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Why It’s Impossible to Defeat the RH Bill

December 14, 2012
With LOLmakers like them, we’re doomed! Photo credit-

With LOLmakers like them, we’re doomed! Photo credit-

The very imminent passage of the controversial Reproductive Health bill has set some groups of welfare people on fire. The country’s self-confessed communists, self-styled leftists, traditional politicians, welfare do-gooders and Filipino freefarters (freethinkers?) have proudly hailed the second reading passage of population control and sex education measure that could affect the entire medical industry, employers, taxpayers and the country’s economy as a whole.

These folks gaudily billed the recent development as a victory for women’s rights and poor people’s welfare. Pro-RH bill congressmen, like Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman, said they “feel elated” for their recent congressional accomplishment. Also, a lot of hippie, clueless Filipino freefarters acted (online) as if they’ve just scored a massive victory against their perpetual enemy: the Roman Catholic Church and religious people who strongly, passionately oppose the measure on religious ground. Funny, these politically naive atheists still think RH bill is a religious issue.

I say, what victory? What women’s rights and welfare for the poor? What greater good? These people must be out of their fucked up minds!

What is there to celebrate when:

  • we still face higher unemployment and poverty rates?
  • more and more foreign investors avoid the Philippines as if it’s a very dangerous place to invest?
  • we have high budget deficit and higher public debt?
  • we still have rampant corruption in the government sector and more ways and opportunities for our politicians and public officials to corrupt?
  • politicians focus more on welfare spending than on job-creating reforms (including constitutional reform to guarantee economic freedom)?
  • more and more Filipinos depend on the government for their daily survival?
  • the RH bill would definitely open new ways for our scheming, corrupt public officials to steal?

The almost inevitable, destined passage and presidential approval of House Bill 4244 will only mean one thing: the continued destruction of economic freedom and individual rights in this impoverished welfare state.

The country’s pro-RH groups, leftists and welfare statists will definitely see victory. Yes, they will win the fight not because of the utter weakness in the arguments of those who oppose the measure (although this is one of the major reasons) or because of the intellectual preparedness of those who support it. These people will get what they want because the country’s political system absolutely supports their social aspirations.

That is, the Philippine’s welfare system is absolutely on the side of those who advocate and promote socialistic welfare policies. Philosophically and politically speaking, what we have is a system of welfare dictatorship.

Those who reject the RH bill are currently engaged in an unwinnable war. They can only delay the passage of the measure (perhaps for a couple of years), but they can never defeat it. The truth is, the system supports every welfare measure our leftist or statist lawmakers can think of. In fact, they can even pass a law that would regulate or force building or real estate companies into lowering the prices of their housing or building products to serve the welfare of the poor. They can even pass a universal healthcare measure that would force all doctors and healthcare providers to follow certain government-mandated guidelines or to render extensive forced, unpaid services in the name of the greater good.

In case you’re still unaware, the welfare power of our very own government is UNLIMITED, and this makes our system very much vulnerable to any scheming political or potential dictator who might one day rule and deftly harness the potentials of our systemic welfare dictatorship.

Welfare state is the collectivist idea that the government must play a key role in serving the basic needs of its citizens through delivery of welfare programs like government-funded education, healthcare, housing, food stamp, etc. This concept of government is evil, immoral and impractical because it justifies the government’s use of force. Welfare state is based on that draconian Machiavellian philosophy “the end justifies the means.” It means that the government is justified or authorized to sacrifice one social sector for the benefit of another social sector. It means that it is authorized or empowered to redistribute wealth, to centrally plan the economy, to regulate certain economic or individual activities, and to limit or restrict people’s rights and freedoms in the name of social justice and the greater good. Thus, welfare state is all about centralized political power or dictatorship.

I firmly believe that the Catholic Church and the religionists simply oppose this measure because it contradicts their religious beliefs and doctrines. If it were a purely healthcare measure, minus  the RH aspect of it, the Church and the religious people would be very much willing to support and embrace it.

Our welfare dictatorship is the enemy from within. Unknown to many, it is the enemy of the people– the enemy of freedom and individual rights. It is what is keeping the country poor or imp

Edcel Lagman- One of the country's welfare dictators.

Edcel Lagman- One of the country’s welfare dictators.

overished for years. It is the logical, consequential implementation of our political and economic system.

