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Rational Secularists Against the RH Bill: WHAT WE BELIEVE

October 9, 2010

I believe that I have to clarify “our” secular stand or arguments against the fascist Reproductive Health bill. This is to counter the claim of most ignorant statists and dishonest proponents/supporters of the RH bill that most – or even all – opponents of this anti-freedom legislative proposal are religionists or Catholics. We offer secular arguments against the RH bill. Meaning, our secular arguments are founded on reason, individualism and free-market capitalism, not on faith or mysticism.

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The following are what we believe in:

  1. We believe that everybody in this country has a right of choice. That is, we all have the right to do whatever we want to do with our own body.
  2. We believe that the state or the government has no right to use force or compulsion against any sector or group of individuals in our society. The only role of the state/government is to protect individual rights.
  3. We believe that government intervention and welfare-statism are evil, which must be rejected. There should be no redistribution of wealth or forcing or sacrificing of certain sectors (e.g. businessmen and health care providers) of our society to serve the common good or the public good.
  4. We believe that everybody has a right of action (not to something). That is, every couple or individual has the right whether or not to practice family planning or use contraceptive methods. We believe in the use of contraceptive methods, family planning, etc. so long as these are not dictated to or forced by the government through statist laws or edicts.
  5. We believe that every individual is responsible for his own body.
  6. We believe that “separation of church and state” is inviolable and must be respected, and that every religion (e.g. Catholic Church, Islam, INC, etc.) has the right to practice its religious doctrines and traditions as long as these do not violate or disregard man’s rights and freedom. And like most communists and statist groups, religions or religious institutions have the right to influence their own people, and that this right must not be curtailed or abridged by the government.
  7. We believe that “rights” or “individual rights” do not clash with each other. We have a right to practice free speech so long as it does not violate the rights of others. We have a right to live, but this does not give us any additional right to force others to provide us food, shelter and clothing. We all have a right to seek any kind of medical treatment, but this doesn’t mean that doctors or health care providers must be coerced by the government to provide it for free or at reduced rate.
  8. We believe that man is an end in himself, not the means to the ends of others.
  9. We believe that no individual or group must be sacrificed or immolated by the state or the government in the name of common good or public interest.
  10. We believe in this individualist motto: “LIVE FREE OR DIE!”


Debunking the ‘Guiding Principles’ of the Fascist RH Bill

The supporters and advocates of a controversial legislative proposals don’t have a clue. The so dangerous and so divisive Reproductive Health bill authored by a statist in Congress is all about Fascism and Statism! There’s only one explanation why the strongest supporters and advocates of this anti-reason, anti-science and anti-freedom bill come from the academia, the media institutions, and the country’s intellectual hub. Most people who passionately and desperately push for the passage of this bill are educated and professionals. Well, it’s no surprise why most socialists/leftists are college graduates or students from public colleges and universities.

Reproductive Health Bill: A Fascist Bill!

We have to fight this bill by exposing its many contradictions and evil intents to violate our individual rights and freedom. We are all engaged in a battle of ideas. I oppose this bill not because it’s against the will of God, but because it is dangerous, non-objective and unconstitutional. We are still free to do what we want in this country. We are free to buy condoms at any convenience store without facing any legal threat to our liberty. Yes, the Catholic Church is against any kind of family planning method and contraception, but we are still free to disobey or follow its religious decrees. The Church threatened of “communication”, I say “excommunication” is a thing of the past- of the Dark Ages when the Catholic Church had an absolute monopoly on the fields of religion and politics.

The Height of Stupidity of Filipino Fascists

A rabid supporter of a fascist bill called the Reproductive Health bill and credulous anti-population advocate pulled a cheap, pathetic stunt in front of the Manila Cathedral altar during a mass with Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim and several Catholic bishops present. This Filipino fascist held a sign bearing the word “Damaso”, a reference to the diabolical friar from Jose Rizal’s famous novel “Noli Me Tangere”. To call the attention of the modern-day friars who perhaps represent Rizal’s ‘Padre Damaso’, this atheist protester then screamed: “Stop getting involved in politics.” He was seized by the police and taken to a nearby detention center.

