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Moros’ Substate Solution: ‘Babelonic’; NO Peace Talks With MILF!

August 10, 2011

I have one specific term to describe the unconstitutional, demagogic and religion-based proposal of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF):

The moros' sub-state solution is "babelonic"

The moros' sub-state solution is "babelonic"

‘Babelonic’. This term, the root word of which is “babel”, simply means political division owing to cultural and religious differences, which in the long run would only lead to social and military conflict and strife.

The MILF has been at war with the national government for years to achieve its ultimate political and religious goal: the establishment of an Islamic state in which sharia or Islamic law is the law of the land. It is very clear that this group of Islamic rebels seek to establish their own state simply because of their religious beliefs. In its very recent statement, the MILF calls for the establishment of a substate for the Moros, saying Muslim Filipinos had the right to run their own government.

Such a statement stresses three declarations:

  1. Their central, main motivation of their political goal is their religion of Islam;
  2. They do not consider themselves as Filipinos simply because of their religion;
  3. They only consider their religion of Islam as their national, religious and political identity.

We don’t need to be rocket scientists or experts of religion and politics in order to properly decipher what the Moros want. They want a two-state solution for them and for us Filipinos and infidels. They do not consider themselves “Filipinos” and they do not want to be part of our society simply because according to their ‘holy’ book we are infidels or “people of the book”.

Indeed, this is both a political and religious issue.

Now I say that that Moro proposal is close to insanity and supremacist demagoguery for various reasons. Mindanao is already given an autonomous status under our New Constitution. Basically what the Moros want is a “substate” because that’s mandated by their religion. The Moros are not victims of discrimination in this country. It is they who try to isolate themselves from us “infidels”.

If this current government acceded to their proposal, then we should be ready for the following:

  1. The Moro substate would implement Sharia law that would alienate non-Muslims. Under a common sharia law, infidels or people of the book (translation: non-Muslims) are legally deemed as dhimma or dhimmis, which means that are second-class citizens.
  2. War or possible military conflict between us and this Moro State.

The proposal is unconstitutional.

I stated in a previous post the following:

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front has been receiving support from Islamic countries that favor Mindanao’s secession from the Philippines. I strongly disagree with the idea that secession is justified if it is fueled by religious dogma or the concept of ethnicity. There’s only one justification for a belligerent or hostile territory to secede from its motherland and this is the concept of individual rights. The MILF wants to secede because its warlords seek to establish an Islamic regime in Mindanao. This proposition is not justifiable because they only seek the religious enslavement of people in that part of the country.

There’s no doubt that this separatist group is getting military support from shadowy international networks that aim to establish a strategic military and radical religious base in the country. The result of their radical religious or theocratic dogma is what is happening now in Iran, where women have no individual rights and people have to follow under the pain of death the decree of their religious dictator.

Also, in reply to a commenter who said that the MILF or the Muslims are entitled to secession I stated the following:

The primary issue of Mindanao conflict is religion. A hostile or belligerent province or territory cannot claim secession from the main government on the ground of religion. There were mistakes of the Philippine government but we cannot correct a political wrong by embracing or adopting an evil idea. Those who deny or refuse to believe that the goal of the separatist group of MNLF is to create an independent Islamic state in Mindanao are simply detached from reality. The only valid justification for secession must be based on individual rights. A province cannot claim independence on the ground that it adopts a different religion, culture, or ethnic norms.

The idea that “Mindanao is a very complex matter” is an attempt to evade reality, because the Moro people in Mindanao are not really fighting for their freedom, but for the enslavement of their own people. Secession would only lead to an endless dispute and even war between the Philippine government and the would-be Islamic regime of Mindanao. But even granting arguendo that religion is not the main issue of the armed conflict in the South, the Moro separatist people cannot justifiably claim secession on the very absurd ground that “Mindanao is a very complex matter.”

