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Social Reproductivism: The New Religion of, by, for the Pro-RH Bill Faithful

March 25, 2011
Reproductivism is officially the country's new religion...

Reproductivism is officially the country's new religion...

I call it Newton’s apple. I never thought that in just a few seconds, I’d be able to fully understand the kind of mentality of most pro-Reproductive Health mob after skimming through a Facebook comment that served as my surgical key to the brain of the country’s post-modern statists. It only took a few seconds to dissect what the hell is wrong with these pro-RH bill fanatics. Then I came to a conclusion that these people, particularly those who consciously and strongly support the measure, have maintained the tribal mentality that man is merely the means to the ends of others. Believe it or not, the RH bill has become a new religion. I call this post-modern faith Social Reproductivism.

Social Reproductivism is a socio-political idea which postulates that the government must guarantee, by virtue of the police power of the state, people’s alleged right to reproductive health care by means of taking direct and indirect control of the country’s industry, medical profession, education sector, and other aspects of social life. It assumes that the government is not merely the sole protector of rights, but primarily the provider of people’s needs and social services, such as health care or reproductive health care. However, in truth and in reality, this social concept, which our social planners and intellectuals borrowed from other welfare states, blatantly ignores and demolishes the following fundamental aspects of the political life of the state, namely, the proper role of government, the proper concept of rights, political and intellectual freedom, and economics.

The country’s Social Reproductivists dogmatically believe that it is the role of the state or the government to redistribute wealth by whatever means possible. They don’t care how the state is to achieve their social, reproductivist goals; they simply care about the end-results of their social, doctrinal dogma, namely, pro-poor and pro-women social programs, reduced poverty, sustainable and manageable population, more regulations, among others.

The Social Reproductivist subscribes to the Machiavellian mentality, which postulates that the end justifies the means. He doesn’t give a damn about the arbitrary political means to be used or employed by the state so long as the program or measure benefits the poorest of the poor and the marginalized. The Social Reproductivist has the ambition to be scientific by demonstrating a hodgepodge of tragic statistics and oversimplified data to support his premise that there is an undeniable link between overpopulation and poverty. The social Reproductivist is a mass psychologist as he knows how to expertly sell his mediocre agenda to the public. Instead of telling the people HOW the government is going to serve the welfare of the poor and women, he intends to direct the people’s attention to his soothing political platitudes and great-sounding agenda so to gain their support on FAITH.

The Social Reproductivist does not care about facts and ideas at all. There’s an adage, an almost visionary dictum, that says: “Great men talk about ideas; Mediocre men talk about things; Small men talk about people.” We all know who have just acquired the habit of talking about people- their welfare, their interest, their future, their everything. Yet these people refuse to talk about ideas. They’re determined not to reveal or to tackle the evil agenda behind their evil idea. This is the tribal mentality of Social Reproductivists. They’re afraid- or don’t have the ability- to tackle rational ideas and principles. Instead they talk about the people or the collective behind the anti-RH bill movement. Look at the curious case of this misguided tour guide Carlos Celdran and his ilk (e.g., the Filipino Freethinkers and the socialists). Instead of dissecting, understanding, analyzing the contents of the bill, they chose to attack the Catholic priests who appear to be the face of the anti-RH bill camp. If these post-modern Reproductivists had any brains, they would understand that their fascistic, Orwellian trick simply reveals their sheer weakness- that is, their inability to solidly, properly deal with issues. They know that by focusing on the collective or personality behind the anti-RH bill camp, they would be able to get more attention and accumulate collective hatred toward those who oppose their political and social agenda. Such is the mentality of tribal savages. For instance, Celdran thought of the Catholic priests as a collective- that the sins or crimes of one or some are attributable to all. He and his ilk thought about the pedophilia scandals involving a number of Catholic clergy, so they concluded that the country’s priests are also guilty by association. 

The Social Reproductivist tries to evade pressing, legitimate issues at every opportunity. So instead of digesting the punitive provisions of the measure, they try to make everyone who opposes the bill guilty of some unspecified

It's not about condoms. It's about government control...

