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Should We Abolish or Limit Political Dynasties?

September 28, 2011

The anti-dynasty bill is simply a manifestation, and an admission, that a number of Filipino voters are inherently stupid so we need a law to regulate or limit a family’s or a clan’s propensity to perpetuate itself in power. Are the voters in this country stupid? We or the government cannot legislate stupidity. So-called political dynasties continue to eat at the core of our political system and society simply because those in power or those in the enforcement sector don’t have the guts and political will to enforce the law. If a politician abused his power, the best and most moral and practical thing to do is enforce the law.

The best way to destroy political dynasties is very simple: enforce the rule of law!

True, lots are people in this country voted for their own destruction. I’m from the province of Ilocos Sur, which is infested with power-lusting politicians who try to perpetuate their own political dynasties. The voters there continue to elect these political monsters in exchange for money. But I’m a very optimistic person. I believe that the voters would soon wake up to reality and have the intellect to elect people who understand and know how to defend reason, individualism and capitalism. 

Observe that most poor provinces, places, or districts are infested with corrupt political clans and dynasties. Why? Is it because the voters there are stupid? I don’t think so. I believe it’s because the politicians in these local slave pens had established a 21st century plantation, which allows them to perpetuate their grip on political power. This “political plantation” is what is trapping these mini-slave pens and their people in great poverty, ignorance, and hopelessness, and it’s being supported by our current political system and the 1987 Constitution. We have a political system and Constitution that support the establishment and perpetuation of welfare system or the politics of dependency in this country, and it’s being implemented throughout the country.

As a result, you see local politicians promising impossible dreams to their constituents. They promise jobs, infrastructure, livelihood, free education, free health care, and political freebies or welfare that would secure them people’s votes. They’re simply like King Julian of the movie Madagascar doling out subsidized candies to his subjects. However, I prefer King Julian to these corrupt, power-lusting political creatures. The truth is, the government does not have the capacity to create jobs. The government is not a productive agency so it cannot promise to deliver freebies by mortgaging people’s future.

This anti-dynasty issue is a very complicated issue. It seeks to regulate an “alleged” problem created or helped create by the government through its failed statist policies. It’s very much similar to the antitrust proposal that seeks to regulate monopoly and/or unfair competition in the business sector when it’s very much clear that the source of monopoly and unfair competition is the government itself and its protectionist policies and regulations.

It’s the system that supports this political plantation I’m talking about that breeds stupid and DEPENDENT voters. This is one of the reasons why I’m against the anti-dynasty bill. The worst form of corruption is when you try to make the people dependent on the government through welfare or entitlement policies. This culture of dependency will soon become a social cancer when the people themselves, through the guidance of the country’s statist intellectuals, call and fight for the perpetuation of welfare system that’s gradually bringing this country to total economic and political collapse or disaster.

Another reason for my opposition is that the people should be left FREE to choose their leaders. Anyone is free to challenge a dynastic political clan in a free and enlightened society. Observe that those who support this proposal are mostly leftists or statists. Also, observe the hypocrisy of these leftists/statists. Once they claim power, it is possible they would also perpetuate their stay in power. That is, by establishing not merely a political dynasty, but a single party system. ‘Nuff with this proposal!

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