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HUMOR: Marquez’s ‘Miyata KO Punch’ that Crushed Pacquiao

December 9, 2012

It’s all final. Manuel Marquez won his Sunday (Manila time) match with Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao. Yet it took the Mexican prizefighter four fights to finally knock down the Filipino politician and boxing superstar.

The terrific Marquez’s historic conquest, which is never a pyrrhic victory at all, can be said to have finally ended Pacman’s winning tradition and avenged the defeat of all his fellow Mexican fighters.

Indeed, it was a double-whammy triumph for the Latino pugilist who undeniably upset millions of Filipinos and Pacquiao fans throughout the world.

As for Pacman, it was the first time he had been knocked out since 1999, when he lost at flyweight to Medgoen Singsurat, and the first loss since 2005 when he was defeated in a unanimous decision to Erik Morales.

But how exactly did Marquez deliver his fatal, game-sealing coup de grâce?

Well, one doesn’t have to be an experienced boxing analyst to objectively, expertly assess how the Mexican boxing champ hit it.

The secret behind Marquez’s multimillion dollar victory over Pacquiao has just been revealed by the following YouTube video:

Here’s a clue: Try to squint a bit at 0:28 to see how the Mexican knockout artist finished the bout at sixth round. It appears he simply cloned Miyata’s awesome deathblow. Hmmm…

Is this a real-life case of life imitating art?

Here’s an illustrative image to further explain it all, if you still don’t get it:


Yep! That’s exactly how Marquez did it, so stop claiming Pacman ‘wuz robbed‘.

Meanwhile, Pacmom Aling Dionesia offered a very bizarre, out-of-this-world interpretation of Pacman’s crushing defeat. She blames change of religion.

She said: “Okay lang, tanggap na namin. Wala ako kaba sa umpisa, natanggap ko na ang pagkatalo. Sa aking side, gusto ko, huwag nyang iwan ang sign of the cross. ‘Yun ang nakayaman sa kanya noon.”

Now, Floyd Mayweather will probably announce he is ready to fight Pacquiao next week.

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