It's not about condoms. It's about government control...

crime. When the pro-RH bill mob, composed of Filipino Freethinkers and socialists, stormed the Manila Cathedral, they arrogantly carried with them the ‘badge’ of righteousness in that they were pro-poor, pro-welfare, pro-women while the Catholic priests were in blatant violation of the principle of separation of church and state. Due to his sheer ignorance, the Reproductivist tries to hijack rational principles, turning them into anti-concepts. Consider the charge of the pro-RH bill mob against the Catholic priests. The former accuse the latter of being in breach of the separation clause. This is why mindless publicity-hound Celdran had the guts to protest inside the Manila Cathedral and to take an down an anti-RH bill streamer owned by the Catholic Church because he ignorantly believed that the latter has been trying to influence the government, an act which he considered unconstitutional and immoral.

Social Reproductivism- like environmentalism and global alarmism- has become the country’s new religion. It has become a burgeoning post-modern social ideology that continues to poison the minds of many Filipinos. Take the case of Nazi Germany wherein Adolf Hitler, before taking power from the Weimar Republic, had to first implant a new ideology he called National Socialism or Nazism in the hearts and minds of the Germans. The basic goals of Nazism was to tell the Germans that they had a selfless duty to their brothers, to their community, and to the entire German nation. Hitler was able to convince millions of Germans by simply preaching that the state was the provider of the people. And so Hitler laid down the National Socialism Program, which guaranteed the German people’s right to education, health care, pension, land, among other social services. Since the Nazi government was not a productive agency, it had to seize the wealth and treasure of the Jews, put the entire industry under its direct control, and enslaved the Jewish people in order to achieve its ambition.

Take the case of Soviet Russia wherein Vladimir Lenin easily obtained the overwhelming support of the Russians by simply preaching the social virtues of equality, agrarian reform, common good, and sacrifice. Like Hitler, Lenin and his successor Stalin guaranteed the people’s right to free education, health care, pension, transport, land, among others by nationalizing the entire industry and by invading and enslaving its neighboring territories. Or take the case of Maoist China wherein Mao Tse Tung fooled tens of millions of Chinese with his altruistic social programs. He promised economic and social progress that would surpass the production of the United States and Great Britain through his Great Leap Forward, which institutionalized collective farming and collectivization of crops, produced goods and social wealth. The result of this socialist fantasy was widespread hunger and cannibalism. Cannibalistic socialism actually turned a number of Chinese people into cannibals due to extreme famine and hunger.

What are the similarities between the fantastic aspirations of the RH bill and the tragic experiences of the aforementioned dictatorships. They are as follows:

  • In Metaphysics (nature of reality): both believe that reality is subjective. They can make reality by means of simple wishes. So they pass laws in breach of reality to solve poverty, hunger or social problems, or to achieve the ends of their political and social goals.
  • Epistemology: Skepticism. They somehow admit that man’s mind is invalid- that there is no such thing as absolute- that he is doomed to perpetual doubt. Who am I to know? they ask. They believe that they can eat their cake and have it, too.
  • Ethics: Altruism or sacrifice. They believe that man is his brother’s keeper- that he is to offer his life to others simply because he’s part of the whole society. They believe that man is the means to the ends of others.
  • Politics: Collectivism or statism. Collectivism means the subjugation of the individual to a group—whether to a race, class or state does not matter. Collectivism holds that man must be chained to collective action and collective thought for the sake of what is called “the common good.”

Observe that the first victims of these evil ideologies (socialism, Nazism, Maoism) were the intended beneficiaries of the promised social programs. In the case of the RH bill, its very first victims, if ever this measure were approved, would be its primary beneficiaries: the poor and the marginalized.

Now let me share with you the comment I encountered on my Vincenton Facebook account. A pro-RH bill Facebooker posted the following comment on an FB friend’s post (it’s a newspaper column entitled What the RH Bill is Not):

As a supporter of the RH bill, I do not believe in magically-produced condoms and contraceptives… because I know the bill cannot be oversimplified into a contraceptive-strawman, considering it also involves education and healthcare. As a …supporter, I believe it is not a program to stop poor people from making babies as it is a way of providing everyone with the means and options to plan their future… to have children as a “decision” and “responsibility”, not as an “accident” or “additional burden”. As a supporter, and most of all, as a reasoner, I do not make assumptions on how the other side thinks or proclaim how “wrong and futile” the other side is… because I admit I don’t know everything there is to know… although I wouldn’t be so stingy or mind paying taxes, knowing it’s being used to save lives.

