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What “Iskolar ng Bayan” Means

August 11, 2010

Now is the time to comment on how some of our subsidized “iskolar ng bayan” amazingly displayed their unmatched analytical skills. Oh yes, nobody can ever beat these supremacist “iskolar ng bayan” when it comes to public debate, trash-talking, trolling, making threats, and everything. I just love how they brilliantly proved they deserve every penny they get from our dear taxpayers.

Who am I to criticize the patriotism and altruistic goal of our “intelligent young ones”, as one “iskolar ng bayan” posted on a Facebook note? Yes, they love the poor so it’s just amazingly fine for them to call on our nanny state to increase their education subsidy. Since I hate the poor, I wrote my anti-education polemic. Yeah, right! This is how they brilliantly analyzed this issue.

According to my brilliant, intelligent, insightful, talented, gifted (call it what you will) “iskolar ng bayan” commenters, I wrote my anti-public education blog because I didn’t pass their UPCAT and because I didn’t have the chance to study at UP. So it seems to me that anybody who’d attempt  to criticize our public education system in the future must exclude the University of the Philippines from his/her analysis or argument. UP is untouchable since it’s the best school in the country! Yeah, right!

Perhaps that’s my greatest mistake- that I used UP as part of my blog material in criticizing our public education system. Well, let me tell you then that I was somehow blinded by the fact that your greatest alma mater represents “public education system” in our Banana Republic. Mea culpa! Mea culpa! Mea culpa!

I thought I stated my intention very clearly. I thought that the tenor of my controversial blog was so clear enough to some of my brilliant and highly talented blog readers- that I was so against the clamor of some of our public school students for higher education subsidy, and it so happened that I took on a Facebook video posted by some UP-Baguio “iskolar ng bayan.” Oh, yes… How inhuman, how cruel, how indifferent of me to attack these young students who simply wanted a brighter future… Mea culpa!

Perhaps they misunderstood my premise because I didn’t write a full-blown dissertation of my case against public education and against the concept of “right to education.” Perhaps they misunderstood my intention because I took on their greatest alma mater. Mea culpa!

Did I not state very clearly that there is no such a thing as “right to education”? Did I fail to enumerate the evils of the public education system? Did I ever fail to explain why “free-market or private education” is the most moral and most practical system because it is grounded in reality? Perhaps these issues aren’t that clear enough to these gifted and talented “iskolar ng bayan” simply because their greatest alma mater is an essential part of my anti-education polemic. And since UP is part of my pro-capitalist, pro-private education blog, everything I said must be dispensed with or regarded as biased against their greatest alma mater.

My honest advice to free-marketers and libertarians in the country: Please exclude UP from your anti-public education polemics or else you’d be accused of being biased against the greatest school in RP. Just forget the fact that UP represents RP’s public education. Just pretend that this greatest school occupies a very special, untouchable category. It’s untouchable! It’s beyond reproach since this greatest school produced the country’s “who’s who” in our great society. Just leave UP alone!

Now here let me reproduce a few of the brilliant comments by my intuitive and perceptive “iskolar ng bayan” commenters.

According to them, I wrote my controversial blog because I’m an UPCAT flunker! That the issue here is not whether “education is a right”, but whether or not the blogger is biased against UP. What a very insightful logic! This is how they develop analytical skills at UP!


Bago maging “rich ones”, nag-aral muna sa UP. Aminin mo, 10 years ago, UP is part of the top 10 Universities. Lahat ng mga nasa itaas ngayon, dumaan ng UPCAT. But it’s sad ‘coz you would have never understood that, because you never passed the UPCAT :(

From memew ako:

balik ka ng high school. tapos try mo mag-UPCAT. pag pumasa ka beri good. pag hindi ka pumasa, wag ka na magtaka. bili ka rin ng Maikling Kurso sa Lipunan at Rebolusyong Pilipino , tutal mukang madami kang pambili bilhan mo na din ang bunch of elite and very theoretical friends mo. pag wala ka pa ring naintindihan, iniimbitahan kita sa UPB, ako mismo magtuturo sayo for FREE. you know why?

From Eto lang tanong ko:

if you’ve never seen a up test other than the upcat, then dont ask why. UP students undergo a rigorous academic training and still divulge their time to think about their nation, and more importantly, it’s people. We don’t just excel for the sake of excelling, we excel for the sake of the nation. We are not marxists, we believe in democracy, EQUALITY!

In fact, about thirty percent of my very intelligent commenters focused on the UPCAT issue. It’s as if those who didn’t pass or take their great UPCAT don’t have any right to speak ill of UP. Yeah, right!

