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Formspring Answers #2: Capitalism, Free-Farters, Starbucks, Euthanasia, and Obama

November 7, 2010

Here are some of the questions I answered on my Formspring account (I made some minor editing):

What are your thoughts about the black sand mining in Cagayan? They quarry black sand from no one else’s property near the China sea. If this will continue, the place will be more prone to flood. Though I don’t know if these miners got permit.

I’m not familiar with the facts of this case, but you know very well that like you (the questioner is a friend), I’m an advocate of free market system. Since this issue touches the Philippine legal setup we have to consider our laws and regulations even though most, if not all, of them are against the free market system. I believe that with or without permit, people will still have to go about their daily chores and conduct their own business. The only difference is the amount of money that one has to pay to the state and the degree of regulation that one has to suffer. But I believe that in a free-market system, the enlisting or enrollment of one’s business is necessary to protect one’s interest against breach of contract, infraction of intellectual property rights, or in case of tort cases, payment of damages, and so on.

In the present case, let the miners conduct and mind their own business. But if we were a free-market country, what is needed is the enlistment of one’s business, which is not entirely synonymous to permit, because our “permit” mechanism operates as an initial form of regulation. Enlistment or whatever term with the same purpose (to enlist a business entity) is important so as the government or anyone may be able to go after these miners or the companies in case of violation of individual rights or damages done to the people who live nearby the place, or in case of industrial disaster caused by abusive mining activities. Thus, what I’m saying is that we should let the free market system operate, but we have to enforce the rule of law to punish rights-violators in case of violation of other people’s rights, industrial disaster, etc. and make them pay huge amount of damages.

However, since we are a mixed economy, they have to follow the law. They have to obtain permits with the local government, and if they caused flooding or any man-made natural disaster due to abusive or imprudent mining operations, they have to face the full force of the law and pay huge amount of damages.


Ferdinand Marcos. Yay or Nay?


Marcos is being credited for somehow lessening the influence of the CPP-NPA. But I’m not that too credulous to believe that he only wanted to eradicate the left. The left should not be taken as a justification to prolong one’s stay in power, to pervert the proper role of government and to violate the citizens’ individual rights.

Minarchist or Anarcho-capitalist?

I am neither. I’m an Objectivist.

What do you think of vegans? Or PETA?

Of vegans: I think they have the right to eat whatever they want. They have a right to eat anything green. Of PETA: I think they’re hippies or beatniks who deserve public ridicule.

Why are you calling the freethinkers “free-farters”? Isn’t it too much?

It’s because they are free-farters. They have a perverted, distorted concept of reason. They are wrong on every social program they support and advocate like the RH bill. They support the establishment of big government or neo-fascist government in this country. They don’t understand the concept of rights and freedom. They are statists.

And it’s because there’s no such a thing as theist movement. I’m an atheist but I don’t think my atheism is a big deal. Atheism is not a philosophy. It should not be made a movement or a fellowship of nihilists. If the free-farters had any brains, they’d understand that the so-called freethought is nothing but an “atheistic philosophy.” And there’s no such thing as an atheist philoslophy.


What should we do with the informal settlers in this country?


Since they are “informal settlers” or squatters, the government must enforce our law. Their lowly condition should not be taken as a justification to allow them to continue to violate the property rights of others. These “informal settlers” are, in the eyes of the law, property rights violators. They should not take advantage of their obscure economic status to disregard the rights of others. So in my opinion if they’re facing cases of eviction, then the government has to enforce the law. There is no such a thing as the right to squat or the right to take away the property of others. It is not the fault of the property owner that the occupiers of his property are poor or homeless.

If the government wants to help the homeless or informal settlers, the best thing it can do is guarantee economic freedom, decontrol, repeal some of our interventionist laws, cancel its plan to enact antitrust law, and protect property rights. The Philippines dropped further in ‘doing business’ global ranking because of poor economic freedom in the country, corruption and bribery, the protectionist nature of our constitution and laws, and too much corporate taxes and regulations.

What’s your favorite Starbucks coffee?

Hot Caramel Macchiato. I also love Tazo Passion Iced Tea.

Well, I choose Starbucks because I love coffee. Second, because Starbucks reminds me the beauty of free-market capitalism. People, young and old, go to Starbucks despite the high price of its products because they have the freedom of choice. The company respects its employees and strives to provide quality products and good service to its costumers. If people at Starbucks won’t do their job well, they go broke.

What is your take on the MTRCB?

The MTRCB must be abolished. I believe that the free-market system is the best form of censorship. If the so-called moralists don’t want a particular movie and tv show, they have the choice not to watch it or to form a private organization with the task of attacking ‘immoral’ films or tv shows.

What’s your opinion on euthanasia?

Everybody has the right to die or to go to hell, so I’m in favor of euthanasia.

What do you think of the Zeitgeist movement? Does it make sense?

No, it doesn’t.

Follow-up question: Why not?

It’s because it presents a “malevolent universe.” It’s because of its mystical and utterly anti-capitalist theme. It’s because of its many ideological and moral contradictions. The enemy, according to this film, is capitalism. It’s just like Michael Moore’s “Capitalism: A Love Story.”

Is this a good description of Obama’s economic policies?

(The questioner is asking my opinion on this youtube video)

It is. And it is called redistribution of wealth or spreading the wealth as he described it himself. Ideologically, Obama’s economic policy can be summed up to this Marxist creed: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. Redistribution of wealth is just the means to an end. The strategy is to cripple the market, to set up state controls and regulations so to tie the whole industry hand and foot, making it unable to solve its troubles, then declare that freedom has failed and stronger controls are necessary. Hence, the goal is to establish big government or socialism/fascism wherein the people become dependent on the state, which holds absolute political power over the lives of citizens.

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  1. November 16, 2010 3:38

    “It’s because they are free-farters. They have a perverted, distorted concept of reason. They are wrong on every social program they support and advocate like the RH bill. They support the establishment of big government or neo-fascist government in this country. They don’t understand the concept of rights and freedom. They are statists.”

    man, that’s kinda harse lol! what i really like about you is your honesty. you go straight to the point. you don’t care whether you hit a certain group of people. but i like it and honest i’m beginning to learn a lot of things specially about “rights”, capitalism, morality, politics, and objectivism. i’m gonna get a copy of atlas shrugged tom!

  2. November 17, 2010 3:38

    Yay another loud and opinionated article writer. Pass.

    • November 17, 2010 3:38

      you must be another freethinker troll and hater. what makes him opinionated and what makes you not opinionated? or- what makes a person opinionated?

      i think it’d be more proper if you present your case against the blogger’s argument and do not simply make some gibberish because it’s so obvious that you’re moved by “hate”.

  3. Jose Hidalgo permalink
    November 19, 2010 3:38

    And why is Atheism not a Philosophy?


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