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“Pro-life” Arguments Against Abortion are Fallacious

In Defense of the Troublesome, Meddlesome Catholic Church

The Catholic Priests have a Right to Influence the Government!

Dhimmi Ramon Bong Revilla Jr: Enemy of Freedom

Individual Freedom is My Religion, too!

Geert Wilders at Ground Zero: Interfaith Center Promoting Tolerance Needed at Mecca, Not Here

Youtube Backs Down to Evil!

We are at War Against an Evil Ideology!

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s Taqiyyah Extraordinaire

History of Islam and How They Build Victory Mosques

Islamic Supremacist Ground Zero Imam Threatens America: ‘Build It or Else…’

Winston Churchill On Islam

Time and Newsweek: Twin Appeasers of Evil

How the Left and Liberals Destroy the West With Political Correctness

Beslan Massacre: Why Do They Hate Us?

How to Debate and Frustrate Infidels

Videos for Dhimmi Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr.

Political Correctness Kills!

Reasons Why the American Constitution is NOT Sharia Compliant

Dhimmi Ron Paul: An Evil Appeaser of Evil

How to Solve America’s Terrorism Problem in 5 Easy Steps

Islamist Infiltration

Does Geert Wilders Hate Islam? What’s His Message to Muslims?

Video: Geert Wilders Courageously Speaks the Truth!

What Makes Islam So Successful?

Most European countries today confront a lot of problems related to Islam- and it is feared that the whole continent would be Islamized in just a few years if current trends continue- due to political correctness and lack of knowledge and understanding of the religion. This is the reason why I’m posting this very informative blog I found online. Read and learn.

Everybody Drew a Fatwa

The Islamists mean to censor us one way or another: if not from fear of retaliation, then by retaliation. Shut your mouth, still your pens, stop thinking, or we will do it for you. Permanently. Molly Norris, mild-mannered cartoonist, started a fire she cannot put out. As Rick Santelli’s “rant” on TV from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade fueled the Tea Party, Norris inspired thousands revolt against Islam. In a desiderative whim, she drew innocuous, refrigerator-door magnet caliber pictures which she claimed were images of Mohammad: a spool of thread, a teacup, a spoon, and other mundane things.

Hezbollah Leader Dies, “Moderates” Praise Him

The man who ordered the killing of infidels and the torture of US marines finally died. That’s the good news. But the death of a single terrorist leader of Hezbollah does not guarantee peace. Debbie Schlussel has the scoop: On the State Department terrorist list, Fadlallah was one of the top terrorists in the world, behind the murders of hundreds of Americans, Jews, and Israelis, in cooperation with his benefactors in Iran, Syria, and his native South Lebanon….

Amy Peikoff’s Arguments Against the NYC Mosque

I join Dr. Leonard Peikoff, Edward Cline, Amy Peikoff, and other Objectivists in the condemnation against the proposed construction of the 13-storey New York City Mosque near Ground Zero where over 3,000 innocent people were murdered by radical religious fanatics on September 11, 2001. I support America’s fight against its enemies because I believe that without America, there would be no free world. Without this nation founded on the rational principles of its great Founding Fathers and on the philosophy of Aristotle, the world as we know it would be very different.

Transcript of Dr. Peikoff’s NYC Mosque Podcast

A question I’ve been asked a number of times: What do you think of the plan for a mosque in New York City near Ground Zero? Isn’t it private property and therefore protected by individual rights and no one has a right to interfere? Now, I don’t take concrete political issues like this, but in this case it is an issue of such ramifications that I just can’t ignore it.  I also am going to lie to or deceive you in this way: not in the content of what I say, but in the manner. left to my own devises, I would be enraged and spout off all the way through my answer on the wickedness of the people who believe this or the non-knowledge of the people who agree with them.

Dr. Peikoff on the Ground Zero Mega-Mosque: Bomb It Out of Existence!

Over the past few days there’s a heated debate among Objectivists on Facebook in regard to the ongoing construction of a 13th-storey mega-mosque near Ground Zero in New York City where more than 3,000 innocent people were murdered by Islamic terrorists. The impassioned discussion started with American writer and novelist Edward Cline’s defense of Pamela Geller, book author and director of Stop Islamization of America, concerning her case against PayPal and his strong opposition to the Ground Zero mega-mosque.

The Art of Islamic Conquest

Over one-hundred years ago, the Islamists were not allowed to protest and promote their religion in the streets of London, New York, and Heidelberg where our national hero Jose Rizal wrote his poem “To the Flowers of Heidelberg.” The Islamic Ottoman empire, which conquered Christian nations and killed Jews, Christians and infidels, was at war with Europe and the rest of the world. The Islamic warriors of the Ottoman empire were able to expand their territory because of the size of their population and the barbaric methods of warfare they skillfully employed just a few decades before ammunition and war technology was invented by the West.