The country’s welfare dictatorship is the product of our welfare-oriented, government dependent culture and mentality.  It is the very soul– the spirit– of our 1987 Constitution. It maintains the following statist, big government institutions:

  • Filipino first mentality that is the ideological basis of our protectionism and government restrictions that favor home-grown industries run by oligarchs and cronies. Our protectionist system enshrined in the Charter reveals our collective fear of foreign industries, talents and innovation. This is why we limit foreign participation in commerce and trade. We also totally prohibit foreign professionals (e.g., lawyers, engineers, architects, accountants, nurses, doctors, among others) from being part of our Team while we are allowed to practice our professions abroad.
  • Welfare state policies that continue to bankrupt the nation, politically, economically and spiritually. The country’s politicians virtually believe they can solve social and economic problems (e.g., unemployment, social inequity, poverty, overpopulation, etc.) by simply creating more laws and regulations and throwing money at the problem. This is what they’ve been doing for the past many decades. What happened after the passage of the PhilHealth law, Clean Air Act, climate change laws, Biofuel Act, among many other statist, regulatory laws? Well, we have increased corruption, unemployment and poverty rates and higher budget deficit. Again unknown to many, any law that requires massive welfare spending is prone to regulation and corruption. This is a real-world fact!
  • Massive regulations in the name of the greater good, environment, the poor and social justice. The RH bill is a form of regulation. It seeks to regulate the following: healthcare or medical industries, education, private employment sector and people’s behaviors and morality. Yes, it seeks to not only legislate poverty but also people’s morality and behaviors. As a population control policy masquerading as a “responsible parenthood” measure, the bill simply indicates that the government is well-equipped and more competent to dictate to married couples or even single parents how to manage or plan their families. As a regulatory measure, it simply implies that the government may force hospitals, doctors and employers to do or perform certain things (which could be against their will and freedom of conscience) in the name of the greater good.
  • Centralized political system that gives the executive branch or the president the power to influence, bribe (through pork barrel and other forms of presidential largesse) or punish ( through impeachment or political harassment) the other two branches of government (legislative and judiciary) and other government agencies and offices.

Yet one major reason why we can never defeat the bill– or any welfare proposals in the future– is our distorted concept of rights.

Proponents and supporters of the bill, like senators Miriam Santiago and Pia Cayetano, always cite the following constitutional provision whenever they face anti-RH arguments and opposition: “The State shall protect and promote the right to health of the people and instill health consciousness among them.”

What they mean to say is that a right imposes any form of obligation or burden on others. It means that your right to food or medicine imposes upon others an unearned obligation to provide you the food or medicine you need.

Also, what they mean to say is, a right requires government funding. That if the government fails to finance and provide RH services to women, then that means women are deprived of their RH rights. Using their distorted logic and way of thinking, it means that we are currently deprived of our right to life since the government does not provide us the food and other necessities we need to stay alive.

Yes, their utterly flawed concept of ‘rights’ is embraced by the fundamental law of the land, which is a flagrant breach of natural law. In fact, the 1987 Constitution, which is follows the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, guarantees the following perverted, distorted rights:

  • Right to full employment and equality of employment opportunities for all.
  • Right to land (to be realized and implemented through agrarian reform program).
  • Right of farmers, and landowners, as well as cooperatives, and other independent farmers to participate in the planning, organization, and management of the agrarian reform program.
  • Right to agricultural support and other state-funded services.
  • Right of subsistence and community fishermen to the preferential use of the communal and fishing resources.
  • Right to affordable and decent housing and basic services.
  • Right to affordable health and free medical care for paupers.
  • Right of working women to safe and healthful working conditions.
  • Right of independent people’s organizations to state protection.
  • Right of all citizens to quality and accessible education at all levels.
  • Right of every family to a family living wage and income.

These monstrous types of a “right” are the very reason why this country is now moving toward economic disaster and dictatorship. The only thing we should be thankful for is that these bogus, pretended rights are not mandatory. They still require enabling laws for them to totally bankrupt and destroy this country.

