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The Sources of Cognitive Corruption in RP are the Public Universities

August 6, 2010

“I feel that this country is being destroyed by its philosophy, specifically by its universities. The most dangerous thing in this country today are the universities because they’re teaching the kind of ideas that would necessary have to lead to the destruction of this country…” — Ayn Rand

Russian-born American philosopher and bestselling author Ayn Rand predicted over thirty years ago that the United States, the greatest country in the world, would be destroyed by its universities that have been teaching collectivist, statist, altruist ideas to its young people. According to her, it is important for a country to have a proper intellectual leadership. By intellectual leadership she meant universities that teach the ideals of individualism, capitalism, as well as the proper concept of reason. The same thing is happening to the Philippines today with its universities that failed and continue to fail to properly defend reason, individualism, and capitalism.

I say that the students who are not enrolled in or who didn’t graduate from  leftist-infested public colleges and universities are luckier than those who were indoctrinated by the country’s liberal and leftist professors. I consider the young leftists and young liberals the scourge of ignorance and stupidity of this country in the near future. They are the seeds of evil who will deliver this country to socialism or dictatorship.

The signs are everywhere today. We see young people, both leftists and leftists in denial, who proclaim that they have a right to education, health care, or any other forms of public welfare. Some of them profess their utter contempt of individualism and capitalism, which is now the result of their ignorance and the indoctrination of their liberal and leftist professors, while others claim that we need a little bit of socialism and capitalism.

Those who claim that capitalism and individualism will not work in the Philippines because of its distinct culture and traditions are either ignorant or stupid. They failed to understand that culture and traditions are a product of men’s relativist understanding of reality and/or failure to grasp reality and man’s nature. Those who reject individualism and capitalism in favor of some mystical, anti-man and anti-progress traditions and culture would like this country to embrace tribalism, statism and collectivism.
Ayn Rand once wrote:
The crass skepticism and epistemological cynicism of Kant’s influence have been seeping from the universities to the arts, the sciences, the industries, the legislatures, saturating our culture, decomposing language and thought. If ever there was a need for a Herculean philosophical effort to clean up the Kantian stables—particularly, to redeem language by establishing objective criteria of meaning and definition, which average men could not attempt—the time was now.

Here’s the video:

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  1. Isko permalink
    August 9, 2010 3:38

    HEADLINE: The Real Threat to this Country are its Public Universities

    Last time I checked, the word “IS” should be used to refer to a singular noun. Bad proofreading or bad grammar?

    • August 9, 2010 3:38

      Thanks for noticing it. If you want it’s both: Bad proofreading AND bad grammar. Now I decided to replace my title with a better one.

      So you think this statement from a bestselling American novelist is either badly proofread or grammatically incorrect? “The most dangerous thing in this country today ARE the universities because they’re teaching the kind of ideas that would necessary have to lead to the destruction of this country.”

      • elevicpernis permalink
        August 10, 2010 3:38

        ““The most dangerous thing in this country today ARE the universities….”

        I think this is also grammatically correct. While the usual order of things should read “The universities are the most dangerous thing in this country today….,” it did not preclude Rand to put “the universities” before “are” for emphasis. The technical term for this technique is called FRONTING.

        This implies that the subject is “the universities”; “are” links “the universities” to its predicate nominative “the most dangerous thing in this country.”

      • August 10, 2010 3:38

        I also stated this before- “The universities are a threat to this country”- and someone (probably a schoolmate of yours lol) commented that it’s grammatically problematic. Perhaps he thought it should have been: “The universities are THREATS to this country”. That would have been so funny!

        The original title is grammatically correct, but the commenter’s interesting observation made me realize there’s a better title for this blog entry. Thanks to your comment, Elevic.

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