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Africa, KONY 2012, and Obama’s Re-election Bid

March 11, 2012
A moving scene from the viral short film.

A moving scene from the viral short film.

Just like most well-intentioned, altruistic advocacy groups, KONY 2012 utterly missed the point, and exposed itself as a pro-foreign intervention, pro-socialistic welfare, and pro-statism movement. As I see it, this fast-expanding organization, although I do not doubt for a second that its organizers and members are motivated by good intentions, is a liberal-dominated movement that could fuel Pres. Barack Obama’s reelection bid this coming November 2012 presidential election.

At first I simply ignored this short film, which made the rounds on Facebook only last week. However, I was forced to give it a short glimpse when a Facebook friend asked me to make a comment. He asked me whether KONY 2012 is an election-motivated video campaign.

I made a comment after watching the introductory part of the documentary. I said ‘I see no reason why the film could be politically motivated.’ Then I made the following brief commentary:

This video clearly stresses ’emotionalism’ rather than reason. The life and struggles of that Ugandan rebel (Kony) shows the propensity of men to embrace emotion or faith in their fight against dictatorship or mysticism or to serve their personal ambition or aspiration. In human history, there are only two major ways to react or respond to tyranny or dictatorship: 1) through Faith and Emotion, and 2) through Reason. It’s very unfortunate that those who fight black nationalist or tribalist movements in Africa chose to embrace the first (faith and emotion) instead of reason. I don’t think they’ll ever succeed. Because even if they succeeded in toppling the current tyranny, what is clear is that they would replace the old collectivist system with a new collectivist system, whether it be a dictatorship of faith or secular dictatorship doesn’t matter.

I must admit I didn’t- or couldn’t- finish the whole video. I stopped watching when I reached that part wherein the group asked the Obama regime to intervene by sending troops to Uganda in order to bring Kony down. However, I now believe that KONY 2012 might have connection with the coming 2012 presidential election in the United States, particularly now that Pres. Obama vowed to support the group’s advocacy.

From this online news report:

President Obama is throwing his support behind Kony 2012.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said the commander in chief backs those behind the viral Internet campaign, designed to bring Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony to justice.

“We congratulate the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have mobilized to this unique crisis of conscience,” Carney said at a news conference on Thursday, adding the video has helped raise awareness about the “horrific activities” of the child-recruiting Lord’s Resistance Army.

The wildly successful film, made by the charity Invisible Children, has created an Internet frenzy with more than 55 million hits on You Tube in six days. Celebrities, including Oprah, Justin Bieber, Ryan Goslin, Tim Tebow and Angelina Jolie have since spoken in favor of the cause.

When it comes to figures and statistics, KONY 2012 could potentially save Obama’s dwindling popularity and approval ratings. The good thing is, and I’m certain of this, most people who watched and supported the viral video on YouTube, Facebook and other video-sharing channels, are not American voters. So this means that the millions of pro-foreign intervention, pro-welfare Asians and Europeans who support KONY 2012 and applaud Obama’s latest political gimmick won’t even count as a single American vote.

Make no mistake. I’m not trying to argue that the Obama Reelection Team orchestrated the entire architecture of the brilliant KONY 2012 storyline. What I’m saying is that they’ve seen a great opportunity to turn it into a strategic campaign tool or agenda.

All of the important elements of election campaign is present: timing, emotionalism, the need for political action, and propaganda. Overall, KONY 2012 has a hidden political theme, which is: Vote for the man who can bring Joseph Kony down… and that man is none other than Barack Obama.

As we all know, most of the Republican candidates ruled out foreign intervention. Now political records show that Obama is a Humanitarian War President as evidenced by his sending of U.S. troops to the Middle East to bring down dictators in some Muslim countries. Also, records show that the Obama administration sent 100 special operations troops in October to work with Ugandan forces to root out Kony and his band of fighters. Another group of U.S. forces is working with the Congo and other neighboring countries to catch the murderous rebel. But catching Kony is not enough. The real enemy are the African dictators who keep impoverishing and depriving their people of freedom and a decent, good life.

For a hybrid political opportunist like Obama, KONY 2012 is a potential, very influential, and strategic election material. Again, the timing is there. Obama’s opportunistic endorsement and support cannot be ignored. The presidential election is now fast-approaching.

However, it would be so politically naive, ignorant and pathetic for Americans to reelect Obama simply because they care for the plight of children in Uganda. Because even if they brought Joseph Kony and his men down, the political, cultural and intellectual status quo in Uganda and most African dictatorships would likely to remain. African dictators will always be there to oppress their people. Kony is just a small-time war criminal; the real enemy of the African people is its collectivist, statist, tribal culture and mediocre intellectual state being maintained by its dictators and subsidized socialist intellectuals.

Ari Armstrong of The Objective Standard said:

As evil as Kony is, he is hardly the biggest threat to the region. As Fox Newsreports, “Kony’s whereabouts are unknown, but he is not believed to be leading the militant and genocidal Lord’s Resistance Army anymore.” Moreover, even under Kony the LRA never was the sole disruptor of the nation’s peace; the CIA summarizes, “Uganda is subject to armed fighting among hostile ethnic groups, rebels, armed gangs, [and] militias.” While Kony richly deserves to hang for his atrocities, his elimination will not solve Uganda’s problems.

Without a doubt, the ‘humanitarian’ advocacy of the KONY 2012 movement is highly consistent with the Obama regime’s politics of sacrifice. The president has been asking America’s rich and producers to make a sacrifice in order to take care of the nation’s poor. He also turned his predecessor’s Bush Doctrine into an Obama Doctrine, which now keeps troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also sacrificed U.S. troops in the Middle East during the Arab Spring protests. Thus, the people behind KONY 2012 want Americans to think of other countries’ welfare first before theirs.

KONY 2012’s political advocacy, which is foreign intervention, is just the same as the clamor of those who favor foreign aid. For decades America and most first world countries in Europe sent nearly a trillion dollar of foreign aid to Africa. The result? More African dependency and more money for Africa’s dictators to loot.

Now this new movement also seeks to send, not only foreign aid, but also foreign troops to Uganda. I thought most liberals are opposed to U.S. imperialism? It appears that the liberals’ distorted, double-standard logic is as follows: Foreign intervention is good if and when it is done by the Democrats in the name of ‘democracy and humanitarianism’ and at the expense of American troops’ lives and America’s taxpayers’ money; however, it becomes evil and reprehensible if and when the same is done by Republicans and aimed at protecting national security and interest. This is practically the same liberal, leftist mentality that brought about socialistic policies like redistribution of wealth, central planning, collective programs, etc. that destroyed nations’ wealth and economy. This liberal mentality says: “We know what’s good for you. We’re going to solve it ourselves.”

The only solution to the current African or Ugandan crisis is: teach the African people the value of reason, freedom, and capitalism. This is the only way to end Africa’s dictatorships, severe poverty, black socialism or nationalism, and tribal/collective mindset and culture.

  • P.S. The Ugandan girl in the video below says: Go educate yourself first before buying this KONY 2012 propaganda. She’s absolutely right!!!
  • It’s good that a number of techie Ugandans have reacted to the video. It’s like they’re sayin’: ‘Who the f*** is Kony and what is this fuss all about?!!!’
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