Here’s a strong message to all the country’s welfarists and do-gooders: A right does not require government funding. Our right to free speech does not necessitate the allocation of government budget to guarantee people’s freedom of expression and of the press. This is why that disgusting, mediocre Right of Reply Bill should be killed outright because it imposes obligation or burden on others (e.g., publishers, journalists, newspaper and media companies, bloggers, etc.) The religionists’ right to practice religion does not require government funding or special treatment. In fact, the freedom of religion is a limitation on state authority to prefer one religion to another, or religion to irreligion. Unfortunately, only a few people, particularly the atheists and theists, understand this.

To make it clearer:

  • Rights do NOT require state’s positive action. Entitlements do. As to rights, the only duty of the government is to BACK OFF. Examples of entitlements: Food stamp that requires government’s action to raise taxes, to regulate, and to give handouts to people.
  • Rights do not require state budget. Entitlements do. I gave examples above.
  • Rights do NOT impose any form of obligation on others. Entitlements do. A good example is socialized health care or the RH bill. Socialized health care imposes obligations on certain sectors (e.g., employers, health care providers, etc.) to serve the welfare of the poor. The state may force doctors and businesses.
  • Rights ought to be protected by the government. Take note the word PROTECT. Your right to life, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness are being protected by the BILL OF RIGHTS. Entitlements are welfare provisions. How can a government protect a poor man’s right to food if it violates the right of another man?
  • Rights are NOT entitlements. NO one is entitled to the products and wealth of others.

The RH bill issue simply shows the level of intellectual bankrupt and statism in these parts. With the imminent passage and approval of the bill the rights and freedoms (including economic freedom) of the people are at stake. A would-be RH law would embolden, empower our statist lawmakers to create anti-rights welfare laws in the future. No, I’ve never had any doubt of their good intentions. But good intention is not a virtue. These people want our nation to prosper and to achieve social development, but the problem is, they’re doing it wrong.

No nation has successfully spent its way out of poverty or any social ills. Economic logic has it that no country has ever taxed and spent its way to economic progress. But this is what many respected UP economists have proposed. In fact, the country’s top economist and NEDA chief argued that the government must manage population and reduce its dependency rates.

As we witness this ongoing political drama, we must never forget that this country is poor because of our failed economic policies, protectionism, restrictions, regulations that discourage job creation and investment. We must never forget that lowering our total fertility rates or curbing our population is never a proper, practical solution to poverty and unemployment, which is the main reason why the government needs to dole out condoms and contraceptives and force employers and the entire medical industry to obey its immoral mandate. Also, we must always keep in mind that legal doesn’t always mean ethical. We all know that no one can or may legally or morally force anyone to help others. That nobody has the right to steal from Juan to help Pedro. However, what this RH bill issue tells us is that the majority can always use force or coercion against a group or certain groups of unarmed citizens by simply passing a new law.

Yes, this nation is so fucked up!


By the way, whatever happened to these pre-RH bill laws? We already have lots of RH laws! Why not implement them?

From the internet:

Below are the list of laws that already addresses the various concerns raised in the RH bill. If RH bill is passed, it will be the 23rd law concerning healthcare for women and children. The thing is, we keep on making laws but implementation of those laws are very poor. AS long as our laws will NOT BE FULLY IMPLEMENTED, sad to say this to the RH bill proponents, it will just end up as “one of those laws”. Some of the laws listed below are repeated, or should i say “plagiarized” and reinserted in the RH bill. I view this RH bill as a diversionary bill; another “CCT thing” that is meant to enrich the pockets of the lucky pharmaceuticals and the politicians. Do we really need RH bill??

