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Social Reproductivist Buddy Cunanan Just Got Pwned!

March 30, 2011

Someone sent me interesting screen-shots and a Facebook link. I got the message. I have to post them on my blog. The sender, a blog reader, had a very interesting, informative Facebook conversation with media practitioner and columnist Buddy Cunanan.

Mr. Cunanan, a hardcore RH bill advocate, writes opinion articles for The Manila Times. Very recently he published two columns wherein he defended the RH bill and called the Catholic Church “Taliban” and RH bill opponents “either misinformed or ignorant”.

In a previous blog, I dealt with Mr. Cunanan’s columns, exposing his ignorance or lack of proper understanding of the basic concepts of the separation principle and secularism. I just learned that he promised to “debunk” my arguments “point by point”. I’ll definitely wait for that. However, I just hope that he won’t resort to misrepresentation and context-dropping. This is what most of my critics did. They simply resorted to context-dropping, which is a form of intellectual evasion. Context-dropping can be committed by tearing an idea or argument from its context and treat it as though it were independent so to invalidate the thought process involved. Once this act of intellectual evasion is detected, that means your arguments will not be valid no matter how you say it or rationalize it.

Mr. Cunanan actually committed context-dropping when he shared his simplistic, sophistic views about the principle of separation of church and state, and secularism. When he chided the Catholic Church’s meddling with state affairs and talked about the alleged “basic concepts” of the separation principle and secularism, he was actually guilty of this fallacy, as he simply forgot and evaded the concepts’ wider context. What Mr. Cunanan did is that he simply stared at only one or two elements, and then thought, “I can just alter some points, and everything else will remain the same.” The Manila Times’ columnist simply forgot a wider context. In regard to this matter, I debunked Mr. Cunanan’s very sophomoric, sophistic, and simplistic evaluation of these concepts in a previous blog entitled Pro-RH Bill Buddy Cunanan’s Cosmic Display of Ignorance.

For the sake of clarity and objectivity, let me recap what Mr. Cunanan said in his previous columns.

In The Catholic Taliban, Mr. Cunanan wrote:

The Philippines is a secular country, as enshrined in Article 2, section 6 of the 1987 constitution, which states that the separation of Church and State is inviolable. This means that the government should not make any laws that aid or give preference to a certain religion, nor should any religious group or denomination interfere in government affairs and policies. However, even under the most ideal circumstances, the Church can be expected to try to sway state policies by alluding to issues in homilies or employing back-channel approaches to quietly influence politicians.

Unfortunately, the Church has just gone too far.
For instance, emblazoned on the façade of the Manila Cathedral are two very big signs that read “Do we need the RH Bill? No!”. I have traveled extensively all over the Catholic world and this is the first time I have ever seen such a direct and barefaced manifestation of the Church’s interference in state affairs. What is even more shocking and alarming is that thousands of people pass in front of the Manila Cathedral everyday, yet no one seems to have noticed this or complained about it.

In The Silent Pro-RH Majority, here’s what he said:

Unfortunately, many Filipinos, including our politicians, are apprehensive about openly supporting the RH Bill and criticizing the Church’s interference in state matters because of the former’s bullying and intimidation. I must admit that, initially, I also felt a little uneasy at taking such a strong position against the Church, in view of a potential backlash from the myopic, archaic, and oftentimes narrow-minded pro-Church mafia.

Sadly, the RH Bill controversy reveals that many Filipinos, even those who have attained higher education, are either misinformed or ignorant about the basic concepts of secularism, separation of Church and State, and the meaning of “pro-life”. Amazingly, many anti-RH Bill proponents who commented on my column saw absolutely nothing wrong with the Church’s blatant lobbying and politicking and other religious activities such as celebrating masses in government offices.

For sure he enjoyed the ignorant praises from most pro-RH bill people. He simply needed those praises. Now the screen shots below show Mr. Cunanan’s Facebook conversation with a blog reader.

You may view the actual conversation HERE.

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  1. lites permalink
    April 6, 2011 3:38

    Thank you! The nation and the Church needs you to defend the Filipinos from the Taliban media. Unfortunately the media is clearly pro-RH Bill. I just stumbled upon your blogspot and its quite informative. I thank the Lord knowing that there are still staunch defenders of life. I’m frustrated because with this very hot issue, I could hardly hear priests speak about it to inform their parishioners regarding the evils of this bill. Majority of the Catholics dont really understand this bill. I hope you help educate more and more Filipino Catholics re: this bill. God bless!

  2. VDB permalink
    April 18, 2011 3:38



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