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Henry Sy’s Property Right Versus Environmentalist Hippies’ Alleged ‘Free Speech Right’

April 20, 2012
The leftist/eco-Nazi hippies (Anakbayan-National Capital Region) held a protest at SM Mall of Asia. Photo from

The leftist/eco-Nazi hippies (Anakbayan-National Capital Region) held a protest at SM Mall of Asia. Photo from

Someone posted the following ‘condemnation’ on a Facebook group:

“We condemn, in the highest possible terms, the violent dispersal done by the SM Mall of Asia administration in today’s protest at the said mall. Militant youths stormed the mall to protest the cutting of trees in Baguio and the demolition of 25,000 families in Silverio Compound to pave the way for a new condominium of the SM Development Corporation under the leadership of Henry Sy. Security guards used a large black cloth to hide the violent dispersal being done and to avoid the passers by and commuters to see the event. Women were reportedly harassed and were touched in their sensitive parts while being pushed away. Security also tried to forcibly confiscate and search the bags of the youths present in the rally. Members of the mainstream and alternative media were repeatedly stopped from covering the dispersal. Cameras were being shoved and covered. A photographer’s lens was also reportedly shattered. This is yet to be the most violent among the series of SM mall trooping done compared to SM NorthEdsa and Megamall.


I say, these communist thugs and eco-Nazis have no right at all to protest within anyone’s private property.

“Violent dispersal”? This early, these leftist thugs (Anakbayan-National Capital Region, Kabataan, and other leftist youth groups) already know how to expertly apply the Alinsky Method. Communist community organizing strategist and Obama mentor Saul Alinsky once wrote: “An organizer must stir up dissatisfaction and discontent… He must create a mechanism that can drain off the underlying guilt for having accepted the previous situation for so long a time.”

Also, that statement made by the Communist Youth shows the kind of future generation our education, particularly public education, has produced and is producing nowadays. It shows our education sector’s intellectual bankruptcy.

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I posted the following in reply to that Facebook post:

Those leftist hippies! They’re so deluded they they dogmatically believe they’re entitled to anything. SM malls are owned privately by the Sy family and its investors. It’s not a government-owned entity. SM has no obligation to provide these protesters a venue for them to exercise their alleged right to free speech. This is NOT about press freedom or free speech; it’s about someone else’s right to his property. If it’s a private property, these protesting hippies have no right at all to tell the property owner, “allow us to ridicule, protest you within the premises of your property.”

This is Henry Sy’s property right versus the leftist protesters’ alleged right to free speech and press freedom. Henry Sy has the right to disperse or disallow anyone from using any of his property as a protest venue. This is NOT about free speech or press freedom; it’s about a property owner’ right to set the rules on how anyone should behave within his own property.

I said the following in a previous post:

However in the case of Celdran, he violated the property rights of the church in order to practice free speech. The right to property means that an individual has the right to carry out and perform actions necessary to earn property. It means that he has the right to use it and to dispose of it, but it does not mean that others must provide him with property. Therefore, a property rights owner has the right to exclude others from his property. In the present case, the purpose of the property right of the Catholic church is to use it for religious ceremonies and celebrations and all other purposes necessary to practice the right to freedom of  religion. In our country, the right to freedom of religion and to practice it is fully guaranteed and protected by the Constitution.

In other words, the exercise of one’s right does not require the violation or breach of any person’s rights. You have no right to violate another person’s property right or right to privacy in order to practice or exercise your right to free speech. That’s logic!

Photo from No copyright infringement intended.

Photo from No copyright infringement intended.

As to my statement that the country’s young communist thugs have now learned to practice the Alinsky Method, the following statements show how the statists (environmentalists, leftists, liberals, socialists, neo-Nazis, Filipino Freethinkers/Freefarters, etc.) conduct their anti-capitalist, anti-corporate greed demonstrations:

“The Revolutionary force today has two targets, moral as well as material. Its young protagonists are one moment reminiscent of the idealistic early Christians, yet they also urge violence and cry, ‘Burn the system down!’ They have no illusions about the system, but plenty of illusions about the way to change our world. It is to this point that I have written this book.” (Prologue of “Rules for Radicals)

“A Marxist begins with his prime truth that all evils are caused by the exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalists. From this he logically proceeds to the revolution to end capitalism, then into the third stage of reorganization into a new social order of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and finally the last stage — the political paradise of communism.” p.10

“An organizer working in and for an open society is in an ideological dilemma to begin with, he does not have a fixed truth — truth to him is relative and changing; everything to him is relative and changing…. To the extent that he is free from the shackles of dogma, he can respond to the realities of the widely different situations….” pp.10-11 (Since the radical has no truth, everything and anything spewed by them, cannot be taken as their position. Examples of this are the many changes of position in topics assumed by the Clintons, Obama’s speech in which he claimed he would change the NAFTA, and his assistant telling Canadians politicians that those were just words, etc.)

“The tenth rule… is you do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral garments…. It involves sifting the multiple factors which combine in creating the circumstances at any given time… Who, and how many will support the action?… If weapons are needed, then are appropriated weapons available? Availability of means determines whether you will be underground or above ground; whether you will move quickly or slowly…” p.36 (Here you see why the proponents of overloading our government with the scourge of welfare, and countless illegal immigrants, advocate health care for all and amnesty for illegals as the moral thing to do.)