And here’s a great point from Pepe Smith whose real name is Bernardo Cielo (a future TRAPO):

my fellow UPians, please join me in the move of simply not replying anymore to this blog post. There is no point against such people so indoctrinated by the prevalent capitalistic perspective. It is only to be expected from non-UP students to worship a book (or a set of books) as if it is the ultimate truth as long as it fits his ideological standards. We’ve learned a long time ago that not everything can be learned in the classroom, and not everything written in books are accurate, that is why we’ve become critical of a lot of things. The more we reply to this blog, the more we seem to affirm his importance and relevance to the world, one thing which he obviously is not. Let him post what he wants to post because he is an attention-seeker, he just wants to make controversy for the sake of controversy. And the more we reply, the more we push him into thinking that what he says matters, even if it doesn’t. We seem to forget that he’s just one kid with too much time on his hands, a luxury that we do not have. So let him waste his time and let’s not let this prick waste ours. If he’s stupid enough to start fire and get angry when he gets burned, well then so be it, its not our problem. thanks, and peace out!

Yes, this “future TRAPO” had so much time trolling my blogsite.Very interesting!

One commenter claimed I wrote my blog because I’m a “CALL CENTER AGENT.” Well, I’d be very glad if I were a call center agent. It’s a very decent job, and I think there are a lot of UP students and graduates who work as “call center agents.” In fact I personally know a certain UP alumnus, a rabid communist, who works as a call center agent. Sad to say I’m not part of the call center industry and I don’t intend to because of my not-so-Americanized accent.

A commenter codenamed black shirt wrote:

“… at yun lang ang nakuha mo sa ilang taon mong pag-aaral… (kung nakapag-aral ka, which is I doubt) you are the threat to the existence of bayanihan dito sa bansa… kinain na talaga ng kapitalismo utak mo, ikaw na call center agent ka…”

To black shirt, what do you have against call center agents?

Another commenter from UP also tried to insist on my being a call center agent. What do these so brilliant people have against the call center industry. A commenter codenamed bitch slap wrote: “callcenter agant? or maybe that’s too difficult a job for you :P She’s referring to my supposed job as a call center. Great! This bitch slap also tried to intimidate those who agreed with me by calling them “call center agents.” Here’s what he wrote: “isa ka lang ploy ng BLOGGER na to para i-stir up ang argument… TOOL of the TROLL ka lang so wag ka nang mag-kunwari… call center agent ka lang tol if I know…”

What did he say? “Call center agent ka lang tol if I know…”



May I respectfully ask some of my sensible and clever critics: Don’t these “call center agents LANG” you so loathe and belittle contribute MUCH of the tax money that the government redistributes to your education?! Last time I checked the country’s call center companies saved our drowning economy. Last time I checked the previous administration had to borrow more than two trillion pesos just to support the country’s public education system and all state welfare services you’ve all been asking for! Last time I checked it’s these call center industries and their employees, young and old, that kept our bankrupted economy afloat. Yes, our economy was sapped by two types of corruption: one is corruption by the crocodiles in the government and the other is corruption by our freeloaders and free-askers who think that the government is a depository of infinite wealth and who believe that they have a right to education, health care, transportation, welfare, etc.

Are you trying to bite the hands that feed you? Is that what you thought about our HEROIC call center agents?! Yes, these call center agents “LANG” should be recognized as part of the pillar of our domestic economy. Passing a call center interview and training is NOT as easy as passing your great UPCAT! Can’t you see the irony here? UPCAT passers are deemed part of the budgetary statistics of our government, which means they are part of taxpayers’ skyrocketing liability. But every call center passer is deemed part of the wealth of our nation! That’s the difference!

I know a lot of people who work as call center agents and study in private universities in the metro at the same time. These people make money and contribute to the education of some freeloaders and free-askers in this country, while they pay for their tuition and school fees as well. These working students are NOT ON WELFARE!

Yes, it’s really interesting to see how they develop students’ analytical skills in our great public universities!


Now my personal observation is this: Their pathetic attitude toward the country’s call center industry exposes their anti-capitalistic and “elitist” mentality. Yes, we have a few pathetic “elites” from UP!

My controversial blog also reveals one thing: the “iskolar ng bayan’s” seemingly irreparable anti-capitalistic mentality. To me, it’s either-or. It’s either capitalism or socialism. It’s so amazing how they tried to display their brilliant knowledge of free-market capitalism.

From insult boy:

It’s not because your ‘opponents’ don’t have anything to say ‘academic’ to refute your case its just that some choose not to because there is no convincing a person like you who is so indoctrinated with the prevalent capitalistic culture. People insult you because you’re a prick and it’s fun to insult people like you. . It is true that people have freedom of speech (or at least, ideally, people should) but that doesn’t give you the right to attack another persons set of beliefs. By all means, make your dissertation, argue your case, but when you address a condescending blog post to hundreds of thousands of students and alumni, expect a flurry of responses. Everything has contradiction, so don’t assume your argument to be the only valid one, this is not a proper forum for an intelligent discussion, so don’t expect it. Further, you argue in your ivory tower and recluse built from theories alone.

From a brilliant blogger Margaritaqueen:

Stupid, moron, goddamn go to hell. You are just too stupid to appreciate or even comprehend the idea of thinking radically and critically. Go bathe in your own elitist, capitalist world you dumbass.