The Fight Against RH Bill Continues: KILL THE BILL!

Apart from surrounding himself with well-known Marxists and progressives, President Noynoy Aquino recently showed his determination to support the fascistic, evil Reproductive Health bills authored by socialists in Congress. Reports said Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. said he is prepared to face the rage of the Catholic church in making sure the bills on reproductive health pending in the House of Representatives are tackled extensively and voted on by lawmakers.

A Comment on Population Control and Abortion

However, this doesn’t mean that I’m not in favor of abortion. I am an atheist for the very reason that I don’t want to destroy reason. Most atheists in this country, the free-FARTERS in particular, are the most ardent supporters of this anti-population bill. But this doesn’t mean that all women in this country must undergo abortion. I believe that every human being is responsible for his/her own body. Any woman who has no capacity- physically, financially, emotionally, intellectually or psychologically- to deliver and/or raise a child has the right to demand abortion. An embryo is not a person. This means that any society has no right to deprive any woman of her right to undergo abortion.

Don’t Vote for these pro-RH Bill Trapos!

As the old saying goes, ‘you know one when you see one. And this is exactly the case as the most ardent advocates of population control have compiled a list of politicians running for public office this May 10 national elections who made an either expressed or implied support to the controversial Reproductive Health bill that would force both employers and doctors to provide RH services to designated beneficiaries against their will.

The Tyranny of the Anti-Population Bill

The staunch supporters of the Reproductive Health bill authored by some communist politicians in Congress peddled a number of altruistic grounds and rationalization to ensure the passage of their socialist proposal. Some of their grounds are the following: a) to provide the needed reproductive health care services for women; b) to help the poor; and c) to curb the alleged population explosion in the country.

The Psychology of the Anti-Population Cult

Today the issue of population control in this country is widely seen as the battle between the anti-population mystics who support an altruist legislative proposal and the religionists, who tied their arguments to Biblical grounds. Unfortunately, none of the opponents of this legislative proposal—the Reproductive Health Bill authored by socialist representatives in Congress—offered a proper, rational argument to counter the assumptions of the anti-population cultists. This is the reason why the RH bill debate is gaining more supporters than opponents—and this is also the reason why this country is moving toward complete collectivism.

Reproductive Health Care is NOT a Right!

My fundamental premise is this: I don’t believe the government has the right to coerce anyone under the concept of common good or social welfare to provide for the needs of others, and I also don’t believe that need is a claim or a license to enslave a particular group of people. First, it is important to understand that we’re not yet talking about the legality of this bill, because its proponents are still in the campaign process. The wave of public opinion determines the life or death of this legislative proposal, and I’ve heard that the Arroyo regime ordered its temporary confinement.

Reproductive Health Bill Revives Old War Between Two Mystics

IT seems that a lot of people in this country, particularly those who ardently support a leftist bill being pushed by  Leftist politicians in Congress, have miserably inflated their flawed logic and way of thinking. They accused all Filipinos who expressed their opposition to the controversial Reproductive Health Bill as religionists or Christians. These misguided supporters of the legislative proposal firmly believe that anyone who is against it is a believer of a non-existent mystic entity they call God.

Reproductive Health Bill: It’s Evil, Not Just Wrong

I oppose RH Bill not on the grounds of religious argument (that it is anti-Life), but because it is not part of the function of a government to institutionalize slavery, by sacrificing one group to another group. I do not share the sentiments of the religionists and the Catholics that this bill is pro-abortion or against the sanctity of life. I believe this proposition is anti-Life, but I do not agree with the religious position and definition of the term. To me it is anti-Life in the sense that it kills man’s motivation to achieve and the value of man’s achievement.

Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2008

The State upholds and promotes responsible parenthood, informed choice, birth spacing and respect for life in conformity with internationally recognized human rights standards. The State shall uphold the right of the people, particularly women and their organizations, to effective and reasonable participation in the formulation and implementation of the declared policy.

