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Shameless, Ingrate Subsidized Savages!

March 26, 2013

The crisis of shamelessness, primitiveness and savagery at the top-funded state universities (UP-Diliman, UP-Manila, and PUP) continues. What do we expect from a herd of schooled young barbarians who have been deeply indoctrinated in the Soviet style socialism. The spate of protests at UP, wherein students symbolically gave up their IDs in sympathy with Kristel Tejada, and PUP, where enraged students brazenly burned tax-paid chairs, marks the success of Frankfurt School’s critical theory in the Philippines.

These tragic events– as well as the political rise of the leftists (e.g., senatorial candidates Teddy Casino and Risa Hontiveros, Commission on Human Rights Chairperson Loretta Ann Rosales, among many others) under the current regime– simply show that the CPP-NPA’s (Communist Part of the Philippines-National People’s Army) ideological subversion has finally been completed. We should congratulate JoMa Sison, who fled to economically freer Netherlands, and his comrades for a job well done! See the hypocrisy of the commies? JoMa should have sought political asylum in Cuba, China or North Korea, not in economically FREER Netherlands, which is more capitalistic than the Failippines.

It will only take a few years for a political opportunist to exploit the Philippine’s current social psyche and collectivist culture. Whether this third world failed state will fall into complete socialism or Corporatism/fascism is no longer the question. Socialism and fascism are the two evil sides of totalitarianism or statism. Both are statist systems or bigger forms of government, and the people have been rooting for Big Government through their blind support of welfare programs, corporate policies and protectionism.

Some people say Kristel killed herself allegedly because she was deprived of her right to UP schooling. I say, it is the country’s Marxists and statists who pushed the poor coed to her death. It is these same Marxists and statists who have also been pushing this country toward near economic collapse through their welfare advocacy and failed economic policies. You killed the young lady, comrades.

As I stated in a previous blog:

Imagine yourself being regularly bombarded with these social constructs. Imagine yourself being exposed, from the time you entered first grade, to the flawed idea that schooling (not education) is the best way to achieve success and social mobility, and that the government exists only to serve and provide you with your needs and desires.

What or how would you feel if reality failed to meet your and your informers’ expectations? Yes, the only obstacle that stands between your social informers and their anti-reality wishes/desires is reality.

All your life you’re told that all you need is college schooling (again, not education) to help your family escape poverty and that it is the political obligation of your government to provide it to you. You simply took these assertions on faith, perhaps because critical thinking should only be employed against your informers’ enemy.

PUP-Manila students' chair-burning protest. Photo credit: Abigail Joy Liquiran via YouScoop

PUP-Manila students’ chair-burning protest. Photo credit: Abigail Joy Liquiran via YouScoop

Reality is now here telling us the government cannot afford to pay for all our ‘needs’ and ‘desires’. When will we ever learn that the government is never a productive entity and that it is the greatest parasite in these parts? And what if reality were not on your side? What would you do?

The savages at UP and PUP have made a choice and they’re now protesting for more freebies! They want more! Well, they’re parasites!

Dr. Jose Rizal, the most revered intellectual in the Philippines, once said: “Youth is the hope of the Fatherland.”

Metaphysically, yes. Politically and economically, not really… if the word “hope” had an exact meaning.

Now on the on the ongoing crisis at UP.

“Education is a right and it shouldn’t be sold,” said Mariz Zubiri, chair of the student council of UP branch in Manila. “This is a call on all students to stand up and strike for education and justice,” she added.

“Kristel’s death has galvanized the students to act and express their growing discontent to our current education system. The spark ignited by her untimely demise has rekindled the fire of dissent in thousands of students both in public and private universities. Together, let us fight to scrap unjust tuition policies and demand justice for Kristel and for all,” Terry Ridon, president of Kabataan Partylist.

This is why this country is DOOMED. These young savages do not deserve a centavo of government subsidy.

Protest at UP-Manila. Photo credit: Danny Pata

Protest at UP-Manila. Photo credit: Danny Pata

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  1. Dino permalink
    March 26, 2013 3:38

    There’s this show by Winnie Monsod on GMA News TV, mondays 10pm. The episode last night was about free public education and Tejada’s suicide.

    The two students who were interviewed (one’s a student regent from UP, the other is the student council leader who led the burning of chairs at PUP) mentioned that they were against STFAP because they believe students in state universities should be fully subsidized, including RICH students who CAN afford the tuition at private schools but still choose to go to UP.