From a hardcore socialist projectdennio:

You gave us a challenge and I challenge you too: go to a squatters area or a far-away barrio in the countryside. Go there and preach your doctrines and principles if you are indeed serious about your so-called advocay for free market capitalism. Your blog is just full of non-sense theories and doctrines if you cannot apply it in the real world.

From Joanna Chua:

If you’re goddamn filthy rich then you could simply say that EDUCATION IS A RESPONSIBILITY NOT A RIGHT. With the capitalist economy, money is indeed everything. It can buy health, education, even life. And with the wage that those in the Class D and E socioeconomic strata are earning, they couldn’t simply choose to pay for their children’s tuition fees, no matter how small it is, in exchange of not having enough money to buy their food or even medicine. Pagiging praktikal lang. Hindi nila kasalanan na mababa ang sweldo nila. Pero kung hindi sila magtatrabaho, hindi sila mabubuhay…

From i don’t usually comment:

…capitalism, wow. fyi, social work aims to improve an individual’s social functioning which includes helping them live independently, make a living and, yes, working.

That’s it. What they want is “social work” or, perhaps, socialism.

Also, according to some, my anti-public education polemic is the result of my lack of education. Yes, this brings me to the claim of my brilliant, elitist “iskolar ng bayan” commenters that I don’t have any right to attack their alma mater since I didn’t pass or take the UPCAT. Very clever analysis.

Take, for example, this very intelligent comment from UP is love:

before saying anything contradicting the opinions of others, please do try to understand what they are stating first. I bet you are studying in a private University and i pity you for the lack of education your expensive tuition brings you.

We are not asking the government to ‘steal from Pedro to benefit Juan’. We are not asking the tax payers to double their taxes so we could study for ‘free’. What we are asking is for the government to INCREASE the subsidy on public education instead of imparting large fractions of the tax payer’s money to non-sense things such as the military or to their own pockets. Get it?

Ikaw ata Bobo eh.

From very intelligent iska with JEJEMON tendencies:

mahirap makiargumento sa taong NAKAKAHON ang utak,.:D


PS: hindi kmi nging UP students dhil pnasa nmin ang UPCAT, nging UP students kmi dhil s mga pnagdaanan, pnagda2anan at pgda2anan p nming HIRAP (exams, labreport, quizzes (n prang exam!), at mrami pang iba,..;D))

AND hindi lhat ng UP students ay activists!,.AT kung mga aktibista mn cla,..ngkataon lng na MAS MAY ALAM sila kesa sa atin,..:D

and PLEASE pagaralan mu muna ang LAHAT ng anggulo,..wag yung sulat ng sulat eh ahem,.hahhah,..syang mgaling kpa nmn snang mgsulat kya lng ang dmi mung ncommit n error such as hasty generalization,false analogy,etc. ;p

TRY mu munang mag aral sa UP ng malaman mu ang pagka2iba,.:)


HAHAHA GRABE. WALA AKONG MASABI KUNDI ANG KITID NG UTAK MO SIR FROIVINBER and TIRED OF UP REDS *clap clap * :D UPians are stupid? :) ) Eh kung stupid ang mga ISKOLAR NG BAYAN, ANO KA PA? Nako I feel sorry for you :(

From feetynum:

Ang tanga mo. ‘Yun lang ang masasabi ko. Gusto mo lang gumawa ng statement para sumikat ka. Pero sumikat ka sa katangahan ng mga sinabi mo. Hindi ko na ginusto pang basahin ang mga sumunod na stanza dahil nakakatanga.

These students are fighting not only for UP students’ education but for the government to allot more to the education sector at hindi kurakutin ang pera ng taumbayan. Ngano ma’t ang power ng mga Pilipino ay mauwi hindi lang sa bulsa ng iilan pero sa ikauunlad ng bawat Pilipino na direktong proporsyonal sa pag-unlad ng bayan.

From you filthy hypocrite:

The not-so-new arguments of this pathetic blog, re-stating that education is a privilege & not a right, has been trash-talked over & over again by nonsensical intellectuals just as himself – one who has never experienced the pangs of poverty. The arguments are idealistic, selfish, oh and yes – stupid. He attacked UPians & Leftists alike without any forethought of what his fate would be had he chosen to. But I would personally like to congratulate you, the author, of this one-sided blog. You’ve just earned the title of the “world’s greatest prat.”

Finally, most of my intelligent “iskolar ng bayan” commenters relied on the following argument to denounce my blog: That they are fighting for the future of the poor, of this country, and of everything that suits their agenda.

