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Pranking Parents With “Drug Dealer” Text Message

April 26, 2013

Here’s how to give your parents a ‘mild’ heart attack (lol).

Comedian Nathan Fielder instructed his ‘game’ Twitter followers to do the following:

BIto6DQCEAAmzl6 Fielder asked his twitter followers to send a second message to their parents reading: ‘Sorry ignore that txt. Not for you.’ ‘ Then tweet pic of their response,’ Fielder tweeted. The response was overwhelming.

LOL! The guy  is grounded...

Confused mom?!

LOL! Why do parents call you with your complete name when they’re pissed off?

He’s gonna have a heart attack!!!

Rehab? Oh no! Not so fast!

Hello?! *Cricket* *Cricket*

What a cool dad… He used to be a drug-dealer? 😉

LOL! Mama Bear calls daughter ‘a Huge Turd’!

Hilarious! Worried mom tells daughter she’s done… and she’s going home, too!

Haha! “Buying drugs”!

LOL! The parent’s too worried he can’t even spell “WHAT” correctly.

This Fielder’s fan said this tweet exchange was “followed by a phone call” from his dad.

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