I have no prejudice against religion, but I am opposed to the idea that religious dogmatism can justifiably be used to enslave a group of people or to exterminate those who are not in favor of a particular religion. Any kind of religious sect or denomination has the right to operate or flourish under our Republican system, but they have no right to claim political power in order to enforce their religious prejudices on other people who do not choose to adopt any religious dogma. The religious extremists who resort to suicide bombing, kidnapping and terrorist activities should not be given any space in a civilized society. The most dangerous brand of terrorism is the terrorism inspired by an extremist religion, because the people who act on blind faith can always claim that their immoral and ungodly advocacy is right and sanctioned by unknown, unknowable specter in a utopia they call heaven.

If the government consented to the political demand of the MILF, then it should provide the same opportunity to other religious and cultural groups that would raise the same proposal by virtue of their religion or indigenous culture.

‘THEY KEPT COMING’ A soldier carries a wounded comrade airlifted by helicopter from Al-Barka, Basilan, for treatment in Zamboanga City on Tuesday. At least 19 soldiers of the Special Action Forces were killed in a clash with Moro rebels. A survivor of the ambush said they were outnumbered and overwhelmed. AP

‘THEY KEPT COMING’ A soldier carries a wounded comrade airlifted by helicopter from Al-Barka, Basilan, for treatment in Zamboanga City on Tuesday. At least 19 soldiers of the Special Action Forces were killed in a clash with Moro rebels. A survivor of the ambush said they were outnumbered and overwhelmed. AP


Thank god there’s Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile who reminded Malacañang about the futility of peace talks. On October 19, Sen. Enrile urged the Aquino administration  to stop the peace negotiations with the MILF in light of the bloody encounter between government army and secessionist forces in Basilan that resulted in the death of 19 soldiers. It’s good to know that there are politicians who understand that peace talks are suicidal and those in the government who have been pushing for more peace negotiations should be fired immediately.

Here’s a news report from GMA7:

“They better break it (peace talks) up and conduct an operation unless the MILF will surrender those people who committed that… one-way traffic yang peace process na ‘yan, ‘di pwede yun,” Enrile told reporters on Thursday.

“My God, that (presidential peace adviser Teresita) Deles should be fired if she insists on a peace process that she cannot handle… she’s insisting on the peace process when the soldiers of the republic are being killed,” he added.

Earlier, Deles and government peace panel head Marvic Leonen called the clash an “isolated” incident.

Enrile, however, said that it was impossible that the hierarchy of the MILF did not give a clearance for the attack.

“(If not) then this is the duty of the MILF to run after their renegade members if they are really sincere with the republic,” he said.

Deles said they plan to resume the peace talks in November. But Enrile said he does not believe in the sincerity of the MILF.

“What peace talks are we talking about when they are engaging us in combat? There is a ceasefire, they are engaging us in combat. What assurance can that Deles give the nation that the peace process will go through with this kind of situation? Are we willing to be fooled by these people and sacrifice the lives of our soldiery?” he said.

But Enrile noted that it was not a matter of staging an all-out war but a of enforcing order.

“When your soldiers are being killed that means they’re conducting a warfare against the government of the republic,” he said.

Earlier in the day, former Sen. Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel Jr. also said Deles should be held accountable for the clash.

Sen. Francis Escudero, for his part, said that the incident should not get in the way of the negotiations.

“It is imperative for our negotiators to pursue efforts to finally find peace in Mindanao. But they should also give equal importance to the lost lives of our soldiers who were vital instruments in protecting our people from rogue elements,” Escudero said in a statement released Thursday.

Below is the MILF’s statement entitled “Let Moros Run Their Own Affairs”:

The MILF’s formula to solve the Moro Question in Mindanao is very simple; it is far from complex. Let the Moros run their affairs; let them decide their own destiny. Let them succeed or self-destruct. Gone were the days when the government in Manila designed everything for them.

The most important element here is self-determination. Let them exercise this right to self-determination (RSD), which is enshrined and guaranteed by the Charter of the United Nations. This is a right that cannot be foreclosed by any agreement or the subject of negotiation.

The MILF’s formula calls for the creation of a substate for the Moros. This entity is not an independent state. The powers over national defense, foreign relations, coinage and currency, and postal services are still the sole jurisdiction of the central government. The substate has jurisdiction only over other matters, except those jointly exercised by the substate and the central government.

There is nothing to fear in this proposal, because the substate, as the name connotes, is still part of the Philippines. It has no army, except police and internal security forces, tasked to do policing within the substate.

