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The Dictators of “Common Good”

March 15, 2010

A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.

Yes, there’s no doubt that administration’s presidential bet epitomizes cleverness and intellect. He’s a lawyer and I know that he

His universal health care plan is dangerous as hell!

His universal health care plan is dangerous as hell!

understands what he’s talking about. Like all of his presidential contenders, Mr. Teodoro peddled some nice-to-hear proposals that could give him more votes in the upcoming 2010 national polls. However, one of his dangerous proposals is his plan to implement a universal health care system in the Philippines.

For most people, this proposal sounds great. “He cares for the poor,” most of his supporters claimed. What’s wrong with a proposal to give all Filipinos, especially the poor, free access to medical services? Well, I’d like to say this single-payer system proposal is not just wrong; it is evil at best. The universal health care system is many times more dangerous than the Cheaper Medicine bill and the Reproductive Health bill being pushed in Congress. It is the grandmother of all health care and medicine legislation most liberal, statist and socialist politicians and lawmakers could think of.

Mr. Teodoro once said that he’s open to the proposal to implement a universal health care system.

“And I want to experiment also legislatively with universal participative health care, if it is feasible. Meaning to say, everybody participates. I mean, what’s for a rich person to contribute 100 or 200 pesos per month to a participative delivers on health care so there’s more for everybody, not merely in terms of buying medicine and providing care but for providing reimbursements for doctors and nurses, so there’s an incentive to stay and participate in the system and I want also a legislative proposal for student loan program rather than scholarships,” says Teodoro. But this is the most dangerous experiment a president could ever make.

Other candidates have also expressed their support to the Cheaper Medicine bill, particularly presidential aspirant Noynoy Aquino and his teammate Mar Roxas who authored the bill.

Mar Roxas is the most dangerous among the vice presidential candidates. I can say that Roxas offers more fascistic ideas compared to Aquino, Teodoro and the rest of the presidential candidates. Roxas was ecstatic when his Cheaper Medicine bill was passed in Congress in 2008. “This is to ensure transparency and accountability in the setting of prices of medicine, which may not be possible with a drug price regulatory board,” Roxas said.

“The Cheaper Medicines Act is a continuing law. There will be other batches whose prices would be lowered in the future, as they become necessary. The government will continue to watch the market and if it thinks some medicines are overpriced, it will not hesitate to impose price controls,” he also said in another forum. Yes, it is a continuing law designed to shrink freedom in this country.

Sen. Roxas also believed that such cartels as cement, pharmaceutical, oil, rice, among other cartels exist in the Philippines.

The Fascist duo!

The Fascist duo!

“Don’t worry, there already is an anti-trust bill [filed by Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile] pending in the Senate,” Roxas said. “That will address not only the cement cartel but also the oil cartel, the pharmaceutical cartel, the rice cartel and other cartels.”

What’s the answer of the good Senator to these cartels? Anti-trust laws and price controls!

Roxas said: “Kinikilala natin na mayroon talagang mga tinatawag na ‘restraining trade’ – price manipulation, intimidation at iba pang mga gawain na pumipigil sa malayang pagnenenegosyo dito sa atin. Kaya sa Senado, gumawa kami ng special committee to write up the antitrust, anti-monopoly laws. Ito ang tinatawag na competition policy, at ang in-assign diyan ay si Senator Enrile. We are acting on this, dahilan sa maganda man itong nangyari sa Cheaper Medicines Bill, hindi puwede na ito lamang ang kasangkapan natin laban sa matataas na presyo. Kailangang siguraduhin natin na itong mga gawain na pumipigil sa kompetisyon ay matigil din, kaya ina-update natin ang ating mga antitrust at monopoly laws.”

Since they are running-mates, both Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas are party to a ‘future’ crime to murder economic freedom in this country in the name of common good and social justice. However, it is disturbing that almost all people in the media failed to understand the dangerous effect of the Cheaper Medicine bill to our health, life and future. Fortunately, Philippine Star columnist William Esposo mounted a strong opposition to the bill, saying our lawmakers almost succeeded in selling us a big lie.

When Esposo defended the multinational companies who were being demonized by the con artists in Congress just to sell their big lie, he was in fact defending himself from the “genocidal” proposal of our politically correct, socialist, statist lawmakers and politicians. Esposo wrote:

“Let’s face it — Philippine media has been outsmarted by con artists in Congress and other involved branches of government.

“Philippine media has allowed itself to fall for the kind of reasoning that existed three, four decades back when “imperialism” was the buzzword and multinationals companies were evil. They believe that doctors salivated for overseas trips and perks from med-reps and big companies and, like programmed robots, they dutifully filled out prescriptions as they were told.

“This is the scenario that Congress con artists and their DOH gang mates had painted when they were trying to force the opening of the floodgates for cheap generic medicines.

“First, they had to kill the multinational drug firms (MNCs) by calling them greedy opportunists. Second, they wanted to depict doctors as MNC-servile deviants who preyed on their patients. And third, they wanted to demolish the businesses of drug store chains who had earned their keep for years as sources of reliable medicines.

“Anyone who defended MNCs was immediately branded as a beneficiary of huge lobby funds. This fictitious lobby fund was even rumored to be P1 billion — an amount so enormous that it should have challenged the doubting Thomases in media right off the bat. Doctors who argued against the folly of generics-only prescribing were invariably labeled as defenders — ergo beneficiaries — of MNC drug firms.

“That so-called P1-billion MNC lobby fund sounds more like a diversionary tactic employed by dirty politicians to shift public attention away from their design to create a new drug monopoly founded on cheap generics. You see most, if not all, of those MNCs are public corporations and any such hanky panky as bribing media or other interests groups on their part will result in prosecution worldwide. They simply can’t and won’t risk it.

“Also, consumers today are spoiled for choice and technology has empowered them to demonstrate their anger on companies found guilty of unethical practices by boycotting their products and enjoining others to do so.

“Madame Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo keeps pitching for foreign investments but when they are here, she allows them to get devoured by the wolves in Congress who pretend to be the champions of the people.

“So-called ‘militant’ organizations now seem like remnants of a leftist idealism that has frozen in time and do not even recognize the fact that China and Russia are already very much transformed. They continue to chant the old slogans and the old biases. Hey, will someone take these people out of their miserable time warp?

Unknown to many people in this country, the Cheaper Medicine bill authored by Mar Roxas and supported by some educated idiots in Congress is anti-poor and anti-life at best.

Furthermore, there is no such thing as oil, cement, medicine, rice, pharmaceutical cartels in the Philippines. The people have to understand that only the government can create a monopoly in the form of government subsidies, grants, permits, licenses, among any other statist favors. The people need to understand that all economic crises and all breaches of the free market principles and competition have been caused by government interference. The Philippines is not a capitalist country; it is a mixed economy bordering on dictatorship. Monopolies cannot exist under a free-market system. Only the government and government favors can make a monopoly or a cartel happen.

When statist politicians begin to speak about monopoly and price controls, they are simply trying to establish a dangerous premise that something must be done to an ‘artificial problem’ which they themselves have creatively contrived. When they speak of social and economic problems like monopoly and high prices, they are trying to condition the people’s mind that controls are necessary through the adoption of a legal mechanism: anti-trust laws.

A few decades ago, an American philosopher warned us against scheming politicians who attempt to destroy the markets and eliminate our rights in the name of “common good” and “social justice.” Ayn Rand once said:

The alleged purpose of the Antitrust laws was to protect competition; that purpose was based on the socialistic fallacy that a free, unregulated market will inevitably lead to the establishment of coercive monopolies. But, in fact, no coercive monopoly has ever been or ever can be established by means of free trade on a free market. Every coercive monopoly was created by government intervention into the economy: by special privileges, such as franchises or subsidies, which closed the entry of competitors into a given field, by legislative action.

Anti-trust laws are an example of non-objective, non-enforceable legal mechanisms established in the name of “common good.”

“Under the Antitrust laws, a man becomes a criminal from the moment he goes into business, no matter what he does. For instance, if he charges prices which some bureaucrats judge as too high, he can be prosecuted for monopoly or for a successful “intent to monopolize”; if he charges prices lower than those of his competitors, he can be prosecuted for “unfair competition” or “restraint of trade”; and if he charges the same prices as his competitors, he can be prosecuted for “collusion” or “conspiracy.” There is only one difference in the legal treatment accorded to a criminal or to a businessman: the criminal’s rights are protected much more securely and objectively than the businessman’s.”

Aquino, Roxas, Teodoro, and all the presidential candidates are simply a product of our anti-capitalist, anti-reason, and anti-individualistic education system. Not a single school or university in this country teaches the real, genuine concept and virtue of laissez faire capitalism. Most professors view capitalism as a necessary evil. Unknown to many, capitalism is the most moral political-economic system ever conceived in mankind’s history. It is a system that recognizes individual rights.

Most of you might say Aquino, Roxas, Teodoro, and Villar are all capitalists because they are rich. Remember that one of the fathers of communism, Friedrich Engels, was an aristocrat, a rich man who was born to a wealthy family engaged in manufacturing business in Germany. Despite being a son of a manufacturer, Engels co-wrote The Communist Manifesto, which is the bible of the communists and Marxists today. Since we are a mixed economy, there are a few people who get rich through graft and corruption and by means of using political influence and connections. In a true capitalist society, the only proper function of the government is to protect individual rights, and no one could ever corner the market and establish a monopoly.

Today a lot of politicians have been using so-called pro-poor and anti-capitalist programs like universal health care system, cheaper medicine bill, and reproductive health bill so to gain people’s support. Do not vote for these educated idiots! Their egalitarian proposals are simply against the interest and welfare of the poor. Free medical care and medicines- this is simply one of the methods by statist politicians to destroy our rights and gain more political power. Their strategy is always said in the name of common good.

Yes, we have been warned. A few statesmen in history warned the people against scheming politicians whose purpose is to establish dictatorship. Consider the following quotations from former United States presidents:

“One of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine. It’s very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project. Most people are little reluctant to oppose anything that suggests medical care for people who possibly can’t afford it.” — Ronald Reagan

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.” – Gerald Ford

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  1. wert permalink
    March 16, 2010 3:38

    Sulong Gibo!

  2. ryz permalink
    March 16, 2010 3:38

    We will all vote for Teodoro.

  3. March 16, 2010 3:38

    Vincent .. just came across this blog … thought you may be interested:


    • March 17, 2010 3:38

      Oh yeah. I think the blogger commented on one of my blogs. His entries are interesting, as they are primarily focused on the markets, capitalism, recession, economic world affairs and the like.


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