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A Short Remark on Plagiarism

August 29, 2012

There are writers and bloggers like me who take plagiarism VERY SERIOUSLY. We don’t have to be senators or lawmakers to know that plagiarism is theft. That it is wrong! Every time we post our articles online, we do our best to comply with the principles of honesty and to follow ‘moral laws’. Plagiarism is not just an academic matter. It should not merely concern literary writers and journalists. It should concern us all.

If plagiarism is OK– or if we should exempt our intellectually lazy and dishonest politicians from plagiarism- then, I think we should just all break our pen and stop writing.

The concept of plagiarism is not merely an arbitrary social invention or convention. In fact I can say that plagiarism is one of the most important IP rights laws or ideas ever conceived by man, for it protects our civilization from intellectual thieves and parasites. The purpose of this idea is to protect creative people’s and intellectuals’ right to their intellectual property. In other words, plagiarism protects the products of man’s mind and creativeness or inventiveness. That’s how important plagiarism is. Your favorite books, the newspaper that you read in print or online, or anything creative that you see or read, were made possible by the noble idea that man’s creative creation must be protected at all cost by law. And that’s the reason why we have laws against plagiarism.

A senator, or any politician in this country, is supposed to be a law abiding citizen. He/she is supposed to be a man of INTEGRITY, of moral principles, of probity, of HONESTY (especially INTELLECTUAL HONESTY), and of good moral values.

And this plagiarism issue is NOT supposed to be a POLITICAL PARTISAN ISSUE. Just because I am against RH bill that doesn’t mean I’m not supposed to criticize Senator Sotto? Or just because you’re in favor of the bill you’re supposed to

Sens. Tito Sotto and Pia Cayetano

Sens. Tito Sotto and Pia Cayetano

BLINDLY defend Cayetano and Santiago? What kind of mentality is that?

If senators and top-notch politicians could just copy or plagiarize other people’s works, then let’s just all plagiarize! But how about the intellectual property rights of those others whose works have been plagiarized?

Like I said, this issue serves as a litmus test exposing the intellectual bankruptcy of our society.


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