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The Art of Islamic Conquest

June 25, 2010

Over one-hundred years ago, the Islamists were not allowed to protest and promote their religion in the streets of London, New York, and Heidelberg where our national hero Jose Rizal wrote his poem “To the Flowers of Heidelberg.” The Islamic Ottoman empire, which conquered Christian nations and killed Jews, Christians and infidels, was at war with Europe and the rest of the world. The Islamic warriors of the Ottoman empire were able to expand their territory because of the size of their population and the barbaric methods of warfare they skillfully employed just a few decades before ammunition and war technology was invented by the West.

The Ottoman empire collapsed in 1922 because of the failure of its economic structure. As a result of its downfall, the Islamic empire was divided into several states.

But today, the Jihadis and Islamists are trying to make a comeback through immigration and by means of imposing their will on non-believers. While the Western world flourished, most Islamic countries, ruled by dictators, stagnated. Islamic Arabs in oil-rich Middle Eastern countries have been sitting on a vast deposit of oil for centuries but didn’t know what to do with their rich natural resource. They didn’t have the technology and knowledge to discover and extract oil in their territory until a British businessman invested in oil exploration during the early quarter of the last century. The oil he and his men discovered had been nationalized by the Persian socialist government and is now the source of funding for Islamic terrorists.

Islamism is winning and flourishing in semi-free societies because of the following factors:

  • Political correctness
  • The stupidity of the socialists, progressives, liberals, and Christian dhimmis
  • Multiculturalism and the idea of tolerance
  • Moral agnosticism

The video below shows just how the Islamists try to occupy a territory and impose their arbitrary and intolerant faith and Islamic law.

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  1. Ardeen Roy Diamante permalink
    June 25, 2010 3:38

    The inevitable clash of cultures.


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