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The Evils of RH bill and Universal Health Care

March 16, 2011




I have stated many times in the past that both the universal health care, a single-payer system, and the Reproductive Health bill, now euphemistically named Responsible Parenthood bill, are EVIL. I remember receiving ignorant comments from my passionate commenters who claimed that these two statist schemes are opposites.

A universal health care- or a single-payer system (like the ObamaCare)- covers everything, from reproductive health to abortion to insurance premiums, etc. In short, it covers all individuals from womb to tomb. The RH bill, which is still being debated by our political morons in Congress (like Edcel Lagman and his ilk), has a very specific coverage, not to mention its penal provisions. Among the countries that adopted this single-payer system are socialist Cuba, China, North Korea, Great Britain, France, and Canada.

The United States, under the Obama administration, has recently approved universal health care, also known as the ObamaCare. However, everybody knows (except those under the Obama regime payroll and hardcore Democrats and leftists) in the United States that the ObamaCare is now a failure as most unions and companies REQUESTED FOR EXEMPTION. It is worth noting that most of those that made the exemption requests are unions, big companies, and companies closely connected with the Obama administration.

If this one-payer system is so good, why did the Obama administration grant those exemption requests? The answer is simple. It’s because the Obama admin officials now realize the unintended consequences of their grand socialist/Marxist scheme.

The following are just some the known effects of Obamacare:

  1. More and more doctors and health care providers are willing to quit their job because of the penal provision of the Obamacare. The RH bill has the same penalty provision against our doctors and health care givers.
  2. Increased taxes. The RH bill will have the same effect on our taxes.
  3. Obamacare negatively affects small businesses due to raised labor costs.
  4. UNEMPLOYMENT. To think that Obamacare in America now causes more unemployment as companies begin to close down due to the law’s effects on business.
  5. Poor medical and drug innovation.

A blog commenter tried to refute my anti-universal health care argument with her stupid rants. This commenter states: “I can cite a hundred sources here as to why and how universal health care works. I can cite a hundred sources that state why a reproductive health care bill like the one we are trying to pass will help the country in the long run. I can give you the names of several of my friends (employers) who are willing to pay a little extra to ensure the health and well-being of their workers.”

This commenter is a good example of a monkey or a chimpanzee that just learned how to use a computer. What this commenter tries to say is that my anti-universal health care argument is purely built upon some blogs written by others– that he/she merely thinks in terms of statistics. This is how most idiots think.

“I can offer you more sources or arguments to show you that I’m right!” This is the very crude mentality of this pro-RH bill creature.

But this the RH bill is not simply about providing sources. This issue is all about defending and knowing the truth.

The truth is, these statist schemes are EVIL because they are impractical and immoral.

How do we know then whether a legislative proposal is moral or immoral, practical and impractical, evil or good? We have to use our rational judgment. We have to use Reason, the faculty that identifies and integrates the material provided by our senses. Reason is the faculty that integrates our perceptions by means of forming abstractions or conceptions. The method which reason employs in this process is logic—and logic is the art of non-contradictory identification. Only human beings have the ability to apply this cognitive process.

Applying this concept or process, we would be able to know and understand that both the RH bill and the universal health care are EVIL because:

