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Further Comments on Commie-Farters Versus Anti-RH bill Catholics Issue

November 25, 2010

A Facebook friend posted this freefarter YouTube video on his Facebook wall. The clip attracted several comments from a

It's COMMON SENSE, farters and commies...

It's COMMON SENSE, farters and commies...

pro-Reproductive Health bill fanatic who sympathizes with the commies and Filipino Freefarters and condemns the anti-RH bill Catholics.

This pro-RH bill fanatic who ‘somehow’ maintains a position that the Filipino Freefarters, a welfare statist organization hiding behind the cover of atheism, science, reason and reason, and its partner-in-stupidity, the Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines, should have been allowed or tolerated to attend an anti-RH bill “discernment mass” held at Manila Cathedral early this week. This pro-population control fanatic wrote:

But do you agree that, having an OPEN INVITATION TO THE PUBLIC and NOT ALLOWING THE FF (Freefarters) &DWSP (socialist women) is a logical contradiction?

Do you agree that the church & Pro-life were at fault? (open invitation and everything)

Do you agree that FF&DWSP were not “demanding” entry to the church?

Do you agree that the FF & DWSP in no way impinged, encroached and violated the property rights of the owner of the church, within the correct context (open invitation) of the whole scenario?

Here’s my response:

There’s only one answer to this farting issue: COMMON SENSE.

First, the Church is an organization, a religious organization to be very specific. It being an organization like the Freefarters and the CPP-NPA, made a strong position on this issue: OPPOSE THE RH BILL AT ALL COST. So there’s no need to argue whether the Church is open to anyone or any group during that day in question. Only lunatics like the freefarters and the leftists would try their best to argue and rationalize that they had the right to attend that event.

Second, the so-called “discernment mass” was organized by an anti-RH bill Catholic organization, which follows the position of the Roman Catholic Church. It would have been so absurd and so crude if they posted: “Only anti-RH bill Catholics are allowed to attend.” Common sense, folks. I and Manuel Auingan and Joshua Lipana and the rest of my free-marketer friends won’t even think of barging or gate-crashing into a pro-RH bill gathering of commies and freefarters simply because we’re not hippies and irrationalists. Only lunatics would do such a despicable thing.

Third, such an event or gathering is part of the Church’s freedom to practice its religion. It’s part of its advocacy and religious teachings. That anti-RH bill organization headed by Mr. Manalang (see related blog below) was sanctioned by the Church, otherwise they would not have been allowed to hold their affair at Manila Cathedral. There’s no such thing as pro-RH bill Catholic organization because the SANCTION comes from the RCC or the Vatican City as a whole. Is this difficult to understand? The FF and the Women Socialist Party or whatever also made their respective positions on this matter: Support the RH bill at all cost. Any stance that does not represent or follow the position of an organization is deemed not part of that organization. That’s the general rule.

Fourth, it’s very clear that the Catholic event was called anti-RH bill “discernment mass”. The nature of this mass should have somehow informed the lunatic commies and freefarters that they were not allowed to join that event even if the invitation read: “everyone is cordially invited”. Common sense should have told them that had they been allowed or invited to attend the mass, that would have defeated its purpose. That’s why it’s called “DISCERNMENT MASS”, not “discussion mass” or “debate mass”.

And finally, the freefarters and the leftists are INTELLECTUALLY BANKRUPT!


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  1. Clyde Krista permalink
    February 25, 2011 3:38

    pra sa gusto ipatupad ang RH bill., like sex., marami kaya ang disadvantages pag naipatupad na ang RH bill.,do you agree even young minds tuturuan na about sex education? do you agree na ang pag Abort maging free? also that’s a murder na., and that’s what God saids “forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing”., RH bill for me is a big sin., ang i don’t agree with this.

  2. Clyde Krista permalink
    February 25, 2011 3:38

    We have to move! before it’s to late., let’s fight Rh bill.,


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