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Barack Obama, Oh Dear Fascist Leader-for-Life!

May 5, 2012

Fascist Barack Obama declares himself to be every American’s dictator-for-life with his “The Life of Julia” welfare policy. This Obama propaganda website shows “how President Obama’s policies help one woman over her LIFETIME…”

Isn’t that creepy? Most Americans were terrified by Obama’s radical Marxist agenda: central planning of Americans’ private lives. But this is exactly what most Pinoy leftards have been praying for for decades.

The following poem sums up Obama’s ‘The Life of Julia” Marxist political policy.

I feel so protected,
And sheltered, and loved.
Because you with me,
Oh, my dearest Barack!

You’ll save me from hunger,
You’ll save me from cold.
You’ll help me fight acne
and cancer, and mold.

You’ll give me, my future,
You’ll give me The Pill!
If I get abortion,
You’ll handle the bill!

You’ll pay my insurance,
tuition and rent.
And I don’t care
how much will you spend.

You’ll watch me from cradle
to the time I’ll be dead.
You’ll be in The Office
(as I understand)

You’ll be in The Office
till you hundred fifteen!
I’ll be UNDER YOU,
Oh, my dearest, my dream!

I want your protection,
your money, your HOPE!
Of course, in exchange…
I’ll be giving my vote!

I pinned up your picture
across from my bed.
I’m sure, my dearest,
that Michelle’ll understand.

You like my Big Brother,
so caring and nice!
My dog barks for you,
and even my mice!

You’ll save me from drought.
You’ll save me from flood.
You’ll cool our Planet.
You’ll fight in Iraq.

You have chiseled pecs.
And you have Nobel Prize.
I think you are God.
(Men can’t be so nice)

I lie on my bed
and I whisper your name:
“I love you, I love you,
Barack my Hussein.”

*** From JULIA with love. ***

Such is Obama’s vision, encapsulated in his Prototype Protagonist Julia–who just happens to share a first name with the heroine in the Orwell novel.

At 31, the story tells us, “Julia decides to have a child. Throughout her pregnancy, she benefits from maternal checkups, prenatal care, and free screenings under health care reform.” In due course she bears a son named Zachary, the only other character in the tale.Harsanyi is right. Obama is setting forward a vision contrary to the American tradition of self-sufficiency–a welfare state that runs from cradle to grave. And it’s a dishonest vision, because it presents all of these benefits as “free,” never acknowledging that they are paid for through coercive taxation.

The most shocking bit of the Obama story is that Julia apparently never marries. She simply “decides” to have a baby, and Obama uses other people’s money to help her take care of it. Julia doesn’t appear to be poor; at various points the story refers to her glamorous career as a Web designer, and it makes no mention of her benefiting from poverty programs like Medicaid or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

In 1999 Lionel Tiger coined the word “bureaugamy” to refer to the relationship between officially impoverished mothers of illegitimate children and the government. “The Life of Julia” is an insidious attack on the institution of the family, an endorsement of bureaugamy even for middle-class women.

  • NOTE: I didn’t compose the poem. I found it online. Kudos to the guy who made this poem!
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  1. May 9, 2012 3:38

    Creepy indeed! So is this video “Young School Kids Taught to Praise Barack Obama”

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