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Poking Fun at “It’s More Fun in RP” Propaganda

January 28, 2012

I’m not sorry for calling the Department of Tourism’s gimmick “propaganda”. That is just my subjective view. However, people at the DOT should be credited for coming up with that slogan, although some critics say it turned out to be another plagiarized masterpiece. It was Switzerland that first used the original concept way back in 1951. A propaganda or an advertising gimmick is considered to be effective if it made a huge impact on people’s perception, behavior and attitude. Since it appears that the purpose of this marketing gimmick is to rally the people and to gain their voluntary participation, I believe the government’s marketing team got what they wanted.

After a few days since the marketing gimmick was made public, Filipino netizens uploaded thousands of  “it’s more fun” photos to the cyberspace. These thousands of  ‘promotional’ or personal images simply show the creativity of their makers. While countless of Filipino online users voluntarily and willingly participated in this government-backed marketing gimmick, there are also those who uploaded satirical, funny photos.

Former President Gloria M. Arroyo's popular mugshot...

Former President Gloria M. Arroyo's popular mugshot...



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