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Vote Out the Useful Idiots And Their Comrades!

March 10, 2010

What Villar and Noynoy Aquino committed when they allied with leftist politicians is not a legal wrong, but a moral wrong.

Evolution not revolution. This is the strategy that is being used by the Marxists to take control of the nation’s political and

The "Useful Idiots" in Politics!

The "Useful Idiots" in Politics!

economic powers through the help of our Constitution and the “useful idiots” in politics. We have been witnessing the advance of socialism in this country since the New Constitution, which was founded upon the anti-concepts of progressiveness, political correctness and egalitarianism, took effect in 1987.

Lest I be misunderstood, the original “useful idiots” of this country since the fall of the Marcosian dictatorship in 1986 were those progressive and politically correct politicians and intellectuals who drafted the New Charter when revolutionary President Corazon Aquino assumed power more than two decades ago.

Now there are new “useful idiots” in politics who help accelerate the disgusting, disturbing advance of socialism in the name of political cooperation or integration, tolerance and open-mindedness. This new breed of “useful idiots” are none other than presidentiables Sen. Manuel “Manny” Villar and Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino and their ilk who included well-known socialists or Marxists in their respective political tickets.

Party-list Representatives Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza, both avowed Marxists in Congress, are running for Senate under Manny Villar’s Nacionalista Party. Both Ocampo and Maza are self-confessed socialists whose goal is to change the country’s status quo, from a semi-Republican constitutional state to a Maoist-Leninist slave pen that rejects ownership of private property, political dissents, free thought, liberty and individual rights.

Villar, who used his political influence and connections to profit from the infamous C-5 Road project despite the existence of a privately-funded MCTEP or the Manila-Cavite Toll Express Way Project which is a BOT (build-operate-and-transfer) project, admitted he allied with Bayan Muna or Makabayan coalition.

Call it an act of political desperation, but Villar, who is running under his “Sipag at Tiyaga” political motto, is determined to sell his soul to the Devil only to win the presidency.

Liberal Party’s standard-bearer Noynoy Aquino, on the other hand, added Marxist politician Risa Hontiveros to his senatorial lineup. Hontiveros, who heads Akbayan party-list, joined Ocampo and Maza’s struggle to deliver this country to socialism through political “evolution.”

However , this does not mean that other presidential candidates like Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro are worthy of our votes. Gibo

Noynoy and Risa

Communist Etta Rosales, Mar Roxas, Communist Risa Hontiveros, Noynoy

Teodoro showed his socialist/populist tendencies when he revealed his plan to implement a “universal health care system” if he is elected president in May 10.

“And I want to experiment also legislatively with universal participative health care, if it is feasible. Meaning to say, everybody participates. I mean, what’s for a rich person to contribute 100 or 200 pesos per month to a participative delivers on health care so there’s more for everybody, not merely in terms of buying medicine and providing care but for providing reimbursements for doctors and nurses, so there’s an incentive to stay and participate in the system and I want also a legislative proposal for student loan program rather than scholarships,” says Teodoro. But this is the most dangerous experiment a president could ever make. A universal health care system is essentially anti-poor, anti-innovation, anti-business, and anti-life. Along with the socialist RH bill and the Cheaper Medicines bill, this single-payer system and its proponents must be rejected by the people.

Meanwhile in an inquirer report, Sen. Manny Villar denied television reports quoting the military as claiming he was among the politicians who had paid campaign fees to the communist New People’s Army (NPA).

“I haven’t paid any (rebel group),” Villar said at a press conference here. “Why should I still pay when they are already with

They came, they saw, they lost...

They came, they saw, they lost...

us—they are our friends.” He explained he was referring to his alliance with Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo and Gabriela Rep. Liza Maza. Both militant party-list lawmakers are running for the Senate as NP guest candidates.

“Let’s clarify that we are with Bayan Muna or Makabayan (coalition). We are not (allied) with whoever is violating the law—they are not with us,” he said, referring to the NPA rebels.

“Those who are with us belong to the group within the system of government that also fights for human rights and the welfare of the poor,” Villar added.

Here’s part of the news report:

Citing a report from an academic group, Election Commissioner Rene Sarmiento last week said fees being collected by the NPA this year to allow candidates to campaign unmolested in the rebels’ rural strongholds could amount to between P2 billion and P5 billion.