I think that has always been the nature of the relationship between the government and the individual… and the taxation in between. I, myself, disapprove of tanks, bullets and guns. Some people disapprove of slaughtering animals. A lot of… people do not think favorably of Filipino movies. But the government cannot please everyone. It needs armies to defend its territories; meat to feed majority of its people, film to entertain those in need of entertainment. Given the wildly varying opinions of the entire population, the government has no choice but to compromise; select the path of least resistance and greatest benefit. Some would say that the real problem is greed and corruption. Others, poverty. Still others, overpopulation. Or losing morals. Or drugs. Or rock music. Or a ton of other things. But the truth is, there is no single, root problem that, when solved, will begin a beneficial chain reaction.

In addition to that, human society is a system wherein we can never be sure whether an action will bring about good or bad effects. It is not a deterministic software and the best we, humans, can do is extrapolate from existing data, minimi…ze the possibility of error, perform said action(s) and, really, hope for the best. I cannot say paying taxes will turn its people violent, carnivorous or stupid, any more than I can claim it will make our country invulnerable, healthy or well-cultured. I cannot say the RH bill is the solution to all problems but it is, nonetheless, a solution to a problem.

ame thing with film. Same thing with education. Same thing wit…h health. Same thing with life. And, personally, I’d also love nothing more than to have those unable to resist their sexual urges deal with their problems by themselves. But it doesn’t work that way. Everyday, children, who cannot be faulted for their parents’ rabbit-like tendencies, dig through trash mountains. Each week, women die of botched abortions or childbirth problems. Each month, homeless people encroach and build houses on land they do not own. Every year, thousands of mothers carry or tow their children, barefoot, along roads, under the heat of the sun, begging for alms simply because they could not resist their sexual urges. Or their husband’s advances. If I said that it was their own problem to solve, I would be inhuman. Oh, I’d be correct, but I’d also be cruel. Now, about Jay’s post, I must admit, that is actually a good idea. Assuming, of course, that implementing this through the local government will not raise another brouhaha as severe as what this country is going through right now.

Observe the manner by which this pro-RH bill fanatic responded to the article post. She neither addressed the issues made nor attacked the arguments presented. Instead, she let loose a barrage of platitudes, undigested

This is how Reproductivism turns men into an unthinking herd...

This is how Reproductivism turns men into an unthinking herd...

assumptions, unidentified wishes, and melodramatic rhetoric as if they were enough to solve the issue of poverty and overpopulation in this country. Observe that they don’t care about ideas at all. They’re only concerned about their social aspirations- the poor! the poor! the poor!

Here’s my response to this Reproductivist:

The horrible, outrageous and utterly disturbing mentality of [this Reproductivist] is: How do we know we know? That’s exactly what brought dictatorship and tyranny to people in Germany, Soviet Russia and Maoist China. These people thought: “How do we know we know that the programs of our welfare politicians would bring us to wholesale disaster. Let’s just support them!” Such is the mentality of SAVAGES.

Observe the shameless determination of these modern-day savages or Reproductivists to avoid the real issue at hand. They don’t even care to read and understand the bill. They simply accepted the soothing political platitudes of Edcel Lagman and his ilk on FAITH. The bill is about “freedom of choice”, they say, because Edcel Lagman and company said so. The bill seeks to help the poor and the marginalized women, they pitifuly argue, because they believe that that’s what the government is supposed to do. The bill is the solution to overpopulation and poverty, they proclaim, without fully understanding the root cause of poverty in the country and what makes wealth possible. Yes, these are the country’s modern savages who still maintain the remnants of tribal mentality and barbarism. Some of us are aware of the notorious practices and traditions of barbaric tribes, e.g., human sacrifices, collective farming, etc. In most barbaric tribes, the life of an individual belongs to the tribe or to his tribesmen. Everybody is enslaved to everybody. Everybody must look after the welfare of everybody. Nobody should be smarter or richer than his neighbor. Certain sacrifices should be made for the benefit of the collective or the tribe. Indeed, the RH bill talks about human sacrifices, and this is the glaring reality that the bill’s proponents and supporters dogmatically refuse to face. The bill seeks to sacrifice employers and doctors.