  • they are against man’s nature. Human nature dictates that man should be independent and must think and act on his own. Both the RH bill and the universal health care make men dependent on the state. Man has the capacity to survive, to earn make a living, to save money for future needs, to protect himself against any kind of harm (metaphysical or man-made), to think of the best or most proper way to improve his status in life, etc. These statist proposals seek to subjugate man’s mind and aspirations to the will of the state or a group of do-gooder politicians.
  • they are against man’s rights. Rights are inherently, naturally part of our humanity. A ‘right’ is neither created by divine law nor granted by political edict or decree. The source of man’s rights is the law of identity. A is A– Man is Man. Since we are human beings, we have natural, inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, Property, and pursuit of happiness. If we are to live properly on earth, it is right, moral and practical for us to think and to make any kind of judgment or choice. In short, we don’t need any political edict or law to guarantee the right to think or to freedom of choice or judgment. We have a right to work and keep the product of our work. Thus, any collective, gang or society that attempts to push for any form or degree of statist/leftist political edict that purportedly guarantees these ‘rights’ is wrong, which means: is evil, which means: is anti-Life. The RH bill states that a group of people (e.g., the poor and women) has a right to reproductive health services so the government must provide it at the expense of employers, health care providers and taxpayers. What about the right of the latter group (employers, health care providers and taxpayers)?
  • they justify the use of government force. The only proper role of government is to protect individual rights. This means that any government or state that redistributes wealth or immolates a select group of people for the benefit of some social/welfare beneficiaries is EVIL. The bill states that it is now the duty of employers to provide the RH care needs of their workers. Any erring or law-violating employee would either be fined, imprisoned, or suffer both penalties. Logic tells us that since the government is already bankrupt due to corruption and excessive government spending, it has to sacrifice the productive and the successful. Unfortunately, there are a few employers and doctors who strongly support the RH bill, which is the brainchild of the leftists and statists in Congress. If this bill is so good, why is there a need to put a legal trap on employers and health care providers so to guarantee their obedience?
  • they institutionalize and legalize government control of the entire industry, medical profession, and education sector. First, the RH bill seeks to control the entire business industry. Section 17 of the bill details this horrible scheme. So once the fascist bill is approved, any potential or aspiring employer would be covered by it, which means that he/she would be legally regarded as an indirect government employee. The employers or companies who have the capacity (with more than 200 employees) would be mandated by law to “provide reproductive health services to all employees in their own respective health facilities.” This provision means that those employers and companies with more than 200 employees need to have their own “health facilities”, and this means additional expenses on the part of job-creators. On the other hand, employers with less than 200 employees shall enter into “partnerships with hospitals, health facilities, and/or health professionals in their areas for the delivery of reproductive health services.” Logic tells us that since employers and companies would be legally required to shoulder additional expenses, then they are justified to increase the prices of their products and/or services. Does anyone think of PRICE CONTROL?
  • they are against economic freedom. Both measures are against freedom in an economic context. Once the RH bill is approved, anyone who thinks of starting a business, whether big or small, should consider the measure’s punitive provisions, some necessary expenses, and the need to deal with government regulators. In the United States, hundreds companies left the Democratic-infested California because of the state’s too much regulations and anti-business policies. This is why I have been telling my blog readers that the bill is NOT simply about serving the alleged interests of the poor and women; it is PRIMARILY about MORE GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS. The bill is about nanny statism or BIG GOVERNMENT. Already, many foreign investors do not want to invest in the Philippines because of its high tax rates, excessive economic regulations, pro-employee labor courts, leftist-activist court justices, among others. The recently ranked  Philippines 148th in terms of ease in doing business and 156th in terms of starting business. In terms of paying taxes, the country has been ranked 124th. Corporations pay a total tax rate (% profit) of 45.8 percent!

My main problem with the pro-RH bill idiots is that they simply talk about the alleged welfare of the poor and women– the 2.5 million women who would be benefited by the bill, the 44 percent rate of unwanted pregnancies, among others– without trying to understand the bill’s consequences on their rights, freedom, and future, and on the entire economy.

In regard to universal health care, the following article details how the entire Canadian society tried to kill a baby boy through their support of the single-payer scheme.

Baby Joseph: the dark side of universal health care

While the political struggle over universal health care continues here in America, the deleterious effects of it have reared their heads again just across the border in Canada.

The Maraachli family of Ontario, Canada, was able to move their one-year-old, terminally ill son to St. Louis thanks to the anti-abortion group, Priests for Life, after a fruitless struggle with the Canadian health-care system. Baby Jospeh, after a medical review in St. Louis, will now undergo the procedure, but it’s an additional sacrifice the family and the boy sould have never had to undergo.

The family’s son, Joseph, is dying, and will die.  The boy is currently in a vegetative state and was to be transferred to the family’s home where he would be removed from life support.

The family, however, requested a tracheotomy to be performed on their son, so that he would die a more comfortable death, instead of the choking and gurgling that would likely accompany simply removing the breathing tube.  The request was refused because the procedure isn’t necessary, medically speaking.

This is the really scary part of state mandated and run health care: it’s controlled by the state—all of it.  They pay for it. (Well, you do, of course, through heavy taxes, but that’s just a formality).  They run it.  They, apparently, decide who dies when.

A lot of rhetoric about compassion and charity gets bandied about when talking about universal health care. “What about the poor people?”  “Health care shouldn’t only be for the rich.”  But now we see the flip side.

What constitutes health care—not to mention mercy—under state run health systems lies solely in the government’s hands.  A tracheotomy is not “medically necessary,” therefore it will not be performed…never mind that it’s a relatively simple, relatively inexpensive procedure; never mind that it could bring a calmer death to a young boy, or fulfill the wishes of a long-suffering family.  It’s not up to them, apparently.

Even further, by leaving for an American hospital in St. Louis (via the support of Priests for Life), the Maraachlis defied a court order to have their son removed from life support.  They are technically in violation of Canadian law, because a judge and a panel of bureaucrats and doctors decided that it was time for their son to die.

And that’s in the so-called compassionate and charitable system of health care.

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