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CNN’s Liberal Propagandist Zakaria to Pacquiao: “Don’t you feel guilty for making millions?”

June 3, 2012

CNN’s liberal-leftist Fareed Zakaria asks Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao the following question: “You know, there are reports, your Forbes magazine, other places say you make tens maybe more millions of dollars, $40 million one year. Philippines is a very poor country. Do you think that there is some, there is something wrong with somebody, with somebody in the Philippines making that much money when people are starving in your country?”

What a stupid, stupid question. 

Should the boxing icon feel guilty for being so successful at what he does?

Leftist Fareed Zakaria, who once argued that America should drop its presidential system in favor of parliamentarism in order to quickly accommodate the liberals’ welfare measures like universal healthcare system or subsidized education, should go back to India where millions of people also starve everyday. I’m sure like boxing icon Pacquiao Zakaria also makes millions of dollars for spreading lies, half-truths and propaganda on CNN and Time Magazine.

Perhaps Pacquiao should drop his next boxing match… Magpatalo na lang siya. That would make millions of starving pinoys richer. What kind of idiotic logic is that? These liberals think some people made lots of money by simply smoking pot.

Zakaria’s stupid liberal question reminds me of Neal Boortz’s faux commencement speech wherein he said:

“To imply that one person is homeless, destitute, dirty, drunk, spaced out on drugs, unemployable, and generally miserable because he is “less fortunate” is to imply that a successful person – one with a job, a home and a future – is in that position because he or she was “fortunate.” The dictionary says that fortunate means “having derived good from an unexpected place.” There is nothing unexpected about deriving good from hard work. There is also nothing unexpected about deriving misery from choosing drugs, alcohol, and the street.

“If the Liberal Left can create the common perception that success and failure are simple matters of “fortune” or “luck,” then it is easy to promote and justify their various income redistribution schemes. After all, we are just evening out the odds a little bit. This “success equals luck” idea the liberals like to push is seen everywhere.”

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  1. June 4, 2012 3:38

    What’s wrong is when no one’s making money in a poor country.

    • June 4, 2012 3:38

      I totally agree. I don’t understand some people’s aversion to success stories like Pacman who make money.

  2. June 12, 2012 3:38

    What is wrong with making money? Zakariah is just jealous of some sort. That was a stupid question.

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