From regular na UP student lang:

—ang punto naman kasi dito, proper allocation. hindi naman sinasabing taasan ang buwis na binabayaran. dahil kung ganun, ang masa din naman ang papasan ng mas mabugat na pasanin. to the author of “The Vinceton Post,” naaawa ka maxado sa mga taxpayers kasi parang gusto na sila alipinin ng mga UP students sa paghingi ng mas mataas ng budget. pero di mo man lang pala alam na sa bawat sigaw ng mga taga UP ng dagdag na budget sa edukasyon ay isinisigaw din nila ang pagtaas ng sahod ng mga trabahador, tunay na reporma sa lupa at dagdag na benepsiyo para sa iba’t ibang sektor. ibig sabihin (kung hindi niyo parin kuha), isinasama ng mga UP students at ng buong youth sector sa bawat panawagan nila ang kapakanan ang masa na siyang mayorya sa pagbabayad ng buwis. ang buwis na gusto nilang gamitin ng gobyerno para sa kapakanan nila at hindi para ibakasyon sa kung saan lupalop ng mundo, sa pagpanood ng boxing match ni pacquiao, sa pagbili ng bahay sa mamahaling subdibisyon sa amerika, sa pagbayad ng private armies, sa pagpapatayo ng mga mansyon at sa pagpaparetoke ng dibdib.

From Samuel Joshua C. De Leon:

“proper concept of rights”? did i read it right? your blog, in my opinion, is conceited and full of biases. perhaps you were inebriated when you were making this blog. first of all, you should look at this issue from the eyes of the whole student body and not just yourself. next, it is stated in the constitution that education should receive the highest budget, but it is evident that education is not the top priority of the government. also, why are you saying that the professors have been successful in indoctrinating the youth? don’t generalize the professors. if you will look at it from the eyes of the students (especially the people who really have financial problems), you will understand what i mean……and please, do not include the Oblation in your opinion. how dare you say that the oblation is a symbol of selfish heroism? you really have a lot of biases, and these opinions of yours just show how nonchalant you are. your mind is clouded and obscured. your philosophical premise regarding this matter is also flawed. the government must increase the budget. if you are complaining about how we react to these kinds of issues, i suggest you review your history. the student/faculty regent were not consulted during the time the TOFI was approved. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo also made a proclamation regarding financial autonomy of state universities and colleges. it means that UP will have to think of its own income-generating solution, which led to this whole issue at hand. BE CAREFUL ABOUT YOUR CRITICISMS PLEASE!

From just passing by:

First and foremost, do you really know what those students are shouting and fighting for? They are asking for a higher state subsidy. Do you know what’s the best solution to that? PROPER BUDGET ALLOCATION, I’m sure you’ve read that from previous comments. Now, where is the connection between ALLOCATION and TAX? Based on what I have read in your blog, you are saying that UP students have the right to ask the government to steal from taxpayers for their own needs (Pedro and Juan). If UP students have that RIGHT then what is the purpose of having rallies, walkouts, et cetera? Why rally if you know you can get what you want? It may seem individualistic but we should face the truth that humans have that kind of trait. Also, there are many forms of tax. One of those is VAT. Almost all (if not all) are paying ADDED TAX in every purchase they do here in the Philippines. That implies that we are ALSO taxpayers. Now, does it mean that UP students asks the government to steal from themselves? HOW PATHETIC.

Just check the comment section of my anti-public education blog to see more of how they desperately displayed their superior analytical skills. Speaking of analytical skills, I’m reminded of the following YouTube video:

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  1. IMALSONOTFROMUP permalink
    August 11, 2010 3:38

    Dear blogger, I would just like to point out that you only posted the harsh comments from some UP students. You failed to give them justice by not posting some of the good responses like: “thank you for posting your points, you successfully aroused a possible debate.” And to think that you study in a Catholic school. Is sharing “partially true” stories what they teach in Catholic schools these days? If you tell a story, make sure that you include all POVs from ALL PARTIES involved. To be honest, I’m not a UP student. I’m not even in college yet. But when I saw your blog, I think that its unfair that you criticize other universities. Are you then saying that your school is better than those you criticize? I believe NOT. You criticized THE HOLY TRINITY of schools in the Philippines so that means that YOU ARE ON THE OUTSIDE and therefore has no right to criticize the culture of these schools. How could you know about the cultures of these schools if you have never been a part of it? Remember that you and I and everybody else who are not from these schools are JUST OBSERVERS and what we see from the outside may not be the whole truth, Hell, it may just be a tiny fraction of the truth. Remember that CAPITALISM is THE ULTIMATE SIN. “Masama ang manlamang ng kapwa.” You should just leave your school. You will one day bring shame to your catholicized school. Or is it Jesuit? tss. >:)

    I’m sorry if you get offended by this post. My intention is not to humiliate you, I just want to say that YOU ARE THE CRUEL ONE. YOU ARE SELFISH. REFLECT ON YOURSELF FIRST BEFORE JUDGING OTHERS.

    • Kevin Pascual permalink
      August 11, 2010 3:38

      What you’re prattling on about would have ben more believable if you had the courage to reveal your true identity and not just hide behind an absurd pen name just to defend the “rotten tomatoes” from UP.

      • kupal permalink
        December 4, 2010 3:38

        Ang dami mong alam bakit di ka kaya magdoktor?