Richard Dawkins’ Gibberish on ‘Absolute Morality’

Dawkins does not believe in moral absolutism, but in moral relativism, which means that morality exists in man’s consciousness, independent of reality. We derive our morality from reality and man’s nature. I believe in absolute morality. Dawkins merely spoke about scientific consensus, discussion, or some kind of compromise, which reveals his pathetic, mystical understanding that morality depends upon the compromise or understanding of a so-called scientific community. This reveals Dawkin’s moral relativism. He thinks that morality exists in man’s consciousness, apart from reality, and that it has no relation to man’s nature. Like Immanuel Kant, Dawkins is a mystic. All the so-called New Atheists like Dawkins and Hitchins have mystical understanding of morality. I think they’re all advocates of anti-reason ideas disguised as science. Read the rest of the article…

Absolutism Versus Relativism

Ethnicity, traditions and social thoughts are merely a product of man’s relativist premises. Most ethnic and religious societies regard the concepts of morality, political system and economics as relative. In my opinion, under any relativist society, the definition or concepts of the good, the moral, and the practical are determined by society, the most dominant social group, or anyone who wields absolute political power. This is essentially the case of all collectivist or statist societies like China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and Iran wherein the dictator or the supreme leader determines the truth, the moral and the practical. Read the rest of the article…

Catholic Porn Star

Sex abuse cases involving Catholic priests are no longer a secret to most of us. There has been a great deal of media reports about men in white robe abusing children and women over the past several decades. Yet this moral decadence of the so-called messengers of God dates back to the Dark Ages when the Vatican City was still the center of the world. Since the last two decades of the 20th century a string of lawsuits has been filed against Catholic priests and members of religious orders, both under diocesan control and in orders, which care for the sick or teach children, for committing an act that is expressly condemned by the God of Abraham— sodomy. Read the rest of the article…

The “God” Revival

Is there God? For the religionists, the only proof to the existence of God is faith. Do not question, they say, have faith. The idea of God simply means we no longer have to look for evidence to prove his existence. We just have to believe and take things on faith. After all no one is called upon to prove a negative. Yes, faith is the central mechanism of religion. This magical word means complete trust or confidence in someone or something. The missing entity here is evidence or proof. Read the rest of the article…

Expose the Filipino Freethinkers as Enemies of Reason, Science, and Freedom!

There’s a neo-mystic group in the Philippines that is out to spread a culture of hate, anti-reason, anti-capitalism, anti-freedom, and anti-man. It must be exposed before it invades the consciousness of the youth. Like Adolf Hitler said: “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” Indeed, the main targets of this evil collective are the young Filipinos… It must be EXPOSED! Read the rest of the article…

Filipino Free-farters: The New Mystics

There is a neo-mystic  group that tries to display a pathetic veneer of rationality and sense of motive when in truth and in reality, it is a great enemy of reason and individual liberty. The strategy it employs is no longer unfamiliar to us since its proponents and followers are merely imitating the statist schemes of their collectivist/altruist intellectual and philosophical ancestors. This loud, skeptic collective—the Filipino Freethinkers, which deserves the moniker “Free-farters”—declares that it is engaged in the promotion of reason, science, and freedom. Read the rest of the article…

Filipino Freethinkers Versus Reason

A true advocate of reason truly understands that contradictions cannot exist. In order for Man, who is the standard of value, to live and exist, he needs a society that does not contradict his nature and respects his inalienable individual rights. Thus, for a society to be free, it has to embrace a certain type of socio-economic system that is consistent with man’s nature and rights. Man’s nature suggests that he cannot exist in a society that regards him as a sacrificial animal. Man’s rights also suggest that he has to live in a society that embraces rational principles and objective moral ideals. This is how the United States of America developed and became the most prosperous nation in the world. Read the rest of the article…

Freethinkers or Free-FARTERS?

There are several self-proclaimed godless people today— the so-called New Atheists—who band together like fanatical followers of a secular religious cult. They talk about their atheism as if it’s one of the means to achieve secular salvation. They exert so much effort to recruit believers to embrace godlessness as if it’s part of their secular duty on earth. Like the Catholic priests, protestant pastors and passionate televangelists, these New Atheists have been embarking on secular evangelism, hoping to recruit more people to their cultist fold. Read the rest of the article…

A Long Journey From Faith To Reason

I find Ayn Rand’s ideas real and unassailable. They correspond to reality. I have to tell you that I went through a very long process of “intellectual detoxification” (or call it what you will) before I came to understand the essence of her philosophy. It’s a very rigorous and painful process. It is painful because I had to reject things that I embraced for  years- like religion, philosophical dogmatism, belief in altruism, etc. I felt like I was a victim of the kind of education most schools, intellectuals and the ideological structure offer to people. Read the rest of the article…

