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The Politics of Envy

March 19, 2010

I’m not comfortable with the politics of Noynoy, especially with the kind of people who flock around him. In fact, it’s not clear

She's popular!

She's popular!

where Noynoy stands in various issues. But I must admit I like his sister, Kris Aquino, as an entertainer and a television host. Kris’ got talent. She is defined by her unique attitude and individuality. She’s got the “K” factor or “karisma” (charisma).

Noynoy isn’t Kris. Anybody who asserts that Kris must go on leave or give up her television shows because she might influence voters’ choice is either stupid or envious of her success. Any Tom, Dick or Jerry who assumes that Kris Aquino’s presence in her brother’s campaign trail might sway the electorate’s pick simply regards the people as a bunch of idiots or unthinking brutes. The Filipino voters have their own minds; they have the capability to make informed choices or decisions.

In an Inquirer report, Kris didn’t mince words when she said she was the easy target by her brother’s rivals in politics because she’s popular. “Kasi sikat ako… Aminin na natin. ‘Yan naman ang totoo (Because I’m popular. Let’s admit that. That’s the truth),” the country’s most popular actress said.

In a previous blog, I have expressed my sympathy with Kris. I wrote the following:

I’m not a Noynoy Aquino supporter, but I have to admit really I admire his sister Kris for being a great TV host and an exciting actress. I’m a big fan of the best television host and the most popular icon in the entertainment industry today. But politics is different from entertainment. Yes, Noynoy is not my bet for the presidency. In fact, I’ve been campaigning for his defeat, along with the rest of the presidential candidates. But I think what I just saw on Facebook is an affront to reason, sanity, and justice. It was an act that is totally indefensible. It is utterly immoral, improper, and even illegal to drag this innocent kid who doesn’t even know the word “politics” into this ongoing political farce and be used as a smear campaign material against his uncle even if the confessed motive is to remind the people of the so-called injustice committed by a certain political clan in the past. Many critics are using the Luisita issue to discredit the Aquino family, but what people don’t know is that Kris can even surpass the wealth of her parents because she’s undeniably a very hardworking and intransigently brilliant and brave woman.

What really drives most irrational critics is envy and their hatred of the good for being the good. I strongly believe that a persevering woman like Kris Aquino, who’s the best avatar of a CAPITALIST WOMAN in the country, doesn’t deserve this abusive, unfeeling treatment of her youngest son. This woman earned her success no matter what the flaws of her ancestors. And the kid, yes, leave him alone!

This is an election issue and I think it is an insult to justice to put an innocent child in bad light who’s not even aware of what his ancestors did before he was born.  Like I said to the person who posted the photo below, to penalize or put an innocent kid in bad light for something that his ancestors might have committed in the past is a mockery of justice.

In this PDI report Kris said she’s not leaving her top-rated show The Buzz because the network needs her for ratings. Yes, Kris Aquino is the country’s top endorser, the most popular entertainment personality, and the most talked-about woman in town.

LAOAG CITY, Philippines—No, controversial TV host Kris Aquino is not leaving her Sunday gossip show “The Buzz” on ABS-CBN, saying the network needs her for the ratings.

Aquino made the statement in an interview with some reporters here on Thursday.

“No. No, no,” she said when asked if she would leave the program after she complained last week that she was being used to attack her brother, Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

“Actually, if you review carefully what I said, sinabi ko sinabihan ako ng sisters ko na walang quitter sa pamilya. So klaro naman ‘yon. So I will be there on Sunday,” she said.

Asked if she would take a leave from her other television shows aside from her late night show “SNN” also on ABS-CBN, Kris answered in the negative.

“Alam mo masyado ka namang excited na mawala ako. Kawawa naman ang ABS-CBN, kailangan pa rin naman ako for the ratings,” she said.

But she said she agreed to help the campaign her brother on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and on other important days that her presence in the campaign might be needed.

And to her critics,, Kris said she would just ignore them since she could not get them on her side anyway.

Asked why she thought she was the easy target by the senator’s rivals in politics, Kris said, “Kasi sikat ako… Aminin na natin. ‘Yan naman ang totoo.”

“Kung wala akong pangalan, wala akong naipundar, hindi nila ako papansanin. E engot na ako kung papansinin ko pa sila. So ang papansinin ko na lang ‘yong nagmamahal sa akin…,” she said.

Kris also denied critics claim Noynoy was in a panic mode because his ratings in the surveys were dwindling and he was using her to improve his standing in surveys.

She said it was always part of the strategy that she would only join the campaign this March.

“But I don’t think it’s a sign of panic. It’s a sign of strength,” she said.

“Kasi bakit hindi naman gagamitin ni Noy na isama n’ya ako considering na mayron nang ready audience d’yan na medyo mayrong nagdadalawang-isip dahil di s’ya masyadong kilala. Tahimik s’ya simple s’yang tao. Maingay ako. So kelangan n’ya ganong klaseng ingay lang,” Kris said.

“Pero I don’t think its a sign of panic at all,” she added.


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  1. March 19, 2010 3:38

    cool post

  2. December 13, 2010 3:38

    It would be nice if we filipinos are united.

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