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Harlem Shake: A Craze, Fad, Trend, or Insanity?

February 22, 2013

  • NOTE: I first posted this on Facebook.

The very first time I saw it (on youtube) I thought- ‘what the heck is that?’ and then I clicked the X button. I didn’t finish it. No, I couldn’t finish the ‘thing’. I didn’t give it much thought. No, the right word is “couldn’t”. I just ignored it the way someone ignores an unimportant, trivial thing, phenomenon or issue.

But heck! The thing keeps popping up each time I visit YouTube. And then some of my FB friends started talking about it– wondering, amused, baffled… Some were entertained. And then it evidently became a fad… or a craze. The thing is: some people were doing it almost everywhere– in a pool, inside their room, at school, etc. The list of places is just limitless. If one could do it in hell or on the moon, he could have done it. They’re moving, gyrating their bodies like drunken snakes (or drunken louts), or some uber-excited zombies just out of grave.

The first thing you see– for the first few seconds- is some scene of pretended ‘normalcy’, while a lone poker-faced guy is showcasing some weird moves, unnoticed, undisturbed. And then the next thing you see is pure, unadulterated insanity gone terribly awry. LOL!

But what the heck is that ghastly thing? I couldn’t even watch a clip of it.

Is it me, or too many people just find it too cool or entertaining?

Wikipedia gives the following information:

The Harlem shake, originally called the albee, is a dance introduced in 1981 by a Harlem resident named “Al B”. The dance was initially referred to as “albee” after his name, but later became known as the Harlem shake as its prominence grew beyond the neighborhood. The dance became mainstream in 2001 when G. Dep featured the Harlem shake in his music video “Let’s Get It”.

The Harlem shake is a dance that originally began in Harlem, New York, in 1981.[1] Since its beginnings it has spread to other urban areas and became popular in music videos. The self-purported inventor of the dance was “Al B”, a Harlem resident.[2] Because of its founder, the dance was originally called the “albee” in Rucker and Harlem, but then later became known as the Harlem shake.[3]

Al B is quoted saying that the dance is “a drunken shake anyway, it’s an alcoholic shake, but it’s fantastic, everybody appreciates it.” He said it comes from the ancient Egyptians and describes it as what the mummies used to do.[3] Because they were all wrapped up they couldn’t really move, all they could do was shake.[4][5] Al B states that he has been doing the Harlem shake since 1981. The dance first caught on at the Entertainer’s Basketball Classic or EBC and spread from there to other areas.[3]

Oh well, the only good (or bad) thing about it is that it appears to threaten Justin Bieber’s most-watched YouTube clip and Psy’s No. 1 ‘Gangnam Style’.

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