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Philippines and Religion

January 30, 2012

I answered the following question from my Formspring account: “Is there a real separation of church and state in the Philippines?

At root, there’s NO real separation of church and state in the country. What I mean to say is that constitutionally speaking, the Philippines is not a representative of a full, complete separation of church and state. For instance, the Constitution allows itself to be dictated by religion when it comes to the issue of abortion and artificial contraception. It allows itself to be influenced and cowed when it comes to family matters, which should be left only to parents or private individuals. Since the Constitution mandates that life begins at conception, this mandate gives authority to religion or the Catholic church, which is shamelessly asserting its influence, to push for the passage of laws against abortion, artificial contraception or family planning. Thus, the Constitution allows the country’s political system to be politicized by agents of religion or faith. This should not be the case. Abortion and family planning are private matters that should be left only to the people involved. A fetus or an embryo is not a person. It depends for its life on the mother. Thus, it is the mother or the woman who has the right to do whatever she wants to do with her own body.

Another issue is the tax exempt status of churches or religious places or sites. Since everybody and almost everything is taxed in this country, it is only proper to tax churches and religions as well. Taxation, which I do not advocate, should be uniformly applied to citizens or organizations. I don’t think churches or religions are non-profit organizations. In reality they’re profit-making ventures.

Another thing is that the country’s traditional politicians shamelessly allow themselves to be influenced by religion to get more votes. The Iglesia Ni Cristo, for instance, came up with a scheme, or a scam, in order to gain more political influence- and more money. In fact during election seasons the INC proves to be more powerful or influential than any religion or religious sect in the country. However, I do not support the passage of any law that would prohibit the INC from continuing its evil, shameless, demogogic block-voting practice. The religious sect’s election practice simply proves that it’s indeed a cultish, anti-mind religious organization.

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  1. mark santos permalink
    July 6, 2012 3:38

    THE LAST TRUMPET / WARNING ( 1 Cor. 15:52-53 & 1 Tes. 4:16-17 )
    ( This is the fulfillment of Mt. 24:2 and Mt. 25:31-45 )
    May the Grace and Peace of God grant us all in this night hour time of His judgment reign.
    We are calling out in the open, all remaining living genuine messianic: chosen Jews, chosen Israelites, the accursed two tribe of Jacob, the Ephraim and Dan, and all literal gentile throughout the world. Inquire us immediately regarding this big major event change for the fulfillment of Mt. 16:27-28 and Mk. 8:38. ( Read this in your Bible )
    Our letter is about to update the knowledge of many religion, regarding the Truth of God’s Universal Religion Plan in the Bible, which others do not want/like to observe or maybe do not know it. However, I think many also know that the first legal religion of God was the Edenic Covenant to Adam unto his righteous seeds (Abel, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, lamech and Noah ), and after the flood, ends the Edenic period. The Old Covenant Plan of God followed where Judaism was recognized as the last religion. Then comes the Transition of the New Covenant Plan, which many do not know, and to describe this, it has Two Distinct Division Period Plan of Salvation and Judgment by the Holy Spirit Authority. And after this, comes the third part of the last Plan which is called the “End of the World“. Thus the whole Plan of God completed.
    Explaining further, this New Covenant Plan refers to God’s Promise Covenant to the Abraham period to be fulfilled to Isaac unto Jacob’s righteous seeds (no gentile) of salvation and judgment by the authority of Joshua. (Son of Holy Spirit), in this first Division Period Plan, other prophets call it the “First Advent of the Son of Man (Joshua)“ reign period and according to Moises, is also called the “Messianic Kingdom of Priesthood; Days of the Lord Judgment” by some major prophets; and “Christianity” to gentile terminology. So, this Covenant to Israel is the Legal religion which Joshua proclaimed (Lc. 4:19) since the beginning of Ano Domini (A.D.), unto the whole period of Two days in God count or 2000 years in our present time conversion. Then the First Division Period ended last 1993 of the Gregorian calendar with an equivalent to 2000 years in the Israeli calendar. (Note : about the methodological teaching of this plans, please read it in your Bible), and followed by the Transition of the 2nd Division Period part as prophesized to the 2nd Advent of the Son of Man, in the glorification of the father (Adam’s Authority) as endorsed by Joshua (Mt. 16:27-28), with a duration period of “One Hour” in God count (Convert it to our time and you will notice the date to be close to the end of the world). This 2nd Division Period was called the “Hour Judgment” of God according to Apostle John; “Hour of Redemption” to prophet Moises; the “Night Covenant” to Jeremiah and other major prophets; and “Eternal Age” to Apostle Mark in Mk. 10:30. (Note : with this revelation of God Plan, now reveals, the concealed “Days and Hour” in Mt. 24:36. I thank Adam’s Eternal Gospel for the prophetical fulfillment of Mt. 24:36, that challenges many theologian scholars in the world, and here ends also the New Covenant of Salvation and Judgment of God in the 2nd Division Part Period, followed by the 3rd and last part of the Division which is the “End of the World”. And if you want to see the scenario of the end of the world, read Apocalypse of Enoch 105:20-23 and Rev. 16:8-21 (this scenario are cause of the coming of the 3rd world war).
    P.S. : Have you not noticed the Plan of God, the many different dispensational transitions in every Covenant (READ PARAGRAPH 3),God made? This is the way God will check all his believers of every Covenant if their faith are true and in conformity with the Plan of God. And many pastors, priests and ministers never notice that, what they are quoting were all “Past Tense” such as Jn. 1:12 and Jn. 3:16; Lc. 1:1-4 and Lc. 13:23; Rom. 8:18 and Rom. 10:13; 1Cor. 12:8 and Titus 2:14 (Therefore, their faith is NONSENSE). However, we are sending this letter in connection with Mt. 16:27-28 to be a fulfilled prophesy in our present time. Thus, we rely this revelation of God’s Plan – The Kingdom in the New Testament to all living members of the messianic Israelites which in Act. 1:6-7 Joshua reminded his disciples that the kingdom is not for them to know (literal gentiles also ). So, its very clear, there is NO SPIRITUAL RELATION what so ever, the Messianic (Christian) Salvation Plan of God to any gentile Christian religion? Therefore, any gentile believer that does not want to go to hell? Read Rev. 18:4 and research for more truth! Now, to whom do you think, will gonna serve this God messages salvation to the people of the world? When some Chinese, American and etc. rejected and even persecute us! So, we make a research in the bible about these gentile christian peoples who like to stop us? And we found out that all gentile peoples had been judged by Joshua Messiah in Mt. 25:31-46 since the start of the Evangelization, for the Kingdom was prepared only to the chosen Israelites by God! To this fact, all gentile religions what ever its names were all “FAKE” and biblically condemn for destruction (Mt. 24:2). And this is our last call to all gentiles and unqualified Israelites to update your faith to save yourselves or oneself! And we thank the Lord God, the creator of all, for making us part of the many wonderful works of THEIR creation.
    (Star of David is a symbolical prophesy message of King David about Adam as the first created man (Christ) and last created man (Christ) by God).
    Make me not your enemy because I tell you the truth!

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