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Formspring Answers

November 4, 2010

You may ask any kind of question on my Formspring account.

Finally I decided to open my Formspring account just for fun. It took me a few minutes to finish the necessary ritual and when I posted it on Facebook, one of my friends quipped I have to be ready for my online critics who are mostly leftists or statists. Well, I just realized that I gained more enemies and passionate critics than friends for publishing critical, uncompromising blog articles. We all owe it to the great minds who discovered and invented wireless technology, computers, and the Internet. Really, the Internet is the new Agora of the modern civilization. Because of its accessibility and availability, critical and incriminating blogs, online bullying, pornography, social network activities, online games, etc. are now parts of our daily lives. So we have no recourse but to deal with reality.

Now I grant you your right to ask. Here are some of the questions I answered on Formspring and it’s kind of disappointing that once you posted your answer it’s no longer editable.

What do you think will happen to the Freethinkers in 10 years time?

If the country’s altruist-collectivist trend continues- if more and more people believe in welfare statism- if more and more intellectuals preach collectivism, anti-rights dogmatism, altruism, I think that the Freethinkers would be able to attract more supporters and even enter politics in 10 years time. Hitler and his Nazi Party did just that. They are the beneficiaries of the country’s moral and political climate, wherein people believe they have a right to welfare programs and almost everything they need in life and that the government must control business and regulate our freedom for the sake of the greater good. Based on its socio-political advocacy, the Freethinkers is an atheistic, mystical movement that supports welfare-statism, government spending, state control, and big government. These type of people are the country’s neo-fascists, and I’ve presented the correct historical and ideological definition of fascism here

Cite one common myth about Capitalism.

That capitalism leads to slavery because under this system the fascists and the corporatists take control of the government.

What do you think about thegreatcommune’s statement, “Freedom has limits, and yes, we have to limit freedom and ever obliterate it for the sake of the good of the many!” and why is he wrong?

Who/what the hell is that? Whatever that is, thegreatcommune is insane who has not yet reached the conceptual level of cognition. Animals are perceptual beings.

What is your opinion on people who engage in bestiality?

They’re so disgusting!

Is there such a thing as “animal rights”?

There’s NONE!!! Only individual human beings have rights!

Would you rather be a famous musician or a famous actor?

Musician is defined as a “a person who is talented or skilled in music”. I can sing and I can compose songs. I can also throw a lousy act. The answer is neither.

What’s your favorite non-fiction work by Ayn Rand?

Atlas Shrugged, of course! Followed by The Fountainhead.

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  1. xyxy permalink
    November 5, 2010 3:38

    ” Well, I just realized that I gained more enemies and passionate critics than friends for publishing critical, uncompromising blog articles. ”

    Dug this from the Freethinkers’ site: … ok, I think that’s a bit too much.

    I think you should start backing up your site, just in case 🙂

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