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Debunking the ‘Guiding Principles’ of the Fascist RH Bill and the Sick Mind of Edcel Lagman

October 10, 2010

The supporters and advocates of a controversial legislative proposal don’t have a clue. The so dangerous and so divisive

The supporters of a fascist bill don't have a clue... It's fascism, stupid!

The supporters of a fascist bill don't have a clue... It's fascism, stupid!

Reproductive Health bill authored by a statist in Congress is all about Fascism and Statism! There’s only one explanation why the strongest supporters and advocates of this anti-reason, anti-science and anti-freedom bill come from the academia, the media institutions, and the country’s intellectual hub- it’s because of intellectual bankruptcy! Most people who passionately and desperately push for the passage of this bill are educated and professionals. Well, it’s no surprise why most socialists/leftists are college graduates or students from public colleges and universities.

The RH bill is legendary for its Orwellian double-talk. It talks about the “right of the people” to reproductive health care, “free delivery” people’s RH needs, “informed choice”, “human rights”, etc. as if these terminologies have no exact, objective meaning at all. This bill is also about the perversion of the proper concept of rights.

Now let me address the “Guiding Principles” of this fascist bill. Section 3 of the RH bill enumerates these “basic guiding principles.”

a. In the promotion of reproductive health, there should be no bias for either modern or natural methods of family planning;

ANSWER: Don’t we all have the freedom to practice family planning? Is anyone or any group denying us this right to family planning? Lagman and his blind supporters might point to the Catholic Church. But does the Church have any political power to arrest and then detain people who practice family planning? In the place where I live, nearly all households have about two to three children. Most people I know only want to have two to three children.  What then is the ideal family size for a single household? One might say: How about the poor and uneducated people. The only way to help them is through proper, voluntary “education.” There are private institutions that offer free family planning education. This is the only way!

b. Reproductive health goes beyond a demographic target because it is principally about health and rights;

ANSWER: The RH bill is not about health and rights, because it’s anti-rights and anti-health. Please read my posts here.

c. Gender equality and women empowerment are central elements of reproductive health and population development;

ANSWER: Oh, yeah! That leftist/liberal gender rhetoric! How would the government empower women and achieve gender equality? Can the Congress legislate gender equality and women empowerment? Don’t we have gender equality in this country? If men abused women or their wives, all we have to do is enforce the rule of law. Jail those who practice domestic violence!

d. Since manpower is the principal asset of every country, effective reproductive health care services must be given primacy to ensure the birth and care of healthy children and to promote responsible parenting;

ANSWER: This is full of contradictions and undefined assumptions. It’s true that manpower is one asset of any nation, but such an element of economic progress would be futile if the state/government enslaved or unjustly controlled the wealth-creators (the businessmen and health care providers). Excessive control and regulation is the fundamental characteristic of the RH bill. People only need to read the bill and understand its intents and provisions to know how it would lead to fascism. If the RH bill supporters read and clearly understood the provisions of the bill, they would know that the main provider of RH care services is not the state but these two groups of wealth-creators: businessmen and health care providers, plus the taxpayers. Like I said, this fascist bill would trigger massive medical brain drain and exodus of business people and professionals.

e. The limited resources of the country cannot be suffered to, be spread so thinly to service a burgeoning multitude that makes the allocations grossly inadequate and effectively meaningless;

ANSWER: This means Lagman and his socialist ilk believe in the fallacy of shrinking resources. There’s no doubt that our natural resource would shrink if the government continued to curtail innovation through regulatory edicts and legislative controls. But the government cannot legislate innovation, as it is the corollary of a country’s respect for freedom and individual rights, as well as just implementation of objective rule of law. A rule of law must be just and objective- not regulative, interventionist, or unreasonable- for it to support individual freedom, rights and liberty. Observe that most countries with less freedom and that disrespect property rights (including intellectual property rights) are poor. Also, observe that most educated people and professionals from poor countries migrate to countries with more freedom and more respect for individual rights (rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness).

