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Video: Why Good, Rational Ideas Matter

September 9, 2010

I once said the following statement in an earlier blog: “If man wants to live on earth, he must regard reason as his absolute and believe that his mind is valid and that ideas matter.” Yes, ideas are more powerful than a cabal of fully armed men.

I wrote:

Man cannot escape the fact that he needs a certain form of philosophy. Those who want to live as rational men must define their own philosophy by a disciplined, rational, and conscious process of thought, while those who reject or are not interested in it would simply absorb a junk heap of false premises, superfluous presumptions, false generalizations, vague contradictions, and undefined beliefs—but all these are integrated by their subconscious mind into a certain type of crossbreed philosophy.[i] Observe that the second type of men—those who discard philosophy and ideas— have self-doubts and contradictions which they could not properly define. Observe that these men are also detached from reality, as they allowed themselves to think and live by the whim of the moment. This kind of people proclaims that they are only interested in results, in the ends of their goal, and reject ideas, which they regard as impractical and senseless abstractions.

Do you care about ideas? Watch this brilliant video:

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