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The Clash Between Two Evils: Anti-contraception theocrats vs. Anti-rights Fascists

November 26, 2010

Someone asked me the following question on my Formspring account: ”

... But some people have a distorted concept of rights.

... But some people have a distorted concept of rights.

What should we do if some activist group started to push for the criminalization of contraceptives?

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Here’s my reply:

The only proper way to counter this activist group is to engage in intellectual debate and discussion (through blogs, discussion, online campaign, etc.) We are all engaged in a battle of ideas. Since this issue- and every issue, I must say- is both intellectual and ideological, the opposing party must have enough intellectual ammunition in order to expose what’s wrong with the ideas, beliefs and motives of this anti-contraception activist group.

We cannot ask the government to outlaw these people for simply embracing some bizarre beliefs just as we cannot outlaw people who hold communist or anti-freedom ideals. Besides I don’t think these people will succeed in the end because outlawing the use of contraceptives is, in my opinion, unconstitutional. Also, it is immoral, unethical and irrational to barge or gate-crash into some people’s gathering or affair in order to impose one’s beliefs or to intimidate.

Our former leaders and intellectuals have utterly failed us. They established a semi-fascist, politically correct, anti-secular and ‘progressive’ constitution that compromised and continue to compromise our freedom, individual rights and future. How and why did this happen? It’s because no one stood up and had the courage to identify the collective stupidity of the framers of our 1987 charter. That’s why I’ve been saying that a free society is an informed society.

Today, we have religious conservatives who push for anti-contraception campaigns because of their mystical beliefs. However, their loudest opponents- the leftists and the Filipino Freefarters- cannot be trusted in this regard because of their big government and welfare state agenda.

In effect, there are two evil camps that try to rob us of our freedom and rights:

  1. The religious conservatives who push for their anti-family planning and anti-contraception campaigns. These people sacrifice individual rights and freedom of choice to mystical beliefs and revelations.
  2. The communists and the Filipino Freefarters and their mindless cohorts who oppose these religious conservatives and champion a statist, neo-fascist brand of ‘secularism’. In fact, they are worse than the religious conservatives because their political agenda completely contravenes individual rights and freedom. Their concept of “freedom of choice” is utterly distorted and perverted, as they believe that the state must provide perhaps almost everything the people need.

The true concept of freedom of choice is that every individual is entitled to act and to choose his actions according to his rational self-interest so long as he abstains from violating the rights of others. There can be no ‘freedom of choice’ when the government takes the property or money of other people in order to serve the welfare of the poor or the have-nots. There can be no ‘freedom of choice’ when the government resorts to force and compulsion. I believe there should be no conflict of interests among rational men.


French Founders to 1987 Constitution Framers: IGNORAMUSES!

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