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Video: How to Live in a Brainwashed, Socialist Society?

May 18, 2011

This pro-freedom Chinese blogger tells how it is to live in a socialist society wherein most of the people are “brainwashed” and “intolerant” of other people’s non-conventional opinions. She says that in China, every critical thing you say about the government can be perceived as “unpatriotic.” In fact criticisms against the government are viewed as “hate speeches” that must be curtailed through political edicts/measures. 

This is very much understandable since most brainwashed people in China don’t really understand the proper concept of freedom and individual rights. Such concepts are literally banned from China’s state-funded schools.

Well, when you’re in a society or group of brainwashed morons, the tendency is that a person with unconventional ideas (viz., ideas that are diametrically opposite to those of the majority) is likely to create tension and blind criticisms.

This is exactly what I get whenever I join online forums and Facebook groups.

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