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Atty. Francis “Bigote” “Balbas” Sababan: RIP

February 1, 2011

For those interested, here’s Atty. Sababan’s very rare lecture at the University of the East-College of Law. Many thanks to video owner Lei Tungpalan for sharing this clip. May you rest in peace, sir. Thanks for not failing me in Taxation II.

Here’s Atty. Sababan’s romantic poem…

The Heart Can’t Be Overruled

by Francis Sababan

The silent rhythm of midnight’s loneliness embraces the cold morning february,

as i lay down to sleep still you’re the last one in memory,

Our fate is like the road some are smooth, some are rought, but i couldn’t forget,

And i didn’t regret passing the road where we have met

As twilight shade begins to fall in the horizon,

My mind begins to wander under the silvery hue of the moon,

As midnight comes you are the actress of my fancy,

When the dawn comes as the sun wakes from it’s sleep it was just a fantasy.

When february moon tinsels the twigs and flowers are bathed with crystal dew,

As the February stars winks like a million flirting eyes with sparkling hue,

just the mere thought of you my heart jerks like a red heart of february,

And like the Flowers of May it glisten due to summer’s sunshine ray

The sun, moon and stars they can’t be as one yet they share the same light,

like our lives we may never be together yet we may share same fate or plight,

The seashores they will never meet yet they share the same water and sand,

Since i’ve seen you now I know I understand.

If the place where love comes from is the heart

Where love go? When it dies, or has gone far apart,

Back to the heart or has turned into tears, agaony, or pain,

‘Til I’ve met you now I realize the answer is no longer in vain

When the night is breathlessly quiet and the midnight breeze begins to whisper,

As I try to rationalize I shall be satisfied that in the future I’ve to remember,

That I’ve chosen to have just a drop of you than to forget,

I’d rather prefer just once than to live an eternity without it.

The best loves aren’t necessarily the one that last forever,

The one that made your life complete, the mind that can’t hold on but the heart could bear,

It’s the one that turned you a little bit crazy you’ve lost control,

Where the mind fails to prevail and the heart can’t be overruled.

Here’s a Facebook fan page for his students: Atty Sababan by Day, Francis by Night

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  1. Ana Cecilia D. Bautista permalink
    January 29, 2013 3:38

    It’s been two years. I was preparing to top the 2011 bar when I learned of it. Thank you very much, Atty. Francisco J. Sababan, for everything. 🙂

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