    When asked by Monsod if it would be ok for private schools like Ateneo and La Salle to charge high tuition rates, the two students said yes.

    My reaction: ***fall off from my chair***

    As for Monsod, she had a commentary at the end of the show. She did say the students’ argument regarding that (free tuition for rich state U students) did not make sense economically, but she says UP/PUP should try their best to help students graduate in other ways (I did not pay attention much to this part, so I forgot ‘what other ways’ she was talking about).

    • March 26, 2013 3:38

      In fairness to Monsod who I consider a Keynesian economist, she criticized the actions and bad economic premises of some people at UP and PUP.

      Here’s a related blog posted nearly three years ago—

      University of the Philippines professor and economist Winnie Monsod is not convinced that PUP’s proposed hike is “unreasonable.” In her commentary on QTV 11, Monsod said that the state university’s plan was very reasonable. She said that the price of all items, including that of educational services, has increased for the past ten years, from 2000 to 2010.

      Thankfully, Monsod commented on the student activists’ irrational, hippyish and violent demonstrations, which resulted in the destruction of the state university’s property worth P.5 million, including that of the CHED’s steel gate and other property worth P.5 million.

      “Bringing it up to P200 is unreasonable only in the sense that if tuition fees had been allowed to rise in tandem with the general cost of living, the tuition fee should only be P189.90 instead of the P200 per unit,” she said, adding: “If we take into account that education costs had increased much faster than the general cost of living.”

      “I guess somebody should bother to do the arithmetic,” the lady economist said.

  2. Dino permalink
    March 26, 2013 3:38

    Another interesting part (not quoted verbatim, but here’s a sense):

    Monsod – Where would UP/PUP get funds for additional subsidies?

    militant students – Malaki po binabayad ng Pilipinas sa utang-panlabas.

    Monsod – Hindi na nga eh, kumpara dati.

    • March 26, 2013 3:38

      I had angry commenters in the past who told me the problem is improper/bad allocation of public funds and corruption.

      Improper allocation? I asked them what particular public services or welfare programs they propose to cut or abolish just to finance their education. They had no answer. They simple typed incoherent words as if saying “there’s improper allocation of resources and budget” was enough to suspend the laws of economics and reality.

      What they don’t know is that these welfare programs and regulations cause corruption.The term “bureaucratic corruption” is not enough to describe this anomaly. I call it “systemic corruption” or “institutionalized corruption”.

      From this post:

      A lot of Filipino intellectuals and academics also claimed that graft and corruption is one of the main sources of the country’s social and economic problems. To support their claim, they pointed out the many corrupt practices, cases of bribery, plunder, and malversation of public funds, and abuse of political powers that past and present politicians committed and perpetrated against the rule of law and the Filipino people. They indeed have a point except the fact that they don’t fully understand the main cause of these graft and corrupt practices in the government sector.

      What is the source of corruption and failure of governance? This is actually one of the most fundamental questions that our intellectuals, academics, scholars, and political pundits take for granted. They simply believe that corruption can be and should be solved by the government alone.

      … The solution to failure of government and graft and corruption is not the Big Government, but Limited Government and Free Market Capitalism. Graft and corrupt practices exist because of the many pervasive, intrusive and non-objective government functions that limit and/or violate our freedoms and rights. Observe that cases of corruption and bribery are rampant in government agencies that engage in moneyed transactions (e.g., BOC, BIR, DepEd, DPWH, etc.). This is because the government has become so big and so enormous that it gradually amassed so much powers to the detriment of its citizens’ individual rights. Corruption and irregularities in some government-owned and -controlled corporations like MWSS, PAGCOR, PCSO, among others have become part of their culture because the government simply holds a monopoly on public utility, gambling and other sectors.

  3. Chilli permalink
    March 29, 2013 3:38

    Indoctrinated by Soviet-style socialism? Don’t make me laugh!

    In Soviet style socialism, school was free and the university paid YOU a stipend to help you cover your living expenses.

    • March 30, 2013 3:38

      Did I just make you laugh? That proves ignorance is bliss. Here’s the Soviet-style socialism I am talking about…

      How to Brainwash A Nation: A Politically Incorrect Guide To Dictatorship

      It’s amazing you don’t even know you’re one of its willing, blissfully clueless victims…

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