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Pia Cayetano: ‘Let ‘Em Have Pleasurable Sex’

December 5, 2012
Pia Cayetano: the pinay version of Sandra Fluke.

Pia Cayetano: the pinay version of Sandra Fluke.

I posted the following as a Facebook rant:

While the condom/birth control hypocrites demand society (which includes the Catholic church and religious people) stay away from their bedroom, they at the same time demand government pay for their birth control and “ensure pleasurable sex for women”.

The pro-RH bill freaks must be SICK IN THE MIND…


To demented pro-RH bill freaks who see religion in almost every issue, particularly the RH bill, the guy who posted this note is an ATHEIST.

That sarcastic rant was posted in response to the online article below. Pro-RH bill senator Pia Cayetano was quoted as saying: “Many women are denied a pleasurable sexual experience. They give in to their husbands because they have to, to make them happy even if they become pregnant.”

What the eff!

Wait! The chick-looking senator ‘orgasmically’ added: “To delete ‘pleasurable’ is just to say we can deny them of a pleasurable experience.”

Suddenly a french bitch, murdered Queen Marie Antoinette, comes to mind: ‘Let them have pleasurable sex…’

Or: ‘Let them eat condom!’

Are they trying to legislate Filipino women’s vagina or people’s ‘sexual positions’? LOL!

If women want enjoyable, pleasurable sexual positions, all they need is good internet connection, not a stupid law! Google it, bitches!

Here’s one from Sexual Positions Women Enjoy

To senator Cayetano: define pleasurable sex.

Here’s an excerpt:

As debate intensified over amendments to the RH Bill in the Philippines Tuesday, the principle sponsor of the bill in the Senate, Senator Pia Cayetano, said that the government has a role in ensuring “pleasurable sex” for women, and led an effort to strike down an amendment deleting such language from the bill.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile introduced an amendment that would remove the word “pleasurable” in the bill from the phrase “pleasurable and safe sexual experiences” which is included in the bill’s definition of sexual health.

“Many women are denied a pleasurable sexual experience,” explained Sen. Cayetano. “They give in to their husbands because they have to, to make them happy even if they become pregnant.”

“To delete ‘pleasurable’ is just to say we can deny them of a pleasurable experience,” she said, adding that the phrase was a “very important” part of the bill.

The amendment to remove the word failed by a vote of 11-6.

Lawmakers in the Philippines are under intense pressure from President Benigno Aquino to pass the Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act of 2011, or RH Bill, before the end of the year. The Catholic Church and pro-life advocates are encouraging Filipinos to pressure lawmakers to vote against the bill.

We’re fucked up!


When YELLOW is the New RED: Filipinos Protest Versus Aquino Regime’s E-Martial Law

It’s very ironic that we now see a lot of RH bill supporters who denounce the Cybercrime law as a ‘totalitarian’ political measure. It’s all about e-Martial rule, they say. Perhaps they naively think that only measures that restrict or violate people’s freedom of expression can be considered ‘totalitarian’ or ‘fascistic’, but not political measures that seek to help the poor by sacrificing or immolating some members of our failing society.

Singapore’s PM Lee Hsien Loong to PH’s Malthusian Economists and Intellectuals: ‘You Got it All Wrong, Stupid!’

But here’s one thing that many UP economists and intellectuals do not understand. Singapore, which is the world’s freest economy, started its free market reforms with “very minimal welfare”. It did not achieve economic growth by curbing its population, as what many UP economists and intellectuals like Balisacan have repeatedly argued to support/defend their neo-Malthusian, highly mediocre, anti-intellectual politico-economic policies.

The Utter Hypocrisy of the Pro-RH Bill Fascists

Suppose I successfully lobbied Congress to force you to purchase contraceptive devices for me. Is that an example of me exercising my rightful control over my own body? And if you peaceably refused to buy contraceptive devices for me, would that mean you’re some bigot violating my ownership over my own body?

How to Spot a Pro-RH Bill Moron

A pro-RH bill moron is a moron for not knowing the correct facts, for making utterly flawed arguments, and for making a fool of himself. A pro-RH bill moron can be dishonest as well. That is, it is possible that he knows his arguments to be utterly fallacious and non-factual, and that his intention is simply to ‘win’ an argument by fooling his opponent. But you cannot fool anyone by deliberately presenting fallacious arguments. The real victim here is none other than your ‘self’.