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  1. kaye permalink
    October 10, 2010 3:38

    I just hope there would be no more politicians like Lito Atienza who would deliberately remove artificial contraceptives from health centers.

  2. October 12, 2010 3:38

    hi do you like car rims?

  3. October 14, 2010 3:38

    I have nothing against the Reproductive Health Bill, except that, among others, and without being supportive of the Roman Catholic Church, it negates the recognition that we need to have families, and that a heavy population is not big burden to the economy. The problem in the Philippines is not only poverty, and its over-population is not the primarily the cause of that impoverishment. On the contrary, if properly harnessed, a big population is a unique asset, vis-a-vis strengths and weaknesses of a state, in the context of economic development.

    • January 3, 2011 3:38

      Overpopulation is a myth. Even if it’s true that there’s overpopulation, the only way to solve it is thru the use of government force.

    March 6, 2011 3:38

    Greetings in the name of the God, Lord Almighty, Ruler of all Heaven and of Earth

    It saddens me to read such hatred. Even though I know deep in my heart that the Lord is using you as an instrument of his divine will. You may not not it or even admit it to yourself but the Lord works in mysterious ways and even in your lust for violence and horrid words, he still makes use of your efforts to undermine the evil that is the RH Bill.

    I only pray that in time, you will come to realize that we are only like ants beneath his omnipotent might and nothing we do can escape his notice. Pride comes before the fall. Remember that. I only pray that He, in his infinite goodness, will inspire you to see that everything we say or do only serves to glorify his almighty Name.

    Your sister in the Lord,

  5. Geolino Rafael V. Casenas permalink
    May 3, 2011 3:38

    Let us not blame the infants, let us blame the CORRUPT and GREEDY LEADERS of our country, if there is really overpopulation in the Philippines then let us use our people for the DEVELOPMENT of our Economy, and instead of giving condoms and flyers, why not give them MONEY to help them for their needs, and why not GIVE THE FUND proposed for this Bill to the LABOR SECTOR, increase their wages, or SHARE the WEALTH received by the LEGISLATORS paid by their SPONSORS in other COUNTRIES to the FILIPINO WORKERS, and INDIGENT FAMILIES and always tell the TRUTH nothing but the WHOLE TRUTH that RH Bill is NOT Pro-Philippines, Pro-Chance, Pro-God and Pro-LIFE!

  6. Reuben permalink
    May 22, 2011 3:38

    To the author of this web page: I can’t see your point why you disagree with the RH Bill.. I have some questions to you:

    1.) Is it because you believe that using contraceptives is an act of killing a person?
    2.) Is it because you insist on following the one written in the Bible saying, “Humayo kayo at magpakarami”?
    3.) Or is it just only because you just want to be “FREE”?

    • nyancat permalink
      May 22, 2011 3:38

      dude, did you read the article’s title?

    • May 22, 2011 3:38

      I can see why you’re so STUPID! You just read the blog’s title, emo!

  7. polo permalink
    August 5, 2012 3:38

    oh.. so this is where those objectivist pseudo-intellectual filipinos are hiding. 🙂 i applaud your love for rand and your unrestrained views against regulation. An unkind person might call you an idiot but i think you are not one, rather just a victim of your pretentious gullible mind. i take it that with the tone of this manifesto you are also against VAT, Public Schools, and the Cheaper Medicines Act. absolute individualism is a myth, we all live in this boat 149.6 million km away from sol. Our inability to provide care for those who are in need is the greatest injustice we as a nation could commit. 170 dead women per 100 000, 22 dead children per 1000 live births, this is the injustice! This is what fascism truly is. Regulating a person’s behavior by leaving them ignorant about scientific methods of family planning. Fact is unplanned parenthood is a crime to children born and unborn.

    • August 6, 2012 3:38

      ” Our inability to provide care for those who are in need is the greatest injustice we as a nation could commit.”

      — Speaking like a leftard moron… Provide that care yourself. Do not include me/us in your leftist madness. By the way, I posted this open letter to RH bill freaks.


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