  2. IMALSONOTFROMUP permalink
    August 11, 2010 3:38

    BTW, using latin words like “MEA CULPA” does not make you INTELLIGENT. It just makes you look like somebody who wants to SOUND intelligent. You should be sued. It’s both blasphemy and plagiarism. HAHA. LOL. You got that from confession, right?

  3. IMALSONOTFROMUP permalink
    August 11, 2010 3:38

    Excuse me, Mr. Pascual, if that’s even your real name. I didn’t use my real name because I do not want to be linked to this thread more than I’m willing to and I don’t want any hate-emails or posts on my social networking pages because of this. What’s not believable about my comment, anyway? I’m only saying that we as outsiders are not supposed to judge the UP culture and that the blogger is unfair by only quoting some of the “bad” comments of UP students. He should’ve quoted both good and bad. BESIDES THAT, I’M NOT DEFENDING UP STUDENTS. I’M JUST EXPRESSING MY DISAPPOINTMENT TOWARDS THE BLOGGER’S INJUSTICE. OH WAIT, MAYBE ITS YOU! Anyway, I would very much appreciate it if you don’t curse me especially when lots of people are about to see this post. Thank you.

  4. tagaupme permalink
    August 12, 2010 3:38

    TagaUP ako.

    Kung nakitiran kayo sa utak ni vinceton, nasa same level din naman yung mga nagcomment dito na taga UP.

    1. nagmamagaling daw si vinceton, ano tawag sa ginagawa niyo?
    2. malayo sa realidad si vinceton? nasan ba ang communism ngayon? err. i mean socialism. kung may malayo sa katotohan, yun ung mga adherent ng socialism na halata nmang paso na. hindi natin kelangan ng mga tao na walang inatupag kundi magreklamo. may venue ang government kung gusto nating ivoiceout ang grievances natin at hindi mangistorbo.
    3. hindi lang up ang magaling. sobrang elitism naman yun kapag iniisip na natin na tayo lang ang posibleng maging tama.
    4. may points na tama si vinceton. at may mga tama din kayo. walang may panacaea ng lahat ng problema ng bansa. magkaisa na lang tayo and settle our differences sa isang academic na usapan. tama na ang ad hominem dito.

  5. isko't iska permalink
    August 12, 2010 3:38

    haha. kinareer mo tol ang blog mo. sabagay, bentang benta naman saming mga isko. natatawa ako sa mga pilosopiya mong walang kwenta. get a life bro!

      August 12, 2010 3:38

      Eto ang nakapasa sa UPCAT na maliwanag na BOBO at walang kuwenta. Dapat talaga i-abolish or i-privatize ang UP kasi sayang ang pera ng sambayanan sa pagpapa-aral sa sangkatutak na BOBONG mga taga-UP. Akala nila magagaling sila. PWEH! Wala naman laman ang utak ang karamihan… KAKAAWA…

      • TUERESMUYTONTO permalink
        August 13, 2010 3:38

        I-privatize? Eh kung BOBO naman pala kaming mga taga-UP e baka maging katulad mo kami? BOBO na nga Pa-sosyal na SNOT pa. EWW. Di naman dahil private school matalino na. Tss.

      • isko't iska permalink
        August 13, 2010 3:38

        excuse me? nakapasa ka ba ng UPCAT? baka mamatay ka sa mga sinasabi mong bobo ang mga taga UP. magtanong tanong ka muna bro bago ka magsalita kasi baka magsisi ka lang sa huli. haha! PS: ur comment is so funny! haha!

      • antiUPbastard1000 permalink
        January 3, 2014 3:38

        And idiot bastard UP student, what’s your definition of intelligence ha? passing the UPCAT? Are you kidding me?? It makes me laugh because you have nothing but a bloated ego..Real intelligence comes from wisdom. One example is arguing PROPERLY..I guess your professors are teaching stupid stuffs on you!

  6. isko't iska permalink
    August 13, 2010 3:38

    kakatawa naman ng pilosopiya mo pero infairness, mabentang mabenta ang blog mo lalo na sa mga kapwa kong isko’t iska. wala ka sigurong ibang magawa kaya ito ang pinagtutuunan mo ng pansin. haha! sana naman gumawa ka ng mabuting bagay para naman matuwa ang mga pilipino sayo! =)

    • August 13, 2010 3:38


      Your comment tells me you’re nothing but a leech… a parasite. You’re hopeless, and you know it. Whatever you say and however you say it, you can never refute- or defeat- the blogger’s strong argument because you’re nothing but a second-hander. Why not tell the world who you are and prove that you deserve every single cent that the taxpayers spend on your “useless” schooling. Yes, it is useless simply because you’re a hopeless fanatic of statism. The taxpayers are not supposed to support their own destroyers. You’re clearly one of the future destroyers of this country and of the freedom of its people. Maybe you don’t know it because you don’t have the brain the grasp the very consequences of your idiocy. Give us and the taxpayers a favor. Drop out of your useless school of idiotation. The people don’t have to spend a cent on your schooling, you parasitical leech!

