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‘Talentadong Pinoy’… Beware!

March 11, 2012

The following videos below show how ‘talentadong pinoy’ (talented pinoys: my own term), who are collectively called ‘laglag pera gang’ or ‘salisi gang’, carry out their well-planned, well-executed modus operandi.

This is to warn both locals and most especially tourists who visit the Philippines.

This one was taken in the food court area of a mall.

As expected, thieves also hit hotels.

Grocery stores…

Food chains…

In short, they strike everywhere. Beware!

Also this Facebook video clip shows how members of ‘laglag barya gang’, a modus operandi wherein one member drops paper money or coins while other members consummate the crime, execute operation.

Always be alert and on the look out. Always remember that the people who execute these kinds of modus operandi are well-organized, well-prepared, alert, and quick. They are also keen on people’s psychology, behavior and actions, as they know who to target, what to target, and when to execute their plan.

Please share to warn your friends, relatives and loved ones!

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