“From the moment the organizer enters a community he lives, dreams… only one thing and that is to build the mass power base of what he calls the army. Until he has developed that mass power base, he confronts no major issues…. Until he has those means and power instruments, his ‘tactics’ are very different from power tactics. Therefore, every move revolves around one central point: how many recruits will this bring into the organization, whether by means of local organizations, churches, service groups, labor Unions, corner gangs, or as individuals.”      “Change comes from power, and power comes from organization.” p.113

Here’s a video for the Anakbayan and young eco-Nazis:

    Photo from No copyright infringement intended.

Photo from No copyright infringement intended.

    Photo from No copyright infringement intended.

Photo from No copyright infringement intended.

    Photo from No copyright infringement intended.

Photo from No copyright infringement intended.

    Photo from No copyright infringement intended.

Photo from No copyright infringement intended.

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  1. Ayoko sa Chaka permalink
    April 23, 2012 3:38

    Haha ang bobo ng mga posts mo. Super. Like, really? I stumbled on your blog at wala talagang intensyong basahin ito but I just can’t help but laugh at your stupidity. Wake up, your country is a mess.

    • April 23, 2012 3:38

      another chaka communist haha. yes, your country is a mess because of bopols flips like you!

  2. penpenyahooradux permalink
    April 26, 2012 3:38

    There’s this interesting article I read and I am very much agreeing now on this article about the situation. It’s about a priest named Larry Faraon from the Daily Tribune.


    Poets do exaggerate. But poets need not overreact when poems “as lovely as a tree” are being “earth balled.” Obviously, the issue of SM City Baguio’s environmental “sin” has been stretched beyond poetic justice to overkill, leading to blatant injustice and unfairness to the SM conglomerate.

    The environmental “messiahs,” ill-equipped with misinformation rushed too early to the streets carrying banners depicting SM as environmental fiends? Amid chants of, “we cut it all for you” and “greedy” in full media spreadsheets and screens.

    The ranting caused misplaced bias and “rushed” judgments leading to the court issuance of a temporary environmental protection order (Tepo). Then surprisingly, there is the Catholic diocese of Baguio joining the fray by suspending the Eucharistic celebrations held regularly in the mall lobby as if SM is some sort of an ecclesiastical entity being slapped with church canonical sanctions.

    Then there is a glaring attempt to besmirch the reputation of SM — undeniably, the most productive business institution in the country today, a consistent traditional partner in the nation’s development.

    The ruckus even dragged no less than two national government officials to the summer capital to conduct an investigation, something that the regional government could have easily ironed out. But of course, SM is high profile and the media hype is always a publicity “op.” Predictably, the outputs gained in the investigation were basically the significant inputs of SM that were systematically ignored by the advocates, therefore pulling away from objectivity and truth in its totality.

    In the first place, there were no trees cut as experts from UP Los Baños Forestry attested. Then there is only one Benguet pine tree that was earth balled and the rest were Alnus trees. SM has complied well and in order being a member of the US Green Building Council, and whose expansion project is (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) LEED registered. The regional Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has in fact issued a permit after all the requirements had been meticulously complied with and complimented with SM’s initiatives such as planting 60,000 trees in the vicinity in a span of three years and an environmental package that most probably no other ecological advocate or agency could afford or offer.

    SM in all these years of credible business has ingrained in its business culture a strict conformity with existing laws and sound business practice and stewardship. The institution has always made sure that all its transactions with government and non-government agencies are aboveboard and that its corporate social responsibility (CSR) does not run into conflict with its business orientation.

    Definitely, the social scene should be secured with the interventions of “checks and balances” through government regulation and advocacies. However, the “checks” should be balanced and fair. Belaboring the matter beyond sensibility and logic could cross the border of hypocrisy and self-righteousness where the demand for consistency and fairness would then be inevitable.

    For instance, for the sake of consistency, how in the first place were all these sprawling universities and towering places of worship and other mega-infrastructure in Baguio city built in the past when earth balling was high end technology and that uprooting or cutting or killing the pine trees was preferred. Were there opposing voices then? What happened to the panoramic cascading terrain of Baguio city dotted with beautiful pine trees now replaced with homes and clusters? City hall definitely granted the building permits!

    The DENR secretary himself admitted that there are requests from agencies such as the DPWH to cut some 1000 trees to give way to road development and similar requests were made by the DSWD and the DoE. Shall we expect the environmental advocates to storm the gates of the said agencies and demand a Tepo?

    Would Secretaries Ramon Paje and Jesse Robredo rush to the rebel protected “sanctuaries” of the southern forests to neutralize the unabated illegal logging with the same haste toward Baguio city to “save” some 182 trees in some privately owned lot? Yet thousands of trees are being cut without reforestation and the soil degenerated through kaingin in the said deep forests.

    Again, for fairness’ sake, what really hurts our ecological existence or at least threatens it? Will earth balling 182 trees do it? What really causes devastating floods and landslides, what really destroys the habitats of nature leading to the depletion of the ecosystems? What really?

    Advocacy is good and so is government regulation, but in all processes everyone deserves equity and fairness, including SM.


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