    • antiUPbastard1000 permalink
      January 3, 2014 3:38

      Well the government is wasting their money to send this idiots to the university. I guess the government is ensuring that our future graduates are bastards and idiots so that no one will stop them in making our country miserable..I guess these UP bastards don’t have an IQ to start with!!

    • IskolarParasaBayanUP permalink
      November 20, 2014 3:38

      UPCAT is the most difficult admission test in the country. 🙂

      • NotTheRealMe permalink
        March 19, 2018 3:38

        Indeed. It really is the most difficult admission test I’ve taken so far. You don’t only need intelligence, but also brain stamina for 6 hours. It’s a great privilege for me to take the hardest admission test in the whole country. Salute sa mga Iskolar ng bayan! Aja!

    August 13, 2010 3:38

    Not all smart and intelligent Filipinos can afford to go to college. Maraming matatalino na hindi nakakapagpatuloy ng kanilang pag-aaral dahil hindi sapat ang kanilang kinikitang pera o kinikitang pera ng mga magulang nila upang matustusan ang kanilang pag-aaral. Dito pumapasok ngayon yung role na dapat gampanan ng estado—bigyan ng pantay na oportunidad ang mga maralita na ma-avail ang quality education (dahil nga sa naniniwala tayo na ang edukasyon ay isa sa mga bagay na makakatulong sa pag-unlad ng estado ng buhay ng isang tao). That’s why there are State Universities in the country to make quality education accessible to those financially unstable citizens na matatalino naman. Pero dahil nga sa hindi sapat ang pondo na binibigay ng gobyerno para sa edukasyon tumataas ngayon ang mga tuition fee ng mga State U. (for ex. sa UP may 300% increase sa matrikula) Hindi na ngayon nagiging abot kamay o accessible para sa mga mahihirap yung magandang kalidad ng edukasyon.

    A good example of this, eh yung na experience o nasaksihan ko 4yrs ago.

    Freshman pa lang ako sa UP nun, during enrollment may nakilala/nakausap na nanay ng freshy din ang ate ko. Nasa gilid lang ng registrar yung ale, nka-upo, teary-eyed at mukhang problemado. Galing pa raw sila ng Surigao ng anak nya. Magsasaka lang sila kaya tuwang-tuwa daw sila nung nalaman nilang pumasa sa UPCAT yung anak nila. Kala nila UP na ang sagot sa kahirapan nila. Pero nwalan sila ng pag-asa ng pumunta na sila sa UP upang magpa-enroll. Hindi raw sapat ang perang pambayad nila sa matrikula.P10,000 pesos lang ang dalang pera nila (samantalang lampas 10,00 ang tuition fee sa UP) na inutang pa nila sa 5’6. Tapos yung pera na yun kinunan pa nila ng panggastos sa pamasahe, pagkain at matutuluyan.

    Iyak lang ng iyak yung nanay habang nag kukwento sa ate ko. Akala daw nila mura sa UP kasi nga State U. Di nila akalaing mag-ina na ganun kalaki paring pera ang kailangan nila pra makapasok sa unibersidad. Sabi ng nanay uuwi nalang daw sila. Sa Surigao na lang daw niya papag-aralin ang anak kahit mas gusto nito sa UP.

    Dun ko napag-isip-isip ang kakulangan ng suporta ng gobyerno sa mga Pilipinong tulad nila–kahit sa edukasyon man lang. Pa’no uunlad ang bansa kung hindi mabibigyan ang lahat ng pagkakataong makapag-aral at makapagtapos sa isang maganda at mahusay na unibersidad? Bakit walang sapat na pondo sa edukasyon ngunit merong milyon-milyon para sa mga walang kabuluhang mga projects at abroad trips?Kung bakit tanging ang mga may kaya sa buhay lamang ang may oportunidad na magkaroon ng magandang edukasyon? Kaya kung mapapansin natin, hindi na mga mahihirap ang nakakapag-aral sa mga State U, lalong-lalo na sa UP, mga mayayaman na –de kotse, yung iba subaru pa.

    Kapag ginawang independent private institution na ang mga State U mas marami pang maralita ang hindi makakapag-aral. Mas marami pang taga probinsya ang mananatili sa probinsya upang magsaka na lamang imbis na mag-aral sa isang magandang unibersidad gaya ng UP.

    Ang gusto lang naman ng mga isko at iska ay bigyan ng halaga ng gobyerno ang estado ng edukasyon sa bansa. Mas malabong umunlad ang Pilipinas kung maraming hindi nakapag tapos ng pag-aaral. Ang edukasyon ay isang karapatan. Hindi ito isang prebiliheyo. Obligasyon ng estado na tustusan ang mga pangangailangan ng mga kinasasakupan nito at proteksyonan ang kanilang mga karapatan.

  8. blahblahblah permalink
    August 22, 2010 3:38

    I suggest you replace the “question mark” with a “period”. I’m referring to your title. Damn. Or maybe changing it to “What does “Iskolar ng Bayan” means?”. Arright?