For those who do not grasp the concept of substate, let their mind swing to those countries which have federal system of government. A federation is characterized by a union of partially self-governing states or regions united by a central (federal) government. In a federation, the self-governing status of the component states is typically constitutionally entrenched and may not be altered by a unilateral decision of the central government.

A federal system of government is the opposite of another system, the unitary state, which the Philippines is a typical example. This is the reason why the MILF is not openly advocating for a federal system of government in this country, because all the other areas or administrative divisions here do not want a federal system of government. The MILF respects that desire, but it also wants them not to stand against the desire of the Moros to live and run their lives under the aegis of a substate.

The Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) is a far cry from what the MILF envisions as a substate. The ARMM, contrary to its name, is not autonomous. A province or city is more power powerful than the ARMM. The recent postponement of the ARMM elections speaks loudly why this entity is not autonomous; it is controlled, nay dictated, by Manila.

For those who said the Moros cannot run themselves, including Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero, we say to them: Let them show it by giving them what they want. If they go to hell by their own making, so be it. They deserve no sympathy. After all, they have always been described as a “problem” not only to the Americans during colonial days but all succeeding Filipino administrations.

In an editorial posted on Tuesday on its website (, the MILF said it would take responsibility for the success or failure of the proposed substate.

“The MILF’s formula to solve the Moro Question in Mindanao is very simple … Let the Moros run their affairs. Let them decide their own destiny. Let them succeed or self-destruct. Gone [are] the days when the government in Manila designed everything for them,” the rebel group said.

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  1. August 10, 2011 3:38

    For froivinder, I think that you maybe erroneously and unduly blinded by superiority complex you being of the majority Christian faith. As to our well being as people, we’ve been rulers of our land and we have several hundred years of history behind us as Muslims. In case you forgot, Rajah Solaiman was the ruler of Manila many odd centuries back. Surely, we can always choose to remove ourselves from the rest of the country should we opt to decide, all of us here in Mindanao regardless of faith feel we should remove ourselves from all the rest, why because you people don’t deserve us.

    First, if you remember the Corregidor massacre in 1968, the government of the Philippines then headed by a crazy despot tried but failed to annex the Sabah State of Malaysia by secret military means recruiting Muslims from Sulu, and subsequently killed almost all the recruits except for two escaping having engaged shark infested water off Cavite province. Fisherfolks from Cavite rescued this individuals and was brought to a Cavite high official who happened to belong to then opposition party, the Liberal Party.

    This incident was brought to the Philippine congress under an impeachment imprimatur that failed miserably because of systems fault, meaning the democratic space to say we are a nation sane enough to understand criminal behavior just simply conked, it did not work.

    So the Muslims who certainly may have been unduly provoked revolted and we of no secret been supported by all our Muslim brothers allover the world. It was government provocation that started the war in Mindanao, definitely not us.

    The MILF is just the transmutation of this provocation starting from the Jabidah incident in 1968, and it all started because you guys just don’t know what decorum means. So that’s why I said, you absolutely do not deserve us, why hide from a call sign debate openly, it is going to be very good for the country by the way that all of us love till we sanely part someday. You are one hell of an arrogant individual that I find truly revolting, set your face and be recognized!

    • August 10, 2011 3:38

      Aminullah Alonto Lucman,

      Let me inform you that I’m an atheist and I’m for a secular government wherein people of all cultures, races, religions, political beliefs, etc. are equal under the law and have equal opportunity to achieve their goals. Like I said, I strongly oppose any group of people or rebels or revolutionaries who seek to secede or to force the state to give in to their political demands on the ground that they possess or embrace a different culture or religion. And if that secessionist or rebel group used force or military aggression to achieve their goal, then it deserves to be dealt with accordingly.

      Thank you very much for your comment.

