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Public Education is Anti-Freedom and Anti-Rights

November 23, 2010

Most of my Facebook friends say, “they get it”, referring to ordinary Americans. Of course, the typical Americans get it, but not America’s elites who obtained their education from elite schools. These political and intellectual elites who continue to push for public education are the ideological descendants of Horace Mann, the father of compulsory state-funded education in the United States. Like America’s ruling and intellectual elites today, Horace Mann was a product of an elite education.

Of course, most Filipinos don’t get it, because they’re led to believe that welfare statism is what our country needs and fed with mediocrity and lies by the country’s political and intellectual elites who are both morally and intellectually bankrupt. The Filipinos need a choice. They need someone and some people to tell them the truth. All these public education mediocrity and anti-intellectualism are products of the so-called elite educational institutions.

The video above is about American parents who beg their statist politicians to give them a choice. One might say: “You keep electing statist Democrats so deal with it.”

Here’s a good YouTube comment from WhereIsCommonSense: “I wish these people would realize that the school system they’re stuck with is the product of how they have voted in the past. If you want the school system to change, vote for those that are willing to change it and not those who have a financial interest in defending the Union-centered status quo. I appreciate the protest because it shows me that people are awakening. Now all they have to do is stop voting for politicians, at every level of Government, that have sold their souls to the NEA.”

Let me borrow that line and tell the Filipinos: “I wish you people would realize that the school system you’re stuck with is the product of how you voted in the past.” Don’t blame your politicians for bringing you disasters. Blame yourself first!



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