  9. blahblahblah permalink
    August 22, 2010 3:38

    erratum: “What does “Iskolar ng Bayan” mean?”

  10. September 25, 2010 3:38

    Oh my, it’s flattering to see my name on your post. By the way, I’m no student of UP but I believe that education is our right. I lament the fact that you have just merely posted my reply without ‘replying’ to it. 🙂

    And it’s also kinda flattering too that you consider me a ‘hardcore’ socialist since I don’t consider myself one.

    Again, I will reiterate what I have said, make some real world applications of what you believe in. Words will get you to nowhere. I guess you also believe that ‘actions speak louder than words.’

    Do it then we’ll talk from there and see who’s right. 🙂

  11. d-oh! permalink
    December 3, 2010 3:38

    Hey Frovin, what’s your take on this? Another UP-bred statist who promotes the evil concepts of capitalism? Some moral Altruist? Enenmy of the free market?

    I think otherwise.

  12. spinoza1111 permalink
    December 7, 2010 3:38

    From your blog alone, I can see you are qualified to study in many universities in the USA that are more highly rated than UP, and I prepare students for study in the USA both as a school teacher, former college prof (adjunct) and SAT tutor in Hong Kong.

    But…I can also see you’re a bit of a punk.

    Punks “hate the poor”.

    People are telling you you are motivated by rage and envy because you didn’t pass a (possibly flawed) entrance examination. I have these questions.

    Did you prepare for the exam?

    Did you get drunk or stoned the night before?

    Will the authorities let you retake?

    Can you afford to sit for the SAT or study abroad?

    I agree with your critics. I think you are motivated by anger and disappointment based on reading some of your blog.

    I may be wrong.

    I think your resentments are hurting your life chances. And if you have a problem with that, buy a ticket from Manila to Hong Kong and confront me, homeboy.

    Many very intelligent people failed examinations. Examinations test, mostly, ability to take them.

    The Phillipines system seems to export its women to be at best nurses and to keep its men at home. I knew and taught guys in Fiji with no chance to get out of Fiji because they can’t afford computer books.

    But it is APPLIED RAND. The rich take what they want from the rest of you. Instead of writing tirades, you need to take care of number one. That’s what Rand would want you to do. She’s full of contradictions, but I know one successful guy who started on the bottom in South Africa and he took the best from her. I met him when I was at Princeton, where he studied.

    Seriously…if there’s anything a teacher in Hong Kong can do for you other than carpet bomb your web site with an honest attempt to help you get smarter, let me know.

    • exnihilonihilfit permalink
      December 7, 2010 3:38

      come teach here in melbourne university. =)

    • exnihilonihilfit permalink
      December 7, 2010 3:38

      and oh, relating to to this blog, i share most of the blogger’s viewpoint.
      this particular post i think was rather, emotional. i dont see anything bad though.

      personally, i had my fair share of hearing people boast (not proud) their capacity to pass the UPCAT. its very irritating..

      special side story: whenever they boast about it, they speak in English.. and when asked about it in English, they reply in very deep Filipino. LOL

      • antiUPbastard1000 permalink
        January 3, 2014 3:38

        And Yes and they are extremely proud of their fact their school doesn’t belong to the top 200 schools in the world..Such a shame..I bet these students are focusing in bloating their ego rather than bloating their knowledge….And one thing if you post negative about them, they will say “inggit ka lang” or say “hindi ka lang pumasa sa UPCAT”. Well EXCUSE ME UP bastards, All of my life being to different universities in the globe, UP is the only school that promotes leftist, egoistic idiots and worst selfish and arrogant people. Please be openminded that I’m saying this to MAJORITY of UP bastards..Well for some who are not like them, it will be best express their thoughts CONSTRUCTIVELY about the article. I bet some of the kind 1% UP students have bad experience with the worst attitudes of 99% of UP students..One thing more, since you are a product of your you have said, you are all entitled to repay the taxpayers money wasted on you by working diligently and making this country better..Well as of today, you bastards have done nothing to your country well in fact you are the ones who destroy our country..If you idiot UP bastards are not blabbering your mouth instead making innovative ideas, well this country will progress. I bet the government is wasting their MONEY to these worthless students. Well if you asked me what I have done for my country, I would have say I’m making new innovative ideas as a scientist in europe and I want this country to be a 1st world. Well your definition of a 1st world country is lower than the definition of a monkey!

    • December 8, 2010 3:38

      Read my other related blogs on this issue. I have addressed all your silly questions. I’m not a second-hander and I don’t think studying in an elite university is everything.

  13. MrAstralBody permalink
    August 14, 2011 3:38

    Tumigil ka na.. Inggit ka lang kasi.

    • antiUPbastard1000 permalink
      January 3, 2014 3:38

      Are you idiot?! I guess you cannot argue with monkeys that came from a 3rd class university!!

  14. curiousmind permalink
    August 14, 2011 3:38

    Capitalism has been proven more effective than socialism, communism, marxism. The collapse of USSR, food shortage in North Korea and the supposed socialist China acting capitalist are just few things that indicates Capitalism is the winner! :))

    If you see Capitalism as an exploiter, you have a very shallow view on capitalism.