      • August 10, 2011 3:38

        Generalization has objectivity froivinder, that for you to say we cannot be independent, not be ourselves simply because of the MILF as imminently the visible platform enable for us genuine justice as the negotiating body doesn’t mean stakeholders like the majority of us, Muslims and non-Muslims, cannot pervade to overwhelm. We have firstly the congress to debate over it and then it will have to be voted to by Mindanaoans in a plebiscite. This is the normal venue, the democratic space within which we get into proactive sharing of opinions, if the majority find satisfactory results in all these discussions, we will have for us a sub-state as enshrined in the talk venue, in this case, MILF spearheading and of course the accruing majority vote.

        If we Mindanaoans find loopholes in them, it will be rejected. And then we certainly will bat for an acceptable alternative. Whether joined in or not by the rebels, all of us will be there to accept or reject. Or we decide as Mindanaoans either leave as a separate state or be one with the country as a sub-state. This will be our decision as people long shackled by warring that never was our undoing, and it can be done with us Mindanaoans in there every step of the way.

      • August 10, 2011 3:38

        Aminullah Alonto Lucman,

        My only question is: why do Muslims usually have to isolate themselves and exclude those who don’t share their religion? Why? What gives you that very special privilege? Other religions are NOT demanding the same privilege.

    • Inquirer permalink
      August 11, 2011 3:38

      Aminullah Alonto Lucman

      “For froivinder, I think that YOU MAYBE ERRONEOUSLY AND UNDULY BLINDED BY SUPERIORITY COMPLEX you being of the majority Christian faith.” (emphasis supplied)

      look who’s talking.. ahahahahaha

      • August 11, 2011 3:38


        We should give what these Islamic Moros want if predominantly Muslim countries also give the same privilege to Christians and non-Muslims as well. Let’s apply the principle of reciprocity here. But the fact is, non-Muslims in Islamic and predominantly Islamic countries are being treated as “dhimmis” or second-class citizens simply because they’re infidels. They’re being killed, persecuted and subjected to almost daily violence.

      • Inquirer permalink
        August 12, 2011 3:38


        Im very skeptical if they would do that.., It is well ingrained in their mind that they are superior to the exclusion of others..

        They used to renounce the use reason, nothing to expect from them. If you happen to visit ARMM (especially maguindanao), it is self-evident how they rule the area. Res Ipsa Loquitor (the thing speaks for itself).

      • August 12, 2011 3:38


        They won’t of course! You’re right!

    • March 3, 2013 3:38

      To everyone who reads this:

      There is really no need to take Aminullah Alonto Lucman’s comment seriously. He’s a BASTÓS of the first order. You see, we were debating (in Facebook) about the Filipino Identity. And he finds my arguments too “Iberian”. I have been very courteous to him all the time. But when it appeared that he couldn’t defeat me anymore, you know what he did? He insulted my person with these statements:

      “An Iberian straggler is in our midst, somebody wake him!”

      “You are as good as a house boy in Spain, or a handyman. Alipin ng mga banyaga, nakakasuka!”

      This guy prides himself as a Muslim. But he’s only adding more heat to his religion with that kind of gutter language that he uses. So there. And I do hope he gets to read this. Because…

      …I will not respond to him anymore, LOL! Ignoring hateful rants will certainly be the best punishment for people like him with no breeding.

  2. Inquirer permalink
    August 10, 2011 3:38

    Aminullah Alonto Lucman

    As I can see it, majority of the Muslims in Mindanao want to secede from the Philippine government. It may be true that many people here would like to have a federal state. Nevertheless, the majority non-muslims here in mindanao, will never agree to be under the leadership of Muslim people.

    As what can be gleaned from historical and present data, Muslim ruled areas are not well-managed. I do not believe that the cause of such unfortunate reality is the Manila government. I may be persuaded that such is the result of self-inflicted injury (due to crab-mentality and prejudices as to religious faith).

    One time, Ive heard my fellow (Muslims) saying that at this moment Muslims could not govern themselves due to crab-mentality they possess. Perhaps, time will come that they may be able to govern, when their prejudices to other faith and cultural groups will gone..

    Just an opinion.

  3. barefoot cinderella permalink
    August 11, 2011 3:38

    they want to secede yet at the same time they have no shame in accepting funds from the philippine government.. JIZYA pa yan?! we’re no dhimmis

  4. August 12, 2011 3:38

    Penoy and his minions should be lectured about sharia law. These people do not know what they’re doing.

