subsidies, and repealed intrusive market policies- there would be more investments in the country, thus more jobs for all its citizens.
And, if the government privatized all public schools, colleges, and universities, there would be real competition among private SUCs, which would compel these private players to lower the amount of their tuition fees, to upgrade school facilities, improve research, enhance the quality of instruction, offer more scholarship grants to poor yet deserving students, etc. This is the only way poor people could obtain education.

On public education:

A commenter said: May I inform you, Mr. froivinber, that your idea of UP students fighting for higher state subsidy is not geared towards enslaving the population. In my opinion, it’s aimed towards quality education being accessible to all and not just to the fortunate few. Education is indeed a privilege and not a right. It is also not limited to the 4 walls of a classroom. So why, then, would you want state universities to be privatized? So that those who work hard to get their paychecks are no longer required to pay taxes that are geared towards the betterment of the whole and not an individual?

You don’t know what you’re talking about. Read the blog again and its appurtenances. Know the budget deficit in this country if you believe that “higher education subsidy” will not lead to more taxes or even higher national debt. You are fighting for more allotment when we have a high budget deficit? Are you dreaming? How much more money would you like to LOOT from the taxpayers? How much more share in the national budget would you like to get?

In the first place, public education is a failure. The best proof of this claim- that big government is a big, big failure- are the stupid, ignorant leftist/statist comments on this blog. Aside from being a failure, public education causes more tuition fee increases in private universities because the government competes with private schools, colleges, and universities.

Yes, rights are absolute, but there is a proper concept of rights. I have explained this very extensively. All you need to do is read my blogs. I repeat, your right to education simply means legalized theft or extortion. Your concept of rights imposes obligation on others. Your only right is a right of action, or a right to act, to make it more precise. You don’t have a right to violate the rights of others by taking a portion of their earnings through government taxation. That is, you don’t have any right to impose obligations on others, directly or indirectly.

I believe in freedom in education, not in right to education. We all have the freedom to enroll ourselves in our university or college of choice. Nobody is depriving you if you’d like to drop out of UP. That would be a great decision considering our budget deficit. That is your right, meaning you have a right to choose or not to choose. That is a right of action. Your professors won’t tell you this. But if you ask the government to provide you a higher education subsidy, the question is: where will the government get the money? You might say, “We just want a fair share!” But did you ever forget that we currently experience high budget deficit? Technically, we are in state of fiscal crisis, and I’m still waiting for the official pronouncement of some UP economists.

Now you want more! How amazing! And you’re taking on me because I’m an advocate of subsidy cut? Who will pay for your higher education subsidy? There are only four sources of wealth in this case: 1) taxation, 2) more foreign borrowing, 3) printing of money out of thin air, 4) donation. Who will be sacrificed in the name of your “bright future?” The new administration said it will not impose new or higher taxes. But… will it borrow money from foreign sources. This is what your dear president Gloria Arroyo, an economist from UP, did. She borrowed too much money from foreign sources, and as a result, we now have over P4 trillion debt and a higher budget deficit.

If you want more, there’s only one proper remedy. Ask your leftist alumni and representatives in Congress, leftist politicians, and their sympathizers to donate a portion of their “loot”, er earnings, to UP. This is the only proper way! Capisce?!

On big government:

And then someone wrote this: “I guess the biggest mistake the blogger made was his interpretation that in order for higher state subsidy to be given, the government had to demand for more taxes from the people, when in fact reallocation of the budget would give the same effect.”

A blog commenter disagreed with the statement above and wrote: “To that guy outside this blog, this is my position: Taxation is legalized theft, and public education depends on it. It doesn’t matter if in a more ideal world, the government has a budget surplus and it allocates part of its budget that’s equivalent to 5% of GDP to the education sector. No taxation for the sake of education and other social services should have been imposed in the first place. Man has the right to earn what he could and keep what he wants.”

In reply, I wrote:

I completely agree! To add: We are now facing our dead end. This is now the culmination of the statist policies of our even bigger government. The country has over P4 trillion foreign debt due to the Keynesian mentality of former Pres. Gloria Arroyo. But the people must share the blame for their collective ignorance and stupidity. Mrs. Arroyo should not solely take the blame. The people- especially those who passionately call for more subsidies, more government services, more government spending, more etcetera- are MORALLY GUILTY. They want more of these “nanny state” services yet they let out a howl of anguish and of protest when the government realizes that it can no longer bear the burden of too much gift-giving and redistribution of wealth. This is the primary reason why we have the E-Vat and more taxes. This is the primary reason why our top Keynesian economist, Gloria Arroyo, turned to foreign lenders because she was afraid to increase our tax rates owing to her un-popularity.