  1. R.A. 9710 or An Act Providing for Magna Carta for Women
  2. Republic Act No. 9262 or Anti-Violence against Women and Children
  3. Republic Act No. 8504 or Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998
  4. AO 2008-0029 Implementing Health Reforms for Rapid Reduction of Maternal and Neonatal Mortality
  5. Children’s Health Program of the DOH
  6. Family Planning Program of the DOH
  7. Prevention and Management Control of Abortion and its Complications (PMAC)
  8. PD No. 965 or A decree requiring applicant for marriage license to receive instructions on family planning and responsible parenthood
  9. R.A 7883 or the Barangay Health Workers Benefits and Incentives Acts of 1995
  10. R.A. 7160 or The Local Government Code of the Philippines
  11. AO No. 2010-0036–The Aquino Health Agenda: Achieving Universal Health Care for all Filipinos
  12. Women’s Health and Safe Motherhood Project of the DOH
  13. Republic Act No. 8504 or Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998
  14. Republic Act No. 7875 or the National Health Insurance Act of 1995
  15. Republic Act No. 9502 or the Cheaper Medicine Act
  16. Executive Order No. 453 or Directing the Enrolment of 2.5 Million Indigent families pursuant to E.O 276
  17. AO No. 2010-0010 or the Revised Policy on Micro Nutrient Supplementation to Support Achievement of 2015 MDG Targets to Reduce Maternal Deaths and Address Micronutrient needs of other population groups.
  18. Botika ng Barangay Program of the DOH
  19. PD No. 79 Revising the Population Act of Nineteen Hundred and Seventy One
  20. PhilHealth Circulars and Policy Guidelines
  21. CCT program of the DSWD
  22. PD No. 79 Revising the Population Act of Nineteen Hundred and Seventy One

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  1. December 17, 2012 3:38

    Along the way, when the RH Bill was passed, I have this exchange of opinion in Facebook –

    Wenzon Gallaza: hehehe we won against the damaso!

    Trosp: And for the cost of RH Bill:

    “Cayetano admitted during interpellations on Senate Bill 2865 that the Department of Health (DOH) had asked for P13.7 billion to implement the RH bill for the year 2012 alone – an amount bigger than the individual budgets …See More

    WG: you say whatever you want,basta ma curve lang ang over population.Everything the government enacts law it means money making business!That’s the reality!But this one with good outcome in the end!

    WG: The majority of filipinos supported this measure.

    Trosp: Claiming that Philippines is overpopulated or is becoming overpopulated is a flatout BS. Overpopulation is always the most disingenuous excuse for poor governance.

    Let’s have some numbers to see where our population against our land area stands:

    The land area of Philippines is 298,170 sq km. The NSO projected population up to 2010 is around 94 million (2007 population was 91 million).

    If we have a population of 100 million, that will leave everyone 0.003 sq km or 2,982 sq meters of space to play with individually. If we assign 225 sq meters (a length by width of 15 meters by 15 meters per family – a size of half of basketball court) in one family of five (0.000045 sq km/person), that will compute to only 1.51% land area being occupied by us if we have a 100 million population. A 98.49% land area has still to be occupied.

    The calculations did not include the areas for infrastructures, factories, and lands for cultivations. I just want to put numbers on whatever we would like to visualize where we are on this population thing.

    Japan’s population in 2008 was 127.7 million and their land area is 377,835 sq km (population heavier than Philippines and land area is larger). It leaves them a 0.003 sq km (2,958.8 sq meters) per person to play with and they claim they’re overpopulated.

    If I’m going to allocate the same area as I’ve used in our country to Japan which is 0.000045 sq km per person, they are occupying only 1.521% of their land area.

    Trosp: And Hitler was supported by majority of Germans! That’s the reality

    WG: hay naku napaka flawed ng argument mo !hehehe tingnan m na lang mga mata mo dyan sa manila!over populated!baka hindi mo alam ang meaning ng overpopulated.

    Trosp: May mali ba sa data ko. May I see your data? Or just refute my data by your own data

    WG: hehehe such flawed point!what the hck are you trying to prove?just admit you lose period!

    WG: mali ang data mo oo over na over!distorted fact hehehe.

    WG: off tangent and far from reality!

    WG: Just open your blind eyes in metro manila ah!

    Trosp: Bakit mali ang data ko. I’ve shown you the calculation. Metro Manila is not overpopulated. Have you ever been in Marikina or Pasig?

    Trosp: Show any distortion on my facts. Otherwise you just don’t want to engage in an intelligent discussion employing facts and data. Let’s avoid anecdotal information. And BTW, for the reality side, one simple question, where will they get the P14 billion budget annually (for a start) for their RH Bill? Subtract it from education budget? Add additional taxes? Jeez, for all we know, this RH Bill might be just a ploy for a new scam. P14 billion budget for its first year!!!

    ***Unable to post comment.*** (meaning my last comment was not allowed to be posted anymore.)

    • December 18, 2012 3:38

      I admire your patience in debating those anti-pop freaks lol! 😉


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