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The Menace of Political Correctness

March 19, 2010

We are still in the process of destabilization with the rise of various militant social groups. And yes, we have useful idiots- the intellectuals- who have mastered the art of appeasement.

A commenter codenamed Aegis-Judex reacted to my blog entitled Vote Out the Useful Idiots and their Comrades. Aegis-Judex

They are using our remaining freedom against us!

They are using our remaining freedom against us!

asked the following:

“Why is it that the CHR has a left-leaning bent?”

Here’s my reply:

I’d like to think that the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) is merely responding to the gripes and complaints of those victimized by state agents. This is the essence of a free or semi-free society. Yes, the communists are guilty morally, but this doesn’t mean that they are not entitled to the protection of our laws. In a free society, everybody is equal under the law and before any court of justice. A free society is an informed society. The true essence of equality is that people ought to have equal access to our legal system and courts, that they are guaranteed equal protection under the law, and that they are accorded fair and impartial treatment by the government regardless of their status, rank, beliefs, ideology, race, religion, sex, and condition. The communist concept of equality demands equality of results, which can only be achieved through the use of government force. This political concept of communist quality specifically means metaphysical equality. The communists dogmatically believe that poverty or inequality may only be solved by means of abrogating property rights, nationalizing of all industries, and redistributing wealth. These coercive actions are what the communists, who loudly champion the welfare of the poor and the downtrodden, regard as the moral and the practical.

I believe that the Philippines still retains a few attributes of a semi-free, semi-Republican society. We still have independent media that courageously expose corruption, irregularities, and abuses in the public sector, as well as semi-independent legal system. The people can still raise their complains and grievances against the government. Abusive authorities and state agents must be punished accordingly, while the communists who seek to overthrow the government through unlawful means must also face the full force of the law. This is the reason why we must all be interested in the science of politics and careful about not having the wrong kind of government.

With this let me quote Ayn Rand: “If in this context one could make a distinction between the actions of a government and the actions of individual citizens, why would we need politics at all? All governments would be on one side, doing something among themselves, while we private citizens would go along in happy, idyllic tribalism. But that picture is false. We are responsible for the government we have, and that is why it is important to take the science of politics very seriously. If we become a dictatorship, and a freer country attacks us, it would be their right.”

The communists are guilty morally because they embrace an evil ideology. Communism is a system that disregards individual rights. Like I stated here, “their (communists) only strategy is to fool the people that it is their system that can only solve “social discontent,” “mass unemployment,” among other economic social and economic problems that we face today. Their goal is to abolish private property, man’s rights and turn men into slaves. And now, they are using our remaining freedoms and objective laws against us.”

Today we see the rise of leftist militants who are so loud in voicing out their disagreement against the government and their intention to convert this country into a Marxist slave pen. They are so loud about freedom, human rights, and fair treatment. But we have to expect all these, as the socialists are still in the process of ideological subversion.

The communists, whose intention is to take over and convert this country into a Maoist concentration camp, employ ideological subversion in order to demoralize the people and influence public perception. This communist strategy is a “legitimate, overt and open process” designed to distort reality and brainwash people’s minds.

The four basic principles of ideological subversion or active measures are the following:

  1. Demoralization
  2. Destabilization
  3. Crisis
  4. Normalization

During the “demoralization” process, we expect the rise of such movements as women’s groups, peasant groups, liberal collectives, atheistic leftist/statist groups, LGTB movement cultural groups, among others. These social movements are essential in the process of demoralization simply because of their homogeneous advocacy: the rise of the “common man” and the protection of and the provision of social goods to the poor.” It is unfortunate that our 1987 Constitution has opened the floodgates to various social groups, which are now joining political process through the party-list and multi-party systems. It is the evil idea of political correctness that caused the insertion of the multi-party and party-list systems into the New Charter.

The process of “destabilization” occurs when these social groups have gained full and open access to political process to fight for their causes in the realm of politics. Now we have various militant party-list groups that receive millions of pesos of pork barrel every year to finance their altruist programs and socialist project. The Constitution and the government have given these socialist groups the opportunity to expand and to destroy our remaining freedom through the gradual, carefully designed process of social evolution.

Any statist government, whether of the socialist or fascist variety, can benefit from any crisis, particularly economic crisis. The occurrence or existence of a crisis might accelerate the advance of statism/collectivism if the government objective were to gain sweeping political power. This is what is happening today in America whose President, Barack Obama, is determined to push for his health care reform. Anyone who read the bill knows that Obama’s health care program was designed to destroy liberty, individual rights and self-determination in America.

Any scheming statist politician who’d like to be the state or dictator only needs a crisis to impose his will, whims or caprices. If

Fight for your freedom before it's too late!

Fight for your freedom before it's too late!

there’s no crisis he has to create one because crisis, if it concerns people’s life and survival, makes men fearful and irrational.

Normalization is the process that comes after the happening of a crisis that ‘justified’ government’s perversion of the social system. When everything is normalized, the process of ideological subversion is already completed. Normalization took place in USSR after Lenin seized power. Communist China was normalized after Mao Tse Tung appointed himself as dictator for life.

But when everything is already normalized, you wouldn’t see any “loud” social movement like peasant groups, women’s movement, atheistic leftist/statist groups, among others that sprouted during the stages of demoralization and destabilization. Anyone who attempts to question or criticize the ruling elite in a dictatorship would be incarcerated or executed, while the stupid intellectuals, “useful idiots” and appeasers who ignored the rise of socialism or dictatorship would find themselves in concentration camps.

Just look at the finished product of their socialist ideal: China, Cuba, and Venezuela. Are there any loud women’s movement, peasant group, and atheist collective in China? Are political dissents allowed in these socialist states? In China, bloggers critical of the communist presidium are risking their liberty, family, limbs and lives for simply exercising their right to speak their minds. There are no such things as liberal movement, LGTB groups, workers’ movements, and other social causes in these slave pens. There is only the dictatorial regime that controls and regulates almost all facets and phases of social life.

We are still in the process of destabilization with the rise of various militant social groups. And yes, we have useful idiots- the intellectuals- who have mastered the art of appeasement. The socialists are advancing because of our politically correct educational institutions, professors and intellectuals. Until and unless we fully understand the essence and value of individualism, reason and capitalism, we would not be able to stop the advance of collectivism or dictatorship in this country.

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  1. March 23, 2010 3:38

    Thanks for the reply, Fro. It appears that given the media’s portrayal of the CHR in dealing with suspected (or even known!) communists, I might have misunderstood its intentions altogether.

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