Yes, we must face our collective dead-end. That’s why our new president, Kuya Noy, must be ready to lose more hair than usual. But we have indoctrinated students and stupid liberal tutors who just can’t understand economic and political realities. It’s a pity that too many of them point to the 1987 Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights when I attacked the “right to education.” The people who drafted the Constitution are morally guilty for bringing us the kind of extreme disaster that we now about to face. Many societies have failed in the past due to the collective ignorance of their leaders. What they fail to realize is that this “right to education” monstrosity was perfectly practiced by Hitler, Lenin, and Stalin. The “right to education” is being perfectly applied in all slave pens on earth like North Korea, Cuba, China, Venezuela, etc. Not only did the murderous dictators guarantee universal right to education, but universal right to health care, food rations, and other basic commodities as well.

Yes, this monstrosity- “the right to education”- has no place in a free society! It’s freedom in education which we need and should demand, not right to education.

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  1. your right!,,,,,,,, NAATTTT! permalink
    July 27, 2010 3:38

    sino titirahin mo next time? USTE?
    hanggan ganyan ka lang naman.
    get a life.
    (pagkatapos ng comment nato, edi xempre mag rereply ka, maglalagay ka na naman ng mga quotation ng kung sino sino,pero since walang kwenta comment ko hindi na, o sige na, ikaw na froi, ikaw na, sumaya ka lang.)

    tatawanan na lang kita.haha
    ang absurd kasi pinapansin pa kita kahit ayaw ko diba?
    i get it, you make blogs na napaka hateful para sumikat.

    ok lang benta naman pathetic blog mo.

    • July 27, 2010 3:38

      Huli ka! Isa lang ito sa mga bobong taga-UP. Ganyan sila. Mga nasisiraan na sila ng bait.

      • July 29, 2010 3:38

        @ UP Freaks e sino ka naman? UP Hater? Don’t make the mistake of using this blogger’s posts out of context to fuel your own propaganda. Either make useful comments regarding the post, or shut your piehole. UP, non-up, if you act exactly the same, what sets you apart from who you call bobo?

        “But we have indoctrinated students and stupid liberal tutors who just can’t understand economic and political realities. It’s a pity that too many of them point to the 1987 Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights when I attacked the “right to education.” The people who drafted the Constitution are morally guilty for bringing us the kind of extreme disaster that we now about to face.”

        I like how you make provocative and incendiary claims masquerading as factual statements, blogger. I also like how you state matter of factly that the people who drafted the constitution (among others, apparently they are ALL morally guilty) are morally guilty, for reasons you take out of context, why, almost as if you actually were there, during its creation. Nice move. I also like how you interpret understanding political realities by making sweeping statements that while unfounded, you intimidate others into believing have some real substance. All your speculations, and yes, they ARE speculations, the same right to speculation any of us will ever have, are mired in heated controversy. That’s called fear-mongering, and you know who uses that tactic a lot? Same guys you hate so much: leftists, statists, and propagandists.

        I like how you assume that the right to education is demanded by students out of personal propaganda, which may be true to a small extent, especially those who are struggling to pay the tuition fees. In the light of your arguments however, to peg the sole destruction of society on this minority of students and ignoring the good done by that university, indeed, even supporting some comments saying it should be abolished no matter how good its other education programs like engineering, etc are, is 1.overcompensating for bigger points you can make and 2. ignoring the real gist of the situation. State subsidy is a model that works, and if the mechanism is shoddy right now it is because of a certain flaw in the government’s process. Do not mistake the chaotic status quo for a harbinger of doom in our society. You also seem to be assuming that we have a government that has kept its promises, so when its student sector raises up a cry to protest promises denied them by the same government that made them, they are selfish, leftist, and parasites. Things are the way they are, indeed, the constitution was drafted thus because of foreseen needs, and so you have state subsidy because at one point in time it was deemed necessary to create a free market. Explain to me how exactly you plan to create that without creating a fluid, flexible mass of viable and potential intelligent minds! If you refuse to educate the sectors of society that are unable to get a start on that thinking by saying they are parasites, then you are dooming the society just as effectively as the leftists in UP. Except that they eventually grow out of it to become productive, TAX-PAYING members of society and here you are, creating blog posts that only serve to infuriate, calling it an online crusade when clearly, you are on no one’s crusade but your own, as you have already admitted that this blog serves purely to vent your rants and thoughts in one of your replies to your readers who asked if you plan to follow up your claims with a support group.

        Sorry, stirring up the mud like this doesn’t work. Too many people see through this blog for what it is: empty smoke, no real fire.


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