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What Real Folks Say About Atlas Shrugged

August 10, 2010

Personally, I have written a few reviews of Atlas Shrugged, a bestselling novel written by philosopher Ayn Rand. I say that this 1,070-page doorstop offers the most violent defense of free-market capitalism. It is the best book I’ve ever read so far.

In my book review entitled Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged: A Prophetic Novel, I stated:

The book presents two kinds of people in business— those who only rely on their own ability and competence on the one hand, and those parasites who maintain connection with the powers-that-be and who get rich by bribery, graft and corruption and unfair competition on the other hand. The author is right in presenting in the book the value of capitalism which must be protected and supported by individuals if they want to improve their status economically and live peacefully with other human beings.

In another review entitled Atlas Shrugged: Don’t Support Your Own Destroyers, I wrote:

Ayn Rand, who is the greatest philosopher on earth, presents two types of man of ability and self-esteem in her magnum opus (Sciabarra, 1995, p. 96). One is the man who refuses to surrender his freedom, rejects the concept of altruism, and upholds self-esteem and self-interest, while the other is the man who, despite being stripped off his liberty and immolated for the sake of common good, still holds on to that faint belief that one day the system would change for the better. The first represents Francisco D’Anconia, an heir to a giant copper mining company who builds his own empire from scratch, while the second represents Henry Rearden, a steel magnate who invented a ‘miracle metal.’ These two productive industrialists have lots of things in common—they believe in the ideals of capitalism and in the concept that man’s moral duty is the pursuit of his own happiness. Both of them love and celebrate life.

I have also written a review, which was published in The Manila Times entitled Atlas Shrugged: The Answer to ‘Economic Ignorance’, (this is the first ever review of the book in the Philippines) wherein I wrote the following:

So what happens in case of excessive government regulation? The answer is clearly illustrated in Atlas—market socialism would lead to the exodus of real capitalists who cherish individual rights and freedom from economic interference. In the world of Atlas, the United States fell in the hands of socialist thugs and collectivist politicians who issued regulatory laws like Anti Dog-Eat-Dog Act that aims to destroy competition, Anti-Greed Act that intends to redistribute wealth, Equalization of Opportunity Act that prevents anybody from establishing more than one business, among others.

Now I’d like to show you what ordinary people like me think about Atlas Shrugged. I don’t think I have to give my personal summary of what the people in the following videos say about the book, so just watch them and enjoy!

This is a video review by a very beautiful young woman.

A review by a highly inspired young man:

A video review by critical man who preaches critical success on YouTube:

And finally, an interesting review by an adult woman, which means it’s never too late to read Atlas Shrugged:


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