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Kuya Noynoy Bares Ate Glo’s Dirty Secrets

July 26, 2010
Kuya Noy: Anti-trust law is an enemy of free-market capitalism.

Kuya Noy: Anti-trust law is an enemy of free-market capitalism.

I really did enjoy Kuya Noy’s (my friend suggested we should call the President Kuya Noy) first State of the Nation Address (SONA). I didn’t expect the new administration would bare the dirty, disgusting secrets and anomalies of the past administration. This is what a new president should do: expose the anomalies of his predecessor. Kuya Noy should not and must not forgive and forget.

I still remember what Kuya Noy said in his inaugural address: “To those who talk about reconciliation, if they mean that they would like us to simply forget about the wrongs that they have committed in the past, we have this to say: there can be no reconciliation without justice.” I’d like to say: “Astig!”

However, I am so against his anti-trust law proposal. The phrase “walang lamangan sa merkado” is never, never consistent with anti-trust law. But this is another blog article.

Now I’d like to post this news article from entitled Aquino bares-anomalies of Arroyo administration.

MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATE 3) President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III bared in his first State of the Nation Address a series of irregularities allegedly committed by the past administration and dared those involved to resign their posts.

In his speech, Aquino disclosed, for example, that members of the Metropolitan Water Sewerage System (MWSS) board of trustees have been receiving a whopping P98 million in allowances every month, excluding the service vehicles being provided to them.

Aquino said that in 2009, a total of P211.5 million was allocated for salaries, allowances and other benefits for MWSS but that only P51.4 million or 24 percent of the budget went to payroll.

“The ordinary worker gets only his 13th month pay plus cash gift. At the MWSS, one gets pay, bonuses and allowances equivalent to 30 months,” said the President in Filipino.

But Aquino said he was more shocked by the compensation that the members of board of trustees were getting.

“Mas matindi po ang natuklasan natin sa pasahod ng kanilang board of trustees [The benefits they give their board of trustees were much, much more],” he said.

“The allowances that they receive, by just sitting at the board of trustees and board committee meetings, already amount to P14 million. This translates to P98 million a month. Then there are grocery incentives of up to P80 million a year. Then there is the May midyear bonus, productivity bonus, anniversary bonus, year-end bonus and financial assistance. There is also the Christmas bonus with additional Christmas package,” he said.

“Uulitin ko po, lahat ng ito ay binigay nila s akanilang mga sarili habang hindi pa nbabayran ang mga pension ng kanilang mga retirees [Let me repeat that all these they gave to themselves while their retirement pensions have not been paid],” he said.

But these MWSS officials, Aquino said, were midnight appointees by Arroyo and could not be forced to leave their posts.

He vowed that they would be investigated and challenged them “to resign voluntarily if there is any shame left in them.”

Aquino also bared that of the P108-million calamity fund for Pampanga, the province of former President and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, P105 million went to only one district.

“Of the whole P108 million for the province of Pampanga, P105 million went to only one district while in the province of Pangasinan that was ravaged by Pepeng, only P5 million was given and it was even for typhoon Cosme that hit the province in 2009,” Aquino said in Filipino.

“The funds for Pampanga were given on election month, seven months after Ondoy and Pepeng. What if there is a typhoon tomorrow?” Aquino asked.

Aquino arrived at the Batasan complex at 3:46 p.m., in time for the session at 4 p.m., on board his black Mercedes Benz with plate number 1. He did not use his sirens when his convoy left his family home in Quezon City.

The President went directly to the holding area in the House upon his arrival. He was joined there by newly elected Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile and Speaker Feliciano Belmonte.

Aquino’s sisters – Viel, Pinky, and Ballsy – arrived at the House ahead of the President.

The session hall is packed with lawmakers and guests including politicians, members of the diplomatic community and friends and families of officials.

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  1. Merceditas Buena permalink
    July 27, 2010 3:38

    P-noy seems so keen in the demolition job on the Arroyo administration.
    He should get the facts straight first before accusation, before speaking ill of his predecessor.
    Makes me wonder why?
    Parang crab mentality.


  1. Kuya Noynoy Bares Ate Glo's Dirty Secrets « THE VINCENTON POST- Typhoon Pepeng

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