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Beslan Massacre: Why Do They Hate Us?

September 5, 2010

Philippine President Noynoy Aquino Jr., in his attempt to save the face of his administration and the national police, compared the August 23 Manila hostage crisis with Russia’s Beslan school hostage tragedy. It seems that our dear commander-in-chief needs to reeducate himself on this particular matter in order for him to make a rational, informed judgment in the future.

BBC produced an hour-long documentary that details how the hostage-taking incident took place and how the Islamic terrorists killed hundreds of children and innocent people. The heart-breaking film also shows how the Beslan children cope with the traumatic incident. The hostage-taking crisis took place on September 1, 2004.

“I can’t forget how the terrorists were killing children, mothers and fathers right in front of us. They caused us so much pain. I am so angry with them I could kill them. They took the most precious things in my life, my brother and my father,” said one survivor.

The question is not only “Why do the Islamic terrorists hate the Russian children”, but also “Why do they hate us”. Could it also happen in our country knowing that there is a group of religious fanatics who espouse the same totalitarian religious-political ideology?

Our main problem is not the religious terrorists whose duty is to impose the will of their God; it is the liberal intellectuals and politically correct politicians like dhimmi Senator Ramon Bong Revilla. Just recently, this useful idiot politician from Cavite refiled his bill that seeks to ban the use of the word “Muslim” or “Islamic” in any form of mass media to refer or describe any person suspected of or convicted of a crime.

This politically correct and highly dangerous bill (Senate Bill no. 1990) states that it shall be unlawful for any person to use the word “Muslim” or Islamic” in identifying criminals in print, radio, internet, television including Cable Television (CATV) and other forms of broadcast media. It further states that “any person found guilty of the said violation shall face the penalty of arresto mayor (one month and one day to six months imprisonment) and fine ranging from one thousand pesos to ten thousand pesos.”

This dhimmi Senator should try to ask what motivates the Abu Sayyaf and the MILF in pursuing their terror activities. These separatist groups are not only motivated by political agenda, but by religious agenda as well, as they seek to turn Mindanao into an Islamic state and impose sharia law. When rebels in the countryside murder people and ambush military men, the media call the perpetrators for what they are: leftists, socialists or Maoists. It is the leftist/Marxist ideology that motivates them to fight government forces and liquidate people who oppose their evil political agenda. When a Catholic priest is accused of child molestation or rape, the media are allowed to use the terms “Catholic priest” or “Catholic clergy” simply because these terms are essential elements of the news.

But this highly popular senator would like to ban anyone from using the words “Muslim criminals” or “Muslim terrorists” because this practice of practice of  “identifying criminals with their religious background is clearly a derogatory remark and promotes discrimination among Filipinos.” Is he not paying attention to the speeches, interviews, and Islamic exhortations of the Abu Sayyaf and MILF leaders? They said they were simply doing their duty to their God. Only a politically correct idiot like Revilla couldn’t see the common/parallel elements between the Beslan school massacre and the terror activities of the Abu Sayyaf and the MILF. Once Revilla’s bill is passed and enacted into law, anyone (a news reporter or a mere blogger like me) could be held criminally liable for using such words as “Muslim terrorist” or “Muslim criminals.” Perhaps Revilla should get a copy of the Koran.

The Beslan school hostage crisis was a three-day hostage-taking of more than 1,100 people, most of whom were children, which ended in the gruesome deaths of over 300.

Here’s a Wikipedia story on the Beslan school hostage crisis:

It began when a group of armed mostly Muslim Ingush and Chechen terrorists took more than 1,100 people (including 777 children) hostage on 1 September 2004, at School Number One (SNO) in the town of Beslan, North Ossetia, an autonomous republic in the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation. The hostage taking was carried out by a group sent by the Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev, which issued demands of an end to the Second Chechen War. On the third day of the standoff, Russian security forces stormed the building, using tanks, flamethrower rockets, and other heavy weapons. A series of explosions shook the school, followed by a fire which engulfed the building and a chaotic gunbattle between the hostage-takers and Russian security forces. Ultimately, at least 334 hostages were killed, including 186 children; hundreds more were injured and many were reported missing.

The tragedy led to security and political repercussions in Russia, most notably a series of federal government reforms consolidating power in the Kremlin and strengthening of the powers of the President of Russia. According to American NGO Freedom House, these reforms consolidated Russia as a politically non-free, authoritarian state since the mid-2000s.

As of 2010, there are many aspects of the crisis still in dispute, including how many militants were involved, their preparations, and whether some of them had escaped. Questions about the government’s management of the crisis have also persisted, including disinformation and censorship in news media, repression of journalists who rushed to Beslan, the nature and content of negotiations with the militants, the responsibility for the bloody outcome, and the government’s use of possibly excessive force.

Now I urge you to watch the following BBC documentary videos on the Beslan school hostage crisis:

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