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It’s Amazing How They Missed The Point!

November 7, 2011


After watching a viral YouTube video (above) titled  “AQUINO COJUANGCO: FACTS THEY DONT WANT YOU TO KNOW”, I was amazed at how President Noynoy’s minions reacted to it. Like a top government official said, the 15-minute documentary is professionally-made.

The only problem I noticed is that most of the commenters and those who praised the mini-docu somehow missed the point. Much of their attention was focused on the Yellow family, which is just the creator’s instrument or material in conveying his main message: The evil of the 1987 Constitution and the need to embrace constitutional reform in order to institute economic freedom and limited government.

I simply assume that PinoyMonkeyPride, the docu’s creator, is in favor of limited government and free market system, because that’s the only way to rid our government of oligarchic politics and cronyism.

Also, the docu’s critics missed the point. That video, as I see it, is anti-status quo. What the critics see is that the docu is primarily an attack (or even a pro-Glora, pro-Marcos attack) on Noynoy and his family. Well, it’s because that’s the only way to DRAMATIZE our problem as a nation. That’s the only way to attack our pro-oligarchy, semi-socialist Constitution. That’s the only way to expose the evil of the Yellow-Leftist-Religionist axis compromises in 1986 when the country’s egalitarian/statist geniuses drafted and crafted our semi-socialist Yellow Constitution. The result of their collective intelligence (or ignorance, which is the right term) is Corporatism or Corporatist Philippines, which allows the immoral merger of politics and cronyism.

As I see it, what PinoyMonkeyPride, aka Baron Buchokoy, is trying to say and show is that our current political system, which started in 1987 or during the presidency of former Pres. Corazon Aquino, is the ultimate result of decades of propaganda and idiotation of the Filipino masses not only by the oligarch-controlled Philippine media but also by our public intellectuals, academics and educational institutions. It took decades for the country’s oligarchs to establish an economic-politico system that benefits only the business and political elites.

Due to his controversial mini-docu,  PinoyMonkeyPride attracted the interest of several media institutions, particularly Channel 5 and RPN. The President’s men and his Yellowtard, including many people on Facebook, would like to know who’s the man behind PinoyMonkeyPride or Baron Buchokoy. In fact, some bloggers speculated that he worked/works for Sen. Bongbong Marcos, the only son of Philippines’ strongman late Ferdinand Marcos. Though I commend Baron for exposing the evils of our protectionist system, I disagree with some of his views, particularly his glorification of Ferdinand Marcos.

Contrary to the Marxist rhetoric of leftist intellectuals and hardcore communists, the solution to our oligarchic-protectionist political system is not socialism or a higher degree or level of statism. If these leftist intellectuals and their revolutionary comrades had any brains, they would have discovered that it’s none other than the government- and the people through their expressed support and inaction- that gave so much economic and political power to the country’s oligarchs. Most of these oligarchs like the Cojuangcos, Lopezes, to name a few, got so filthy rich through government loans, subsidies, protection, and political connection. The solution is not socialism or big government, because that would seem like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

The solution – or the best and only solution – to our protectionist, pro-oligarchy political system is Limited Republicanism and free market capitalism. Through the institution of limited government, the state and its agents would be deprived of sweeping political power to establish cronies or to favor a few politically-connected businessmen. And under a free market system, everybody, both locals and foreigners alike, would have the opportunity to succeed and would be equally treated under the law.

What I said before…

Why the Philippines Doesn’t Need Edsa?

What we need is a social system based on the nature of man and his rights. The Filipino doesn’t need another EDSA. That so-called people power revolt was a social struggle without a soul. The first EDSA revolution was without consciousness, as the people merely ended the rule of a brutal dictator. It was not a triumph of individualism against collectivism, since the revolution was not inspired by a new consciousness that could have empowered the people to embrace a rational socio-economic system. Proof of it is that the people hailed the rogue enemies of freedom and liberty as heroes of the so-called first bloodless revolt in human history. The collapse of the ruthless Marcosian wall was regarded as a moment in history that saw the transference of power to the people. The socialists described it as the failure of capitalism in this country and nobody in the academia or in the business circle ever attempted to refute this dishonest claim. The 1986 revolt was not a product of philosophy— it was rather a product of history.

It is wrong to say that we have to reclaim our freedom and rights because, in reality, we have neither to reclaim. The most proper statement is— we have to discover the true concepts of liberty and rights. If we did, we would also discover reason, individualism and the most practical and moral social system on earth— Capitalism. The Filipino needs to discover reason for his survival— he needs to discover individualism for him to truly respect the sanctity of his life and rights as a human being, as well as those of his neighbors— and he needs to discover capitalism in order to sustain his survival and to protect his inalienable individual rights.

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