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The Utter Hypocrisy of the Pro-RH Bill Fascists

September 25, 2012

Since plagiarism is now a ‘common practice’ (*sarcasm*), I am plagiarizing the following note posted by a like-minded Facebook friend.

A note to pro-RH bill fascists:

Suppose I successfully lobbied Congress to force you to purchase contraceptive devices for me. Is that an example of me exercising my rightful control over my own body? And if you peaceably refused to buy contraceptive devices for me, would that mean you’re some bigot violating my ownership over my own body?

If I get my way, it means that if people peaceably refuse to buy contraceptives for me, the State will send armed men after them. And if the non-payers are relentless in resisting the armed police, the armed police will have to literally manhandle them, possibly beating them to a pulp.

When I say the government owes me contraceptive devices, the implicit message is that it’s right for me to threaten to send armed men to beat up the people who don’t buy contraceptive devices for my use. That is not an example of me maintaining peaceable sovereignty over my own body; it is an attempt on my part to usurp control over what happens to other people’s bodies.


A Friendly Letter to All Pro-RH Bill Freaks

I read a very interesting online news about RH bill supporters giving away free condoms before or during Valentine’s day. Good job then, RH bill crack-heads! We, secular anti-RH bill people, fully support your altruistic- or charitable- move. In fact, what you did is very much commendable. However, we do not support your call to make the government the provider of people’s RH care needs- or to call on the government to violate the latter’s rights by forcing them to provide the RH care needs of their workers against their will for this is a violation of the constitutional guarantee of equal protection under the law.

How to Spot a Pro-RH Bill Moron

I also called the pro-RH camp a number of names, like fascists, Hitlerian, Marxists, leftists, morons, statists, etc. However, I certainly believe that if you willingly or naively support a government measure or program that seeks to violate some people’s rights and to control certain industries or sectors, you’re either a ‘useful idiot’ or a fascist. A proposed political measure that seeks to combine government and a particular corporate industry, or to put that industry under state control, should be properly called a fascist or corporatist measure or policy.

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  1. GabbyD permalink
    September 30, 2012 3:38

    wow. so now you are deleting comments? was quoting his entire speech libelous?


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