Fr. Bernas’ Egregious, Sanctimonious Misunderstanding

Then Bernas concluded: “a Catholic university is not just an institute for teaching catechism…” First, the Pope explicitly said: “Catholic university or college must make a specific contribution to the Church and to society through high quality scientific research…” He also said: “the Catholic university or college must train young men and women of outstanding knowledge…” The Pope NEVER said anything about COMPROMISING the Catholic doctrines, beliefs, or dogmas.

Fr. Bernas: More of a Pro-RH Statist than Religionist

Did he ever forget, or did it ever occur to him, that freedom of religion is a limitation on government authority to prefer one religion to another, or religion to irreligion? Of course it means that every individual is free to act or not to act according to his faith/belief. His concluding remark is even more alarming. What did Bernas say? That the state should not prevent people from responsible parenthood?! Since when did the state ever prevent the people from practicing family planning? Where did he get the idea that the state is preventing parents from being ‘responsible’? Or: is he trying to say that by not funding contraceptives, the state is in effect depriving people of their alleged right to family planning or “responsible parenthood”? What Bernas said is utterly illogical and irrational. Is he trying to say that if the State is not funding people’s access to government services, that is tantamount to depriving the latter of their right to such services? Holy cow!

To NEDA Chief Balisacan: Demographic Transition Follows Economic Growth, Not the Other Way Around

The case of Singapore, Japan, South Korea and other developed nations shows that governments don’t need to adopt aggressive population control policy to secure economic growth. This is because demographic transition is merely the result of a nation’s economic success. In other words, demographic transition FOLLOWS economic growth, and this is what Malthusian intellectuals like Balisacan fail to see.

RH Bill: A Marxist, Politically Correct Policy

The RH bill is no doubt a Marxist policy. Many decades ago in Germany, the Frankfurt School, a term informally used to describe Marxist thinkers affiliated with the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research, worked to conceive and popularize new theories and concepts designed to cripple people’s, particularly young people’s, minds. Some of these anti-reason concepts include POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, CRITICAL THEORY, and SEXUAL EDUCATION.

UP Economists’ RH Paper = Emotionalism Plus Anti-Intellectualism

The Philippines is poor because of its protectionism, regulations and failed welfare and economic policies that discourage both local and foreign investors. It is poor because of our high level of corruption due to our highly intrusive political system. A number of Asian nations achieved economic growth, not by curbing their population, but by adopting sound free market economic policies. The only key to economic growth is economic freedom or liberalization, not population control policy. For instance, Japan, which has one of the highest populations in the world, is so much worried about its fast declining and aging population that it adopted drastic, aggressive measures to increase population growth.

Filipino People Need Jobs, Not RH!

The best contraceptive method is more jobs. But to achieve high employment rate, our government needs to do the exact opposite of what it’s doing today. It has to deregulate, adopt free market reforms, lower tax rates, and limit its scope of powers, which is the best way to fight corruption in the public sector. A question to RH bill supporters: Isn’t more practical for our government to focus more on sound economic policies?

To RH Bill Sluts: Pay for Your Birth Control!

In the United StatesRush Limbaugh, a popular conservative talk show host, called a pro-contraception freeloading Georgetown University law student a “slut” for advocating that the federal government- or the American taxpayers- should pay for people’s birth control.

I believe Limbaugh did the right thing, by calling the 30-year-old liberal law student “a slut”. The conservative talk show host said…

I’m an Atheist and I Oppose the Fascist RH Bill

My life belongs to me. Your life belongs to you, and not to the state or to your neighbor. The life of every employer or doctor absolutely, exclusively belongs to him/her. Thus, no one has the right to force or to enslave anyone in this country in the name of anybody or any unknowable entity they call state. No one has the right to force any employer simply because he employs people or he earns more. If that employer goes bankrupt, he and he alone would bear and suffer the consequences of his actions.  However, the country’s statists claim that any business or profitable company, which went through years of struggle, automatically becomes part of public domain, by law or by public consensus, simply because it makes money and employs people who are entitled to RH services.

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