Forget about the condoms to be funded and then distributed by the government. That would just cover about one billion or so of taxpayers’ money. The main purpose, goal, objective of the bill is to control the entire business industry, medical profession, and education sector since the government has no money to finance all the promises of this socialist, fascist measure. All those Reproductivists who proudly proclaim they’re ready to pay more taxes are either stupid or demented. I say, the government does not want your money. The government wants to control the political, social and economic life of the Filipino nation by taking direct control of businesses, hospitals and clinics, and educational facilities and even methods of instruction. It wants more control of people’s intellectual and political freedom. This is the reality that most of the RH bill savages refuse to face. They don’t want to read and understand the bill’s impact on their lives, rights, freedom and future simply because they ‘somehow’ believe that their mind is invalid. They simply take things about the RH bill on FAITH.  Thus, they’re no better than the religionists whom they passionately decry.

Consider the statement of this pro-RH bill savage. She says: “I do not make assumptions on how the other side thinks or proclaim how “wrong and futile” the other side is… because I admit I don’t know everything there is to know…” Yes, who is she to know? Her mind is invalid. Right and wrong is no longer the main issue here. It’s all about the welfare and interest of the poor. That’s how these people miserably think. There is no longer standard, moral code, or principle that binds reality at all. Reality to them is like a pretzel that can be distorted or twisted. They can have their cake and eat it too. That’s how they think. Yes, with the RH bill, they can enslave, regulate, control and even prosecute the wealth-creators (e.g. businessmen and doctors) in the name of the poor and expect that the country’s economy remain stable. They somehow think that they can control esteemed men such as businessmen and doctors. “These greedy people shall obey in the name of the poor and the greater good,” perhaps this is what they think.

However, in truth and in reality, the worst injustice of all is that the Reproductivists strongly believe that they are simply trying to help the poor. This is what the bill is not! The bill is anti-poor because its regulatory measures will certainly reduce the country into a stinking hell-hole. The RH bill is anti-women because it treats them as inferior, weak, and unable to think on their own. If you want to help the poor- if you want to solve poverty- if you want to reduce the country’s population- there’s only one solution, and this is what most modern homo sapiens have taken for granted for generations: THINK!

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  1. Taga Sixth Floor permalink
    March 26, 2011 3:38

    I would like to ask dear sir; if RH Bill is a form of statism, and that the means to acquire such ends are indeed abusive, and “They don’t give a damn about the arbitrary political means to be used or employed by the state so long as their program or measure benefits the poorest of the poor and the marginalized”, how then, can we address the problem of the uncontrolled growing population of this country? sure population MAY not be a problem, but in this present time, it is a problem?
    Sure you have some solution that is better than a RH Bill, for it would be a shame, if such an intelligent point of view, is not practicable.

  2. Taga Sixth Floor permalink
    March 26, 2011 3:38

    oh, the question mark after the word problem before the paragraph ends is wrong, i mean there:
    sure population MAY not be a problem, but in this present time, it is a problem.

    • March 26, 2011 3:38

      Please read my reply above. But first, you have to tackle this question: What is the context of overpopulation- is it a) local, b) national, c) regional, d) global, e) all of the above?

      What I mean is, is there overpopulation locally in some areas like Manila, Baguio or some other localities in RP? Or is there national overpopulation? Here you have to know the exact population of the country and the country’s land area and density, and then decide what’s the standard or barometer of overpopulation. Is it regional? Is there overpopulation in the South-East Asian region? Or is it global? Is there overpopulation the world over. As to the last context, it was proved that there is no global overpopulation. In fact, the fertility rate of most countries is below the so-called “replacement level of fertility” of 2.1 percent. I discussed that here . And this makes this issue scientific.

    • March 28, 2011 3:38

      Taga sixth floor,

      Did you know that the entire population of the Philippines can fit in the Bicol Region? But… one would have to live as if he/she were in Singapore. Not bad?

      Density in Philippines: 306.6/
      Density in Singapore: 7,022/
      Density in Philippines if the 91M Filipinos is fit into Bicol: 5,078/ (Mas maluwag pa rin!)

      This is almost impossible to do but it is just to illustrate that the Philippines is not overpopulated. The problem is: a big part of the Filipino population is living in Poverty.