Mencken, Islam, and Political Correctness

Mencken, an agnostic — “Myself completely neutral in theology, and long ago resigned to damnation” — practiced what he preached. No religion was safe from his biting wit and unbridled contempt. He was an uncompromising enemy of blind belief in assertions, especially religious ones, that contradicted evidence and reason. When they showed their heads, he picked them off with all the skill of Alvin York picking off German soldiers during World War I. Mencken was an intellectual marksman. Read the rest of the article…


What is clear from this religious edict is that Islam is indeed a political ideology. The Bangsamoro people would like to secede from the Philippines on the ground of religion. To appease the Muslims, the corrupt government of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and its legal magicians came up with the Bangsamoro Homeland agreement supposedly to end the hostilities between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). Read the rest of the article…

Why Most Palestinian Arabs Love Israel?

Now this survey confirms that even the Palestinian Arabs refused to live in a dictatorship like Palestine. Many people are not aware that freedom and individual rights are nonexistent in most Arab dictatorships. The rights to life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness are limited and restricted in Palestine and in most of the Arab world. Israel is the only state in the Middle East that respects individual rights. The Israelis brought technology, science, education, and economic progress in that barren areas which was once ruled by brutal mystic dictators. Read the rest of the article…

Dictatorship of Faith and Force

The theocratic government of Iran, that killed and suppressed its own people, has been trying to fool the United States and other civilized countries by claiming that its nuclear program is peaceful. How can a dictatorial regime, which is determined to kill and suppress its own people who are critical of the status quo, be trusted in possessing such a dangerous technology? People of today should read Qur’an to better understand the global problem posed by religious extremist groups. In Qur’an there’s this principle of Taqiyya, which literally means “concealing, precaution, guarding.” Read the rest of the article…

Jihad = Mein Kampf

The personal struggle of Adolf Hitler was detailed in his famous book “Mein Kampf”, which means “My Struggle”. Mein Kampf reveals the psycho-epistemology of German Nazism, an evil political ideology founded on racism, hate for the Jewry and other inferior races, and the determination to conquer the world through military armed conflict in order to impose their Swastika world order. On the other hand, the personal struggle of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, can be found in the Qur’an, the holy scripture of Muslims. Read the rest of the article…

Why Support the Visiting Forces Agreement?

I believe that we must support the VFA because I think the Philippines is considered a “failing state.” Being a failing state, it cannot even protect its people and foreign nationals in far-flung areas of the country. Failed or failing states are attractive to terrorist or separatist groups that subscribe to either radical Islam or Communism. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front has been receiving support from Islamic countries that favor Mindanao’s secession from the Philippines. I strongly disagree with the idea that secession is justified if it is fueled by religious dogma or the concept of ethnicity. There’s only one justification for a belligerent or hostile territory to secede from its motherland and this is the concept of individual rights. Read the rest of the article…

Pat Condell is NOT a Free-Farter!

Let me state here that Pat Condell is not a Free-farter. Yes, he’s an atheist but he doesn’t think like most hippyish atheist-liberals do who claim they are proponents of reason. In fact, Mr. Condell is disgusted by the tolerant Liberals who are bringing the whole of Europe to Orwellian and Islamic disaster. He is a rational atheist who knows his politics. In fact in this video, he described the “liberal left” as “apologists of evil” and as a “multicultural appeasement lobby.” Again, do not ever claim Pat Condell is a Free-farter for simply being an atheist. I admire Mr. Condell not for his atheism, but for his rationality. Read the rest of the article…

Appeasing Evil

The radical Islamization of the entire Europe only took a few decades. It seems that the Muslim immigrants who turned too radical have perfectly practiced the ‘art of infiltration.’ After invading Europe through decades of mass immigration, the radical Islamists are now demanding for more special treatment and unabashedly accusing people who speak the truth about their nomadic religion and the terrorist and murderous activities of some of their brothers as Islamophobes, racist, bastards, close-minded, intolerant, among others. Read the rest of the article…

The Philosophy of Academic Bigotry

I’M not really surprised by how my critics responded to my blog entitled When UAAP is Reduced to Academic Racism. I have to admit that there are a few who presented their rational and well-thought-out responses, while most miserably advertised their hippy-like behavior and mentality. Most of the feedbacks are pretty amusing and entertaining, while some (those deserved my answer) kept me awake while watching X-Men Evolution online. Read the rest of the article…

Self-Interest versus Altruism

In this predominantly Catholic country, most people regard self-interest as evil. They regard that man’s pursuit of happiness is immoral. In that essay I asked—Why is it that it is good to consider the welfare of others and not yours? The reason for this is the morality of altruism that is heavily entrenched in our religious dogmatism, educational system and traditional values. We have been taught that it is our moral duty to serve the good and welfare of others. But this kind of morality, which is altruism, is not exclusively within the domain of religion. Read the rest of the article…

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