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Collective Ignorance: The Root of Dictatorship and Economic Chaos

December 27, 2010
Collective ignorance kills!

Collective ignorance kills!

Here’s my concluding remark on my online debate with a highly confused Filipino statist named Tet Gallardo, a strong supporter of socialism (without Karl Marx) and the RH bill:

Collective Ignorance kills!

The people who are stupidly, ignorantly unaware of their own contradictions are the ones who are pushing this nation to political and economic disaster. It is very ironic that people like Tet Gallardo whine about oligarchy or the so-called cartels and monopolies, yet it is government intervention and controls, which they have been clamoring for, that caused and are causing the rise of the oligarchs and government-backed cartels and monopolies.

What they fail and refuse to see and understand is the fact that government controls and intervention into the economy are the very source of their complaints: corporatism and the rule of a few politically-connected economic elites.

It was the clamor of the people in 1986 that led to the implementation of our protectionist and interventionist New Constitution that permits the political elites to arbitrarily intervene into the economy, to provide special favors and privileges to a lucky few, to guarantee the business risks of a few politically-favored businessmen, to lend public money to cronies and well-connected investors, among others. There is this monstrous monopoly of the country’s power sector by the privileged Independent Power Producers (IPP), including other government-backed cartels in other public utility sectors, because of excessive government intervention into the economy. Ironically, instead of doing the right thing- that is, by limiting the size of our government- the stupid people want more government intervention.

More government controls and intervention into the economy means more powers would be placed in the hands of our statist politicians, which means the more the latter would be justified to use such an arbitrary power according to their whims and caprices.

There are certainly stupid people like Tet Gallardo who claim that the “free market system is a myth”, yet they simply ignore the fact that most of their fellow statists and leftists have recently made an outrageous assertion that it was “unbridled free market capitalism” that caused the 2008 global economic crisis. If free market system is a myth, then it logically means that their ideological ancestor, Karl Marx, was merely attacking a straw man.

The people who ask for more government interference simply don’t know that the object of their demand is more arbitrary, non-objective government powers. Yet whenever they attack the government for its failures, they are stupidly unaware of the fact that the source of our nation’s crisis is nothing but their collective idiocy.

Now, a good real-world example I can give is the case of seven major mining companies operating in some parts of the

What a bunch of stupid people!

What a bunch of stupid people!

country that threaten to pull out due to extortion by the leftist New People’s Army and excessive government regulations and controls, which make it impossible for them to operate. The mining companies said they could no longer meet high extortion demands from the communist rebels, and they have turned to the Armed Forces for help. But of course! It is the duty of the AFP to protect individual rights, including the property rights and business activities of private companies. It was revealed that the guerrillas raised their annual “revolutionary tax” to P20 million each next year from P15 million, and the targets of the leftist extortion are the seven mining companies simply because they earn big!

An Inquirer report said that Rebel leader Jorge Madlos said during the Communist Party of the Philippines’ 42nd anniversary program in Surigao del Sur on Sunday that miners should compensate the communities and protect the environment or face attacks. This echoes that popular leftist rhetoric that the rich and successful must contribute to the greater good and compensate the communities.

Another problem that haunts not only the mining firms but all big business firms in the country is excessive government intervention. For instance, the provincial government of South Cotabato passed an environmental code that bans open pit mining, drawing flak from parties whose projects may be consequently derailed. The controversial code’s aim is to protect the welfare of the province’s constituents and ensure the “sustainability” of their environment.

As a result of this local government regulation, Sagittarius Mines Inc., whose $5.2-billion Tampakan copper-gold project may be derailed.

The question is: How can this country achieve economic progress with such crass environmental-statist mentality? May their statist code be damned!


Filipino Statist Tet Gallardo’s Last Hurrah: An Epic Fail!

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