      This bill would attempt to solve the poverty problem by reducing the number of poor Filipinos – it would only address the symptoms of poverty but not its root cause.

      According to Lord Christopher Monckton, former economic adviser to Margaret Thatcher, “…if we make (people) wealthy, then their populations will stabilize. Keep it poor and it will continue to increase.”

      Poverty is an economic problem and it requires an economic solution. The solution to poverty can be found in the area of work, employment and productivity, and to transform the poor into creators of wealth (Valenzona, 2006) .

      Hope this helps.

      • March 28, 2011 3:38

        The solution to poverty is ECONOMIC FREEDOM. The government must-

        1. Decontrol or deregulate (repeal regulatory edicts and laws)

        2. Lower OTHER taxes by half or more than one half, if necessary

        3. Remove income tax!!!

        4. Remove tariff

        5. Remove EVAT

        6. Lower government spending

        7. Privatize GOCCs (Sell MRT/LRT, Pagcor, MWSS, Napocor, etc.)

        8. Revise the Constitution and establish a Republican limited government.

        There is a need to revise the semi-socialist charter in order to–

        9. Abolish some government agencies, such as DPWH, DOH, DepEd, Ched, PRC, DSWD, among others.

        10. To allow foreign investors to invest and conduct business in RP without limitation and too much regulations

        11. Properly define the role of government, which is to protect individual rights only!

        12. To keep the government out of the economy, education, science, and from our private lives!

      • March 28, 2011 3:38

        Your solutions to the poverty problem are very concrete. Thanks very much for that. I shall call it “The 12 Steps to Economic Freedom!”

      • March 28, 2011 3:38


  3. statist permalink
    March 30, 2011 3:38

    aking komento sa artikulo: ang buong pilosopiya ng objectivism ay nakadepende lamang sa pagtanggal ng impluwensya ng gobyerno sa kalakalan, laissez faire nga tawag nila/
    pero, ito naman ay napakahirap abutin, dahil sa ang mga institusyon sa pilipinas ay nakadepende sa gobyerno. karamihan ng nagaaral ay nasa pampublikong pamantasan. karamihan ng maysakit ay nasa pampublikong ospital. karamihan ng motorista ay nasa pampublikong daanan. napakatagal na panahon anggugulin para lamang makamit ang freemarket, at hindi naman tayo sigurado dito, dahil sa kung may provision na nga para gipitin ang mga kapitalista ay nagagawa parin nilang mangabuso, pano pakaya pag may absuluto na silang kapangyarihan at wala na ang gobyerno.
    at syempre bago pa man maisagawa ang freemarket, may mga tututol dito, at napakadaming shit na magaganap, kasi siguradong ang bagsak nito ay parliamentary struggle/
    ang usapin ng rh bill ay isang usapin na dapat tugunan. hindi tayo dapat mag rely sa mga teoretikal na bagay lamang gaya ng sinasagest nung awtor. may problema tayo sa populasyon, at isang magandang solusyon ang RH BILL. kung hihintayin pa natin na mafree ang market bago ma utilize ang population, ay siguradong mas marami g problema ang bansa sa tagal nang aabutin nito, at maaring di na ito masolusyunan.
    pero, paalala lamang po. ang populasyon ay hindi ang mismong problema, subalit ang populasyon sa ngayon ay nagiging problema, maari sana nating i utilize ito, kaso ito ay napakahirap. ang kailangan ay maipasa ang rh bill para may PANSAMANTALNG lunas.

    • March 30, 2011 3:38

      So according to your hilarious “non-theoretical” perspective, we should pass the RH bill and it’s OK to jail employers and doctors for refusing and failing to comply with its provisions?

      If you read the bill, who do you think will provide its many promises to the poor and women?

      • March 30, 2011 3:38

        Also, according to your hilarious “non-theoretical” perspective, it’s also OK for the government to violate and disrespect people’s freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of choice, etc.

        However, since you’re a statist imbecile, you won’t understand this bill because it’s very much clear that you didn’t read the bill and you merely accepted Lagman’s LIES and EVIL AGENDA on FAITH!

  4. April 6, 2011 3:38

    Is it me, or are the Free-Thinkers dressed like GL’s doing something akin to the Nazi Salute?

  5. May 10, 2011 3:38

    Social religion, like social drinking. As opposed to civic religion.


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