  15. xxx permalink
    January 6, 2012 3:38


  16. August 13, 2012 3:38

    It’s great that once in a while, someone comes along to challenge the thinking held by most. People tend to gravitate towards and uphold the majority’s take, and you are amazingly one of those who have the guts enough to not simply adhere. It is disappointing though that there seems to be no positive impact of your blog other than breeding hate. You are supposedly here to offer a critical view on society–to what, help it–but you’re tone is one of hate, and does not offer any avenues for reconciliation, for a common ground (for the good of people). You are obnoxious in your take that only your thoughts are right. I agree with insult boy. Your theories are useless when they cannot be applied in the real practical world. You’re working based on the premise of an ‘ideal society’–which may not at all be what’s ideal as seen by others.

    • August 13, 2012 3:38

      Are you trying to tell me that calling for the privatization or abolition of UP means hate? You should see the other comments of the so-called iskos and iskas to know the real meaning of hate.

      ” Your theories are useless when they cannot be applied in the real practical world.”

      What do you know about my theories? What you don’t understand is that the system that we’re in today is what delivering this country toward economic collapse and bankruptcy. That UP is now the breeding ground of mediocrity, intellectual arrogance or anti-intellectualism and socialism/communism.

  17. bogz permalink
    November 3, 2012 3:38

    “my fellow UPians, please join me in the move of simply not replying anymore to this blog post. There is no point against such people so indoctrinated by the prevalent capitalistic perspective. It is only to be expected from non-UP students to worship a book (or a set of books) as if it is the ultimate truth as long as it fits his ideological standards. We’ve learned a long time ago that not everything can be learned in the classroom, and not everything written in books are accurate, that is why we’ve become critical of a lot of things. The more we reply to this blog, the more we seem to affirm his importance and relevance to the world, one thing which he obviously is not. Let him post what he wants to post because he is an attention-seeker, he just wants to make controversy for the sake of controversy. And the more we reply, the more we push him into thinking that what he says matters, even if it doesn’t. We seem to forget that he’s just one kid with too much time on his hands, a luxury that we do not have. So let him waste his time and let’s not let this prick waste ours. If he’s stupid enough to start fire and get angry when he gets burned, well then so be it, its not our problem. thanks, and peace out!”

    Oh, here’s the DEMAGOGUE!

    By the way, UPians are just a bunch of emo, not thinkers.

  18. August 7, 2014 3:38

    I just passed by this site by chance[I just wanna share lol] Guyz plez huehuehue. I mean, I’m from UP, but the whole thing doesn’t apply for the whole pack of us naman, right? I reckon that this topic originated with some form of bitterness? Idk. But I tell you guys I didn’t pass the UPCAT either to be honest hehe. I asked for a reconsideration before and actually I didn’t make it pa rin, so I tried asking again and eventually, I got in! Yay, lol. Although I was given the second semester and caught up during the summer haha. UP wasn’t my first choice, ’cause I told myself from the beginning pa lang na I might not make it anyway but was suggested by my classmates to take a recon and so I did. We cannot deny that UP is the top school in the archipelago and the top school that causes a wave(if I may say), right?

    I don’t know what is being taught in UP as a whole. But is the socialist ideology lurking in there? O.O To be honest, I’m a capitalist.. Well actually I’m an adherent of The Middle Way, but more of a capitalist iykwim. In my case though, the tax thingy is not a problem of mine and many other UP products, I must say. I told my sister nga, “Don’t be intimidated by the Scholars of the Nation, ‘cause you work your asses off for us, my goodness.” It was never a problem ‘cause yun nga. I pay the full tuition naman and I handled a family business(tax), so I technically pay extra for my education. xD

    I don’t think there’s a pure capitalist here though. Like, you won’t like it seriously. That’ll be a tyranny. And we won’t reach the state we are now in if there wasn’t a trace of socialism and capitalism. That’s the perfect, balanced type of economy! U.S., the Philippines, Germany and other states even CHINA! claim that they are capitalists, but they’re not really capitalists if you know what I mean. Free + command economy = everyone is happy! 😀 See the definition and the philosophies and ideologies of capitalism and socialism first tho. 🙂

    But all in all, I agree with the author, the Scholars, and others who commented in some parts. At the same time, I’m so disappointed. I mean, I am part of those who are being bashed here(by both sides even), ‘cause I’m a capitalist and from UP mehn. Duh. 😀 But at the end of the day, we should respect each others’ opinion and perspective(including what we share in the interwebs). 🙂

    I was waiting for a comment that would enlighten everyone and ease of the tension between the two parties but nahh, there aint anything 😀

  19. November 4, 2019 3:38

    Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging
    on blogs I stumbleupon everyday. It’s always useful to read through articles from other authors and use a little something from other web sites.


  1. The Parasitical Illusion of Our Young Scholars « THE VINCENTON POST

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