    • August 12, 2011 3:38

      You’re right! What they’re doing is suicidal!

  5. Modjahid permalink
    August 17, 2011 3:38

    Its funny to think that almost all of you don’t know the “behind the scene massacres” we have encountered before the foundation of the MILF, it has never been mentioned in your history how moslems suffer from killings as to “wipe out the moslems” in mindanao declared even before the Marcos regime.

  6. August 17, 2011 3:38

    Muslims are liars. What do you expect from a self-proclaimed Modjahid? Nice try. What about the massacres and bombings committed by Moslems in the Philippines and abroad? You Moslems are all liars and pathetic, as you try your best to paint yourselves as the victims. In Moslem countries, non-Moslems are being massacred, murdered and persecuted simply because they’re INFIDELS! ‘Nuff with Islamic lies!

    • Modjahid permalink
      October 20, 2011 3:38

      Bombings? haha! will you be able to count those missiles landed on Moslem countries? House many Moslem civilians died? Don’t you know how many massacres done by AFP to those Moslems in Mindanao? How many women tortured and raped by AFP? Or did you even heard it on the news?

  7. October 5, 2011 3:38

    Inquirer, farthest from our mind as Muslims would we ever take to ‘leading’ Mindanao as an independent state knowing all too well we’re still a minority. Nigers as a majority Muslim nation now has a Christian for its leader as president, under parliamentary systems majority party rules and should it come to naught a Muslim may be chosen by the majority party in power, it will happen. This is the democratic space that will look over the welfare of governance to respond to her people’s needs. We have no illusions, but surely history pervade to be the best evidence of our being sovereign people therefore can demand for it with pride, and you can do none come a time.

    • modjahid permalink
      November 9, 2011 3:38

      They don’t care about history my brother, you are talking to kids.

  8. Bangsamoron permalink
    October 25, 2011 3:38

    I find Warlito’s pro-Bangsamoron arguments very lame.

    • October 25, 2011 3:38

      Not only lame. That guy is so dishonest; a liar. He’s been demogoging ever since we started the Bangsamoro/secession debate. I cannot make my judgment yet as to his agenda, but I now begin to connect the dots.

      • Hello permalink
        December 4, 2011 3:38

        please help me with my school project

  9. tommy blue permalink
    November 1, 2011 3:38

    whatever argument you people make,it is still never gonna happen !!!! we will never relinquish lands that belongs to the filipino people, and if it take us to having a full blown civil war, then so be it !! …each and every filipino have their own ancestral domain,but you dont see any of us,arming ourselves and killing,bombing and beheading innocent civilians and soldiers alikedo you ??.. you people has done that for so many years, and the general population ,never cared much to even know thereason why?? ..but after this last barbaric act that you people commtted in the”” name of islam”, and after our Clueless leader exhibited his incompetence, and publicly took the side of the enemies of the state,…??? was the day,we the christian population realize that we must take charge of our own destiny,and prepare to defend ourselvs in the coming eventualities..that if its division you want, then its division youll get, but not at our expense anymore and not at the expense of our soldiers/civilians….it is either you people make peace and agree to live side by side in peace,prosperity and in harmony or the inevitable is bound to happen, and it will be a very ugly and sad place we all call The Philippines

    • modjahid permalink
      November 9, 2011 3:38

      Then let it be! MILF is the people, people is the MILF, the only way to defeat the MILF is to wipe every Muslim in the Philippines, foreign invaders Colonized Luzon and Visayas, they made you like dogs, they even put the name of their king Philip in your own land, according to History, they forcibly Christianize people in order to gain full control of the country – shame on you! – In your veins were the bloods of your Muslim ancestors!
      We only want to live a free Muslim life, no disco bars in the neighbor, no drunkards, no prostitutes, no naked women in front of our children! – there will always be a black-sheep in every religion, and the more we combine, the more stupid moros you make.

  10. Hello permalink
    December 4, 2011 3:38

    Can you guys help me with my project?

    • December 4, 2011 3:38

      What school project?


  1. Aquino’s Bangsamoro Deal with MILF Unconstitutional, Treasonous, Suicidal | VINCENTON

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