In this blog I wrote the following: “I don’t believe in shrinking resources. There are shrinking resources because man’s freedom is shrinking. What do I mean by this? If world governments allowed economic freedom to flourish and if the stupid environmentalists and their nihilist cohorts (e.g., the secular humanists, freethinkers, and religious people) stayed at bay and kept their stupidity a private matter, there would have been a new technological and scientific renaissance on earth. Technological and scientific development is only possible in a free society. By free society I mean an informed society. A society that does not regard man as a sacrificial animal or the means to the ends of others. And we would only be able to achieve a free society if men truly understood the real essence and concept of reason.”

f. Freedom of informed choice, which is central to the exercise of any right, must be fully guaranteed by the State like the right itself;

ANSWER: We are all entitled to “informed choice.” But freedoms and rights should not clash with each other. Yes, we must have “freedom of informed choice”, which we as a people in this country already have, but we don’t have the right to ask our government to enslave some groups of people (employers and health care providers) in order to provide us our RH care needs. A right fundamentally means “a right of action” or “right of action”, not a right to something. You have a right to do whatever you want to do, but you don’t have any right to use force or compulsion. An RH bill provision mandating employers (Section 17) to “provide for the free delivery” of “reasonable quantity of reproductive health care services, supplies and devices to all workers, more particularly women workers” is a violation of the rights of employers. The purpose of a CBA (collective bargaining agreement) is to settle the disputes and clash of interests between an employer and his workers. But this bill makes it MANDATORY for ALL companies and establishments, including those without CBA and unions, to provide free RH care services to their workers.

g. While the number and spacing of children are left to the sound judgment of parents and couples based on their personal conviction and religious beliefs, such concerned parents and couples, including unmarried individuals, should be afforded free and full access to relevant, adequate and correct information on reproductive health and human sexuality and should be guided by qualified State workers and professional private practitioners;

ANSWER: Here, the bill speaks of “free and full access to relevant, adequate and correct information on reproductive health and human sexuality…” What kind of “access” is this fascist bill asking for? Then it states that this “correct information” should be “guided by “qualified State workers and professional private practitioners.” And who will pay for the salary of these “qualified State workers”? The taxpayers, of course. So according to this fascist proposal, government health employees would be given additional job. That is, to provide sex education and correct RH information to couple and unmarried individuals. But how will “professional private practitioners” get compensated? Section 18 of the bill takes care of this problem. Section 18 speaks of enslaving the “private reproductive health care providers, including but not limited to gynecologists and obstetricians”, as they are “encouraged to join their colleagues in non-government organizations in rendering such services FREE OF CHARGE or at REDUCED PROFESSIONAL RATES to indigent and low income patients” (emphasis added). The insulting word here is “encouraged”.  What if the private health care providers refused to join their colleagues in non-government organizations? Would they be penalized?

h. Reproductive health, including the promotion of breastfeeding, must be the joint concern of the National Government and Local Government Units(LGUs);

ANSWER: So even the state must be concerned with the “promotion of breast-feeding”! What a fantastic idea! This particular fascist proposal- actually all of Edcel Lagman’s (author of the bill) proposals- reeks of the stench of the Program of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party of fascist Adolf Hitler. Section 21 of the Nazi program states: “The State must raise the level of national health by means of mother-and-child care, the banning of juvenile labor, achievements of physical fitness through legislation for compulsory gymnastics and sports, and maximum support for all organizations providing physical training for young people.”

i. Protection and promotion of gender equality, women empowerment and human rights, including reproductive health rights, are imperative;

ANSWER: Again, I repeat what I stated above. How will the government empower women and achieve gender equality? Can the Congress legislate gender equality and women empowerment? Don’t we have gender equality in this country? If men abused women or their wives, all we have to do is enforce the rule of law. Jail those who practice domestic violence! How about the “human rights” of the people who would be forced under this bill? What about their “informed choice?”

j. Development is a multi-faceted process that calls for the coordination and integration of policies, plans, programs and projects that seek to uplift the quality of life of the people, more particularly the poor, the needy and the marginalized;

ANSWER: Development can only be achieved through more respect for freedom and of individual rights in this country. There can be no development with the proposed implementation of a fascist bill that seeks to control, enslave, and sacrifice the wealth-creators (businessmen and health care providers). Now you may disagree with the term “wealth-creator” here but let me tell you that without businesses and providers of job, this country would definitely be reduced to a stinking hellhole overnight! You must be familiar with the economic condition in Haiti. According to the Heritage Foundation’s 2010 Index of Economic Freedom, Haiti, which is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and one of the world’s least developed nations, scored 50.8 in terms of economic freedom, making its economy the 141st freest in this year’s index. Economic regulation is rampant in Haiti that starting a business takes an average of 195 days, compared to the world average of 35 days. Securing a business license also takes about five times longer than the world average of 218 days. Corruption is also rampant in Haiti as it ranks 177th out of 169 countries in the 2007 Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. Foreign investors are afraid to do business in Haiti because of its reputation as the world’s most corrupt countries.

On the other hand, the Philippines, according to 2010 Index of Economic Freedom, has an economic freedom score of 56.3, making its economy the 109th freest in the 2010 Index. Our country ranks 20th out of 41 countries in the Asia–Pacific region, and its overall score is slightly below the world and regional averages. This is why I said that development is not possible and not even forthcoming without freedom and without respecting individual rights. This is the reason why I said that this bill, if ever enacted, would trigger massive medical brain drain and exodus of business people and professionals.

k. Active participation by and thorough consultation with concerned non-government organizations (NGOs), people’s organizations (POs) and communities are imperative to ensure that basic policies, plans, programs and projects address the priority needs of stakeholders;

ANSWER: I have a good suggestion: What if all pro-RH bill supporters and proponents would just form an organization or an NGO concerned with free delivery of correct RH information and RH care services to the people? Is this not a great altruist idea? I also have another suggestion: Since most of you really believed in the mythical “overpopulation” problem, why not seek mass ligation (for women) and vasectomy (for men). The medical expenses shall be shouldered by anti-RH bill people!

l. Respect for, protection and fulfillment of reproductive health rights seek to promote not only the rights and welfare of adult individuals and couples but those of adolescents’ and children’s as well; and

ANSWER: How about respect for the people who would be immolated, enslaved and sacrificed under this fascist bill? Also, this so-called “reproductive health” is NOT a right! You all have the right to undergo ligation or vasectomy, but you don’t have any right at all to tell medical practitioners: “I want it for free or else you’d go to jail!” The “right” you’re all prattling on about simply means the state or the government has to coerce or force certain groups of people to provide the poor or women with their RH care needs for free or at reduced rate. Fascism is what the bill is all about. Better read the bill and understand its provisions and intents!

m. While nothing in this Act changes the law on abortion, as abortion remains a crime and is punishable, the government shall ensure that women seeking care for post-abortion complications shall be treated and counseled in a humane, non-judgmental and compassionate manner.

ANSWER: I believe in the woman’s right to seek abortion. Again, we do not share the religionist view against this fascist bill. This battle is not between a group of religious fanatics and pro-RH bill hippies and socialists. This fight is about freedom versus fascism or dictatorship!




Secularists Against the RH Bill: WHAT WE BELIEVE IN?

I believe that I have to clarify “our” secular views or arguments against the fascist Reproductive Health bill. This is to counter the claim of most ignorant statist and dishonest proponents/supports of the RH bill that most or even all opponents of the bill are religionists or Catholics. We offer secular arguments against RH bill. Meaning, our secular arguments are founded on reason, individualism and free-market capitalism, not on faith or mysticism.

Reproductive Health Bill: A Fascist Bill!

We have to fight this bill by exposing its many contradictions and evil intents to violate our individual rights and freedom. We are all engaged in a battle of ideas. I oppose this bill not because it’s against the will of God, but because it is dangerous, non-objective and unconstitutional. We are still free to do what we want in this country. We are free to buy condoms at any convenience store without facing any legal threat to our liberty. Yes, the Catholic Church is against any kind of family planning method and contraception, but we are still free to disobey or follow its religious decrees. The Church threatened of “communication”, I say “excommunication” is a thing of the past- of the Dark Ages when the Catholic Church had an absolute monopoly on the fields of religion and politics.

The Height of Stupidity of Filipino Fascists

A rabid supporter of a fascist bill called the Reproductive Health bill and credulous anti-population advocate pulled a cheap, pathetic stunt in front of the Manila Cathedral altar during a mass with Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim and several Catholic bishops present. This Filipino fascist held a sign bearing the word “Damaso”, a reference to the diabolical friar from Jose Rizal’s famous novel “Noli Me Tangere”. To call the attention of the modern-day friars who perhaps represent Rizal’s ‘Padre Damaso’, this atheist protester then screamed: “Stop getting involved in politics.” He was seized by the police and taken to a nearby detention center.

The Fight Against RH Bill Continues: KILL THE BILL!

Apart from surrounding himself with well-known Marxists and progressives, President Noynoy Aquino recently showed his determination to support the fascistic, evil Reproductive Health bills authored by socialists in Congress. Reports said Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. said he is prepared to face the rage of the Catholic church in making sure the bills on reproductive health pending in the House of Representatives are tackled extensively and voted on by lawmakers.

A Comment on Population Control and Abortion

However, this doesn’t mean that I’m not in favor of abortion. I am an atheist for the very reason that I don’t want to destroy reason. Most atheists in this country, the free-FARTERS in particular, are the most ardent supporters of this anti-population bill. But this doesn’t mean that all women in this country must undergo abortion. I believe that every human being is responsible for his/her own body. Any woman who has no capacity- physically, financially, emotionally, intellectually or psychologically- to deliver and/or raise a child has the right to demand abortion. An embryo is not a person. This means that any society has no right to deprive any woman of her right to undergo abortion.

Don’t Vote for these pro-RH Bill Trapos!

As the old saying goes, ‘you know one when you see one. And this is exactly the case as the most ardent advocates of population control have compiled a list of politicians running for public office this May 10 national elections who made an either expressed or implied support to the controversial Reproductive Health bill that would force both employers and doctors to provide RH services to designated beneficiaries against their will.

The Tyranny of the Anti-Population Bill

The staunch supporters of the Reproductive Health bill authored by some communist politicians in Congress peddled a number of altruistic grounds and rationalization to ensure the passage of their socialist proposal. Some of their grounds are the following: a) to provide the needed reproductive health care services for women; b) to help the poor; and c) to curb the alleged population explosion in the country.

The Psychology of the Anti-Population Cult

Today the issue of population control in this country is widely seen as the battle between the anti-population mystics who support an altruist legislative proposal and the religionists, who tied their arguments to Biblical grounds. Unfortunately, none of the opponents of this legislative proposal—the Reproductive Health Bill authored by socialist representatives in Congress—offered a proper, rational argument to counter the assumptions of the anti-population cultists. This is the reason why the RH bill debate is gaining more supporters than opponents—and this is also the reason why this country is moving toward complete collectivism.

Reproductive Health Care is NOT a Right!

My fundamental premise is this: I don’t believe the government has the right to coerce anyone under the concept of common good or social welfare to provide for the needs of others, and I also don’t believe that need is a claim or a license to enslave a particular group of people. First, it is important to understand that we’re not yet talking about the legality of this bill, because its proponents are still in the campaign process. The wave of public opinion determines the life or death of this legislative proposal, and I’ve heard that the Arroyo regime ordered its temporary confinement.

Reproductive Health Bill Revives Old War Between Two Mystics

IT seems that a lot of people in this country, particularly those who ardently support a leftist bill being pushed by  Leftist politicians in Congress, have miserably inflated their flawed logic and way of thinking. They accused all Filipinos who expressed their opposition to the controversial Reproductive Health Bill as religionists or Christians. These misguided supporters of the legislative proposal firmly believe that anyone who is against it is a believer of a non-existent mystic entity they call God.

Reproductive Health Bill: It’s Evil, Not Just Wrong

I oppose RH Bill not on the grounds of religious argument (that it is anti-Life), but because it is not part of the function of a government to institutionalize slavery, by sacrificing one group to another group. I do not share the sentiments of the religionists and the Catholics that this bill is pro-abortion or against the sanctity of life. I believe this proposition is anti-Life, but I do not agree with the religious position and definition of the term. To me it is anti-Life in the sense that it kills man’s motivation to achieve and the value of man’s achievement.

Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2008

The State upholds and promotes responsible parenthood, informed choice, birth spacing and respect for life in conformity with internationally recognized human rights standards. The State shall uphold the right of the people, particularly women and their organizations, to effective and reasonable participation in the formulation and implementation of the declared policy.

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