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How to Bitch-Slap a Stupid Statist

December 30, 2010

“I blog because I understand reality better than other people do. Otherwise, blogging would have been futile…”

Usually I don’t publicize the names of my critics or just curious observers (because not all people who dealt with me online deserve to be called ‘critics’). But in every rule there’s always an exception. The exception is: when my critics’ arguments appear to border on stupidity and insanity, and when they firmly believe they know what they’re talking about. In short, these kinds of critics are guilty of dishonesty and of blatant, conscious refusal to use their minds.

Now a Facebooker (technically a Facebook friend who simply added me on the most popular networking site and I don’t know why) engaged me in an online discussion. In response to a post, this Facebooker named Mia Garcia from Toronto, Ontario, Canada (according to her info), posted the following link It’s my blog entitled ‘What’s the Source of Communist Rebels’ Funds?’. The blog is about the communist rebels’ extortion demands and threats against big companies operating in the provinces. Then she asked: “so where did u got this from”

Instead of directly responding to her so absurd query I answered: “Is there any problem with the story?” The nature and tone of my reply shows that I fully understood her intention in trying to raise a particular issue: to challenge me on my position on the left’s revolutionary tax and to try to ruin my day. She failed on both counts.

She again asked: “hmmm … The question is … Do you believe …what was written ??”

I replied: “I would not have posted it. Do you have any problem with the facts presented therein?” This is the proper way to initiate a discussion with a leftist or any confused statist (a statist can be someone who believes in government intervention or in the power of the state to do good). To know whether this Mia Garcia knows the nature of the issue or topic, I had to ask whether she’s got any problem with the facts outlined in the article. Instead of making a direct response, she interposed another so absurd, non-responsive a statement, which simply shows that the leftists or highly confused statists don’t have the courage to deal with pointed questions.

Mia Garcia‘s response is: “first of all’s my theory … The money – WOW .. they could live luxury for that amount …and if they really received that kind of amount how come they were asking food from farmers and the GUNs it self ..why is that they were hijacki…ng police headquarters from Provinces and ransack all the weapons …..hmmm why oh why is that ?? Our Media Reports only delivered the TIP of the Story … I’m from Cebu .. I knew what’s the reason that bus was been burned .”

Observe that Mia Garcia didn’t even bother to support her claim with facts. It is true that the media usually make distorted reports, but what she doesn’t understand is the very fact that she had just made herself party to a great injustice- by turning a blind eye on the plight and misery of the leftist rebels’ victims.

So I made the following reply: “Are you saying that the “revolutionary tax” is a myth and does not exist. Are you saying that the companies and businessmen who are crying of extortion and threats are simply making lies. Are you saying that the small businessmen in the countryside, whose businesses were destroyed by the communists for failing or refusing to pay revolutionary taxes weren’t telling the truth?”

Though she didn’t categorically and directly say it, Mia Garcia was trying to insinuate or imply that the issue about the left’s “revolutionary tax” is simply part of the government’s propaganda against the Communist Party of the Philippines and its armed wing, the New People’s Army. She’s also trying to say that the media is part of the propaganda campaign against the CPP-NPA. This simply shows that Mia Garcia does not merely know what she’s talking about; she’s also a crude conspiracy theorist! Perhaps she’s not yet aware that most of the country’s media men have leftist tendencies. Most of them are leftist sympathizers! Perhaps she’s not reading some of the country’s news craps!

Since I made a very strong statement that’s answerable only by “Yes” or “No”, Mia Garcia tried to neutralize the situation, saying:

“Okay ..have to end this discussion .. I would rather shut-up my mouth or may be you have to pay me for the whole story.. Well seriously if you broth-up some topics , just don’t depend what you read and see … Now a days people just google …and started to speculate something that they never knew what’s behind from it .. Have a pleasant evening and hope to read more in your blog (”,)”

However, I knew that she’s going to resume the discussion, and she did. So I pressed her to answer my statement about the left’s revolutionary tax. I said: “ANSWER THE STATEMENT I MADE ABOVE because your comment constitutes a GREAT BLASPHEMY (not religious blasphemy) against those victimized by the NPA. And please cite any problem with the article.”

But instead of responding to my request, she made another absurd, unsupported statement: “Last one tip .. Our Arm forces are the most corrupt … it in their genes . And how many former NPA’s been murdered after they were surender their selves … hahaha you have to learn a lot more …:

Now that shows the nature of this Mia Garcia, whose name sounds like that of another blog critic, Miguel Garcia. Even though she didn’t have the courage and honesty to admit it, this stupid statist is either a leftist or a leftist-in-denial.

Here’s my reply:

Mia, kindly review your statement above. I’m from Ilocos and I personally witnessed as a kid the crimes of the NPA against some people and businesses. I know at least 8 persons murdered by NPA’s NEW RECRUITS. Their crimes? Land disputes and simple peeping tom.

As to her one “last tip” about the armed forces being corrupt”, I replied:  “I believe that. I blogged about that. But I don’t think that would justify the establishment of socialism or any form of statism in the Philippines. Again, kindly clarify your statement above. Are you saying that the “revolutionary tax” is a myth? A friend with me right now is saying: Subukan mong tumira sa probinsiya para malaman mo ang pinagsasabi mo!” Don’t you know that the NPA is a highly corrupt organization? Are you saying that the “revolutionary tax” doesn’t exist? Do you think that I don’t know of some people whose businesses were threatened by the NPA?”

To prove that I also detest the crimes and corruption of some people in the armed forces, I wrote the following blogs several years ago: Regime of Secrecy: Arroyo administration’s Latest Despotic DesignEsperon’s Destabilization Warning A FarceGloria’s Extraordinary RenditionThe Evil and Her Mongrels, and Arroyo Regime’s Mafia Society.

On Mia Garcia‘s highly stupid, sacrilegious drivel about the “murdered NPAs “after they surrendered their lives” (without even backing such a claim with solid facts, I said:

“For your information, the NPA rebels declared war not only against the government, but also against every freedom-loving individual in the Philippines! Yes, we have a corrupt government and AFP. I know that. This is not the system I want established here in RP. Our system is a mixed economy with more controls. What we have is not a free market system. And since they are at war with the AFP, they are simply asking for their annihilation. That’s why I want them annihilated! It’s you who don’t know what you’re talking about! So you want socialism instead? These people are armed, idiot! Are you saying that the military should deal with them as friends? If that’s the policy our government adopts, then we’re all FINISHED, STUPID!”

Here’s how Mia Garcia responded:

Where are from these days LOL .. I was been away 6 years in our country and you don’t know exactly what’s happening ..hmmm .. that why i insist you just be aware what outside and not just focusing in your blog.. 2 things possible happening r…ight now ..There’s a lot gangster out there been back up by high ranking official [ example .. Kuratong Gang ] you know them ?? The NPA been always been used those Stupid Folks… If you put your self out there in other provinces ..the rEal NPA were very poor and they don’t harm people as long you don’t harm them !”

Observe that the leftists’ and leftists-in-denial’s justification for the replacement of our current “corrupt government” with freedom-less and property rights-less socialism are the country’s corrupt officials who don’t even represent freedom and individual rights. They simply highlight the graft and corruption and betrayal of the Constitution by some government officials without even bothering to understand that socialism or any form of statism is 1000 times worse than the current setup. You don’t cure cancer by forcing the patient to drink poison. If the current political setup is what Jose Rizal considered social cancer; socialism is the poison.

Here’s my reply:

Mia Garcia said: “that why i insist you just be aware what outside and not just focusing in your blog..”

So what do you know outside, Mia? That there is no revolutionary tax? That the NPA does not resort to extortion? That socialism is better than our current system?

“What do you know outside that I don’t know yet? That the military should stop its war against the NPA? Are you saying that the NPA does not seek to turn this country into a socialist slave pen without property rights and individual rights?

“You said: “The NPA been always been used those Stupid Folks… If you put your self out there in other provinces ..the rEal NPA were very poor and they don’t harm people as long you don’t harm them !”

“Is that what you know “outside”? Are you saying that the NPA have legitimate complaints and cocerns? Are you saying that they should win their revolutionary war against the government? Is that what you want, idiot? So what if they’re poor? You want the government to provide them jobs? If they are poor, the solution is not to join the NPA. The solution is to work. FYI, I am a working student. I pay for my tuitions. I was a scholar in college and I didn’t pay a single cent in my school, which is a private institution. In college of law I was a scholar in first year. I didn’t pay a single cent. What I’m saying is that the rebels should move their ass and work!”

Mia Garcia‘s reply:

“gusshh .. I need more coffee ..I hate reading all your statement .. I’m not a reading though ..give one minute i have make coffee for my self.. take it easy …”

My answer: “Because you don’t know anything. You don’t even know what you’re talking about, Mia.”

Mia Garcia: “hmmm… really or maybe …”

For once, this stupid statist said something true!

My reply:

“I’m very much disappointed that I haven’t yet met a debater who’s willing to answer direct questions. A debater who doesn’t resort to evasion and context-dropping. A ESTEEMED debater who doesn’t just make absurd claims like “look at reality”, “don’t just focus on your blog,” etc. But when pressed to argue their case, it appears that they know nothing about their stupid drivel.”

Here’s how this Mia Garci stupidly responded: “Correction … I’m not born to become a * DEBATER* I actually born for a reason …to face the reality and ..thanks by the way -entertaining me this morning … smile !”

My reply: “Haha! The term “debater”, Mia, is a generalized term. It can apply to anyone. I’m not saying you’re a debater. That’s the problem with some people- they lack understanding of concepts. I remember this guy who engaged me in a debate/discussion on my blog. I posted this statement to remind him of the proper way to deal with anyone in a debate (or even in an informal discussion): “To paraphrase Sun Tzu: Know your enemy and know yourself.” His reply exposes his utter stupidity. He said: “you’re really funny….hihhi you are the only one thinking you are the enemy here..” That’s how you people think… Yet you try to claim you understand reality. I blog because I understand reality better than other people do. Otherwise, blogging would have been futile…”

Now here’s my advice to Mia Garcia and my future critics:

“First, in order to win a debate or any discussion, whether formal or informal, you should first know your facts. If you try to debate a particular premise or statement, be ready with your evidence/proof. It’s a no-no to make unsupported claims. In your first statement, you were claiming that the revolutionary tax is a myth or doesn’t exist. That’s a big insult and disrespect to the people and businessmen victimized by the left. I know you have great sympathy with the leftist rebels. Yet you should know they have declared war on the government. You should also know that the businessmen didn’t declare war on the left. Their only sin is the fact that they’re successful… The only claim of the left is the fact that they’re LAZY and don’t want to work for a living. They only want to steal the wealth and goods from the successful and productive. That’s what they’re doing, Mia. Any form of revolution cannot be justified by illegal acts like extortion, threats, intimidation, and even blatant murder.”

7 Comments leave one →
  1. xyxy permalink
    January 2, 2011 3:38

    >Mia Garcia: “hmmm… really or maybe …”

    Is she on crack or something? “Bitch slap” is the perfect word/s to describe this encounter. Good job!

  2. December 11, 2011 3:38

    “You don’t cure cancer by forcing the patient to drink poison”. What a great analogy, very accurate when describing the absurdity of the average leftist’s or statist’s highly biased, and intellectually dishonest prescription for a better society at large.

    I’m glad you pick your fights carefully because I’ve also heard, “Never argue with a fool, because he will drag you down to his level, and then beat you with experience.” I’m more often guilty of arguing with the intellectually bankrupt or dishonest (fools) than not. But reading your blog often helps me put better into words my views, many of which are nearly identical. Thank you.

    • December 11, 2011 3:38

      Thanks. Sometimes the lefists’ or statists’ evil ideas and premises need to be challenged.

  3. July 17, 2013 3:38

    the name Mia Garcia sounds like a pseudonym, it sounded to me you were arguing with yourself, You claimed to be a ” blogger” , enjoys intellectual conversations, smart, but in fact it sounds like your existence is a farce. Best Regards and welcome to the real world.

    • July 17, 2013 3:38

      LOL! That’s funny… You can contact her here—

      My last conversation with her was on April 20. Yes, she is a “Facebook friend”.

      You may view it here—

      Now go back home and drink you kool aid!

  4. July 18, 2013 3:38

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  5. July 18, 2013 3:38

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