Villar said the allegation that he was on the list of candidates supposedly paying the NPA for campaign permits was part of a demolition job against him.

“There are many lists that you can see … but I pay no one,” he said.

Heated campaign

Villar said that as Election Day approached, “throwing black propaganda … would become heated. It should be expected that many lies will be thrown at you, hoping that the voters will believe them and so shave (your) votes.”

Villar also said that he believed no one among the national candidates was finding it hard to campaign “because, normally, we go to cities.”

“In fairness to all of us, I don’t think there’s any presidential candidate who is having problems about it,” he said.

Senatorial candidate Gilbert Remulla, the NP spokesperson, said the party would never comply with the rebels’ demand.

“Senator Villar has not paid and has no intention of paying a single centavo for any permit-to-campaign from any armed group,” Remulla said.

Form of extortion

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) has slammed the reported NPA practice.

“The ‘permit to campaign scheme’ which, in plain language, is a form of extortion being perpetrated by the New People’s Army and other non-state actors, is repugnant in all possible ways to (the) valued human rights principles and standards, not only of candidates and political parties, but of the individual voters as well,” the CHR said in an advisory.

“This practice arrogates to the requiring group the powers rightfully belonging to the people and lawfully designated authorities. It disregards the rule of law, and scoffs at the principles of free, fair and genuine elections,” it said.

It is true that by forming an alliance with the communists in Congress, Villar neither committed any legal wrong nor violated any law. There is no law penalizing political alliance with the Left, but there is a moral law that demands rational human beings not to support their own destroyers or the enemies of liberty and individual rights. What Villar and Noynoy Aquino committed when they allied with leftist politicians is not a legal wrong, but a moral wrong. These “useful idiots” and their ilk must look at the current situation in The Netherlands, a formerly free country that has been hijacked by the liberals and socialists. After being taken over by the liberals and socialists, The Netherlands is now collapsing from within for being too politically correct and for accepting such anti-values as multicultural relativism and idiotic open-mindedness.

I stated the following in my previous blog:

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the socialists in Congress offer a social system that would guarantee purportedly economic equality, prosperity and unity. In reality, the only way for the socialists to achieve social or economic equality is through redistribution of wealth, force, progressive taxation and slavery. The unity which they offer can only be achieved with the use of brute force, repression, censorship, and state surveillance, while prosperity consists in enslaving those who are able to work and produce for the benefit of those who aren’t. The National Democratic Front of the Philippines through Sison enumerated the evils of the current system: “Social discontent is widespread and intense among the toiling masses of workers and peasants and the middle social stratra due to the rising mass unemployment, the sinking real incomes, the soaring prices of basic commodities and services, the growing tax burden, the lack or inadequacy of social services and other socio-economic problems.” There is no need to decipher the meaning of this statement since it is clear that they seek to establish a Maoist/Leninist regime in this country. Their only strategy is to fool the people that it is their system that can only solve “social discontent,” “mass unemployment,” among other economic social and economic problems that we face today. Their goal is to abolish private property, man’s rights and turn men into slaves. And now, they are using our remaining freedoms and objective laws against us.

Despite clear evidence and proof that socialism or communism failed in almost all slave pens on earth, the Leftists claim that the system is perfect but not the murderous dictators. They try to evade the fact that it is the system, which demands everybody’s enslavement and the use of brute force, which corrupts men. A system that abolishes individual rights and makes men the means to the ends of others and the state would only lead to the rise of a dictator. The Leftists were also heavily hypnotized by Karl Marx’s evil lie that communism is different from socialism. The only difference between these two great lies is the number of deaths and the degree of man’s enslavement.



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14 Comments leave one →
  1. DERP permalink
    March 11, 2010 3:38

    stupid ka ba? paanong naging anti-poor ang health bill ni gibo? eh magtutulong tulong nga tayong lahat para mabigyan sila ng tulong

    * CENSORED *

    • March 11, 2010 3:38

      Then that makes you insane and stupid because you are totally ignorant of the political and economic consequences of a universal health care system. You have to learn more before you spout invectives. You clearly represent the stupidity of most pinoys.

      • Reason permalink
        March 11, 2010 3:38

        It is always those who are too ignorant that have the loudest voice in economics issues. Murray Rothbard said it best…It is neither ignorant nor a crime not to know anything about economics. After all it is a specialized subject in which most people consider dismal science. However, it is absolutely irresponsible to have a loud and veciferous voice in economic subjects while staying in the same state of ignorance. As a filipino myself, I can actually say that most pinoys are really clueless. An unfortunate reality. Thanks to the collectivism mindset, the country will never get out of poverty.

      • rhymesofdisgust permalink
        March 11, 2010 3:38

        Just a suggestion. You should lay down more of your facts, rather than being a mere groupie of Gibo.

        Villar is not a Marxist, he is a big ass capitalist and that goes the same to Aquino as one of the share holders of hacienda luisita. Oops.. Did you write this article or merely got it from a bias posts of your party? Askin’ coz i didnt mind reading it, just read your shallow political comment.

        Dig more on political dynamics and history before shooting, otherwise you’ll sound like a sissy groupie. And i’m no fan of those politicians. DIG!

    • March 11, 2010 3:38

      To DERP and stupid supporters of Gibo Teodoro, universal health care system is anti-poor and anti-development because it stunts medical innovation and it drives doctors away from this country. For the information of all stupid Gibo supporters, this single-payer system will definitely lead to the following consequences:
      1. More taxes, because the government pays for your health care. Naturally the government gets the money from you, taxpayers;
      2. Brain drain, because doctors will be forced to serve patients at a lower fee.
      3. Less innovation in the medical field, because this universal health care system discourages profits.
      4. More political powers for the politicians/government to rule everybody’s lives because it simply provides the people’s needs.

      To stupid pinoys, learn from what former US Pres. Gerald Ford said: ““A government big enough
      to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.”

      PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR STUPID POLITICIANS. I firmly believed Gibo Teodoro is simply an EDUCATED IDIOT!

  2. El_Purgador permalink
    March 11, 2010 3:38

    iba talaga ang epekto ng sobrang pag-chicha ng makdo at paig-inom ng kapeng starbaks sa kabataang pinoy — nagiging mas puti pa sa kano.

    bistado ka na boy…

    Lumang tugtugin na yang “sober, detached and intelligent approach” when analyzing the ills of the motherland — maskara lang yan! panakip sa guilt that comes from realizing that your easy, soft and privileged life has molded you into a Pinas-hating wannabe-Kanong republikano!

    Tip lang — bawasan ang panonood ng FOX News ha?! Subukan mo naman panoorin paminsan-minsan yung The Colbert Report!

  3. tunaypinoy permalink
    March 12, 2010 3:38

    92% of Filipinos are poor. Those that join your so called “socialist” groups do so because there are no jobs and there is no food to eat, not because of a certain idealogy, which when you are poor, is a luxury. Even just to have a peaceful sleep with a full stomach is a luxury. The Berlin Wall came down two decades ago, the Socialist Republic of … See MoreRussia was dismantled two decades ago, even China has opened up it’s markets to capitalism. Your style of ideological hate mongering was similar to WWII propaganda. Wake up and welcome to the 21st century.

    • asus permalink
      March 16, 2010 3:38

      tanga kasi ang gobyerno at mga nakaupo ngayun. party-list like Bayan Muna (Bayad Muna) at Makabayan (Makabayad) e kaalyado ng NPA at ang NPA ay mga Terorista. Magkano Pork Barrel ng mga party-list na yan. I hate it na ang Buwis ko ay nagagamit ng mga NPA thru part-list deceptions. ABolish na lang party-list para mabawasan pa ang TAX at mabawasan ang pondo ng terorista. Mahirap ba unawain yun. Nakakatawa na nauto ng mga terorista ang mga Honarable, Educated natin na mga mambabatas thru party-list system.

      • March 16, 2010 3:38

        @ Asus.

        You damn right! One doesn’t have to go to college and take master’s degree to understand the problem. For me, mas matalino pa ang mga hindi nakatuntong sa kolehiyo kasi naiintindihan nila ang problema. Well yes, most of our politicians are political idiots. They’re just there because they came from political families na nagpapahirap sa bansa.

      • March 19, 2010 3:38

        Why is it that the CHR has a left-leaning bent?

  4. March 19, 2010 3:38

    @ Aegis-Judex.

    Here’s my REPLY.

    I have to make a very lengthy answer because it is impossible to respond your question and justify my premise with a few-liner reply.


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