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Dr. Leonard Peikoff in His Own Words

August 18, 2011

This video clip is very interesting and valuable to me because it features Dr. Leonard Peikoff, Ayn Rand’s intellectual heir and the only authority of Objectivism. In this feature, Dr. Peikoff narrates how he met Ayn Rand, how nervous and apprehensive he was during the meeting, and how he adored and respected the woman who conceptualized the most practical, moral, and reality-based philosophy on earth since Aristotle.

Here’s the detailed description of Peikoff’s DVD.

Northern River Productions presents this new film documentary of Leonard Peikoff. The following text is an excerpt from the product package:

“This compelling film reveals the story of a brilliant intellect who forsook a career in medicine to study personally with the late novelist/philosopher Ayn Rand, and who, in time, became her designated legal and intellectual heir.

“The life of Leonard Peikoff is a heroic one. From his early years as a precocious student tortured by the dichotomy of the “moral vs. the practical” to his awakening when he read The Fountainhead and set off to California from Winnipeg, Canada, to meet its author; to the 30 years he spent under her guidance in mastering her philosophy of Objectivism and in learning how to think and write; to his special insights into her unique mind and values; to his breaking new ground in presenting and promoting Objectivism in his already-classic books; to his overseeing the publication of Rand’s many posthumous works; and to his own value system, artistic favorites and personal life, it’s all here—and all in his own words.”

(DVD; Approx. 